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I have been Listening to Marko's podcasts from the start. Not only i found that Marko's podcasts are resourceful but he is also a great educator!!! Thanks Marko!!
Worth a listen for sure. Many informative photo tips here.

By j03ld
Love this podcast! The host has a great personality. Great topics. Great podcast.


I always look forward to a new 'cast, as it is helpful, insightful, and it inspires my creativity.
Marko does a great job succinctly covering a wide variety of interesting subjects from techniques to equipment to interviews. And no product pushes! Thanks Marko!
So many Photography podcasts just seem to try to be product marketing extensions...So its nice to see someone actually cover concepts in photography!
This is great, a well put together podcast with awesome understandable explanations.
this podcast is full of information on a wide range of topics with interviews from photographers that really give you an insight into the specific techniques mentioned. also the host marko might be a little cheesy haha sorry but he seems really nice, good interviewer, and just seems genuinely enthusiastic about the subject every podcast and makes photography fun and accesible to everyone. p.s. if the guy reads out everyones name who commented about the previous show each week, you know hes a good dude. great podcast and I am glad this is the first photography podcasts i found because its really good.
This is the best photography podcast on the web. Technical and artistic concepts are seamlessly interwoven. It is informative, entertaining, and concise . . a rare combination. Marko, please keep doing what you're doing.
I began listening to podcasts only a few months ago and this was among a dozen photography podcasts I downloaded. Well, it is the only one have been listening to. Marko has a friendly and humble attitude that makes the podcast easy to listen to. I consider myself a pro but still, I learn alot from these podcasts. From reviews to interviews with other photographer to techniques, it is angel rounded and fun and informative podcast. Also, join the forums and bookmark the site, it's like taking a class in college without the book. The online community is friendly and very helpful and informative, it would be silly of you not to join! - Shant M.
This is one of the best photography podcasts I've come across. The material is relevant and informative. It is delivered clearly and concisely. I've been listening to this while I drive and the information is general so I don't need to have my camera right in front of me while I'm listening - it's stuff I can apply later. My only complaint is the time wasted thanking the blog commenters individually by name at the beginning of each podcast. Perhaps that could be moved to the end to be easily skipped? ;) But the valuable info in the podcast keeps me listening despite what would usually be a huge turn off.
This is a great podcast with an active community on the blog. Marko's energy makes this highly entertaining and motivating yet the subject matter is concise, technical, and useful. He also includes interviews with wedding and fine art photographers. I've listened to over 20 episodes in the last couple weeks and I'm ready for more. Take a look at the blog for photos that are discussed in the podcasts.
It is a very nice podcast which I highly recommend. The episodes are relatively short compared to some other podcasts, about 20 min, which makes it easy to listen while commuting. They are focused on one subject and filled with useful tips and tricks. Occasional interviews provides expert opinions.
If you're interested in improving your photography skills, check out this podcast. The host, Marko, is very knowledgeable, but he keeps the discussion very accessible, even to newcomers to this craft. At the same time, he doesn't dumb down the explanations, and often covers topics that more advanced photographers would find useful too. He speaks quickly, which I like because it keeps it more engaging and exciting for me. Thanks Marko!
I just found your podcast and after listning to a few I love it. I keep learning all the time and this podcast realy helps.
Marko offers interesting and practical information and his enthusiam is infectious.
This is one of those podcasts that you keep episodes of! Marko is knowledgable and funny. His enthusiasm for the topic is only exceeded by his knowledge. The podcast covers many aspects of photography and does that well. This is a considerable challenge since photography is so visual and podcasts are so auditory. Still, Marko makes the subject come to life. This one's a real joy to listen too so don't forget to subscribe!
If you want to learn about the art of photography, remember information you knew, hear other point of view about the artistic side of photography, or get some tips to be a better photographer, this is your podcast! As a photography enthusiast, I have listened to several podcasts. Hands down, this is the best there is! Marko is a photographer first and that is shown in his podcast. Yes, he knows about gear, software and gadgets, but the focus of his podcast is photography, as it should be. He has a lot of experience as a fine artist photographer and he has not problem sharing it with the listener. He focuses in the artistic part of photography, without forgetting about the techniques. Even when he knows about a particular subject, he has interviewed other photographers to help him answer questions posted by some listeners. His podcasts are relatively short compared to others I’ve listened to, but there is plenty of information in there. I have enjoyed the podcast, no matter he's reviewing a technique, going over gear, providing tips or interviewing other photographers.