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How in the heck can you freaking low lifes judge them by they're combat level of a stupid useless time wasting game?if your going to do that I really feel sorry for you. You have to realize that there are people behind the stupid number you see! It's a stupid game and your choosing the game over real people that is plain sad. I play runescape and I'm a level 105. I have a life, before anyone tries pulling that crap. Treat people with respect and dont be such a freaking nerd all the time guys. This podcast rocks and it's they're choice to quit or not.
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Woot five stars it is a very good thing.
the stuff they tell you on this dumb canceled podcast is so obvious ex: "zerker pures should have 70+ attack 85 + str" etc. lame podcastc. i mean come on
Wichita you say that his commentary isn't that good and he's a noob, doesn't know what he's talking about, your not even on the highscores yet your bringing someone down, I found this pretty interesting and enjoyed listening to it and I'm a lvl 137, look up c_cuz1 on the highscores
He is no longer makin podcast because he moved on bcauze I now him


Awesome but where did he go?????????
U guys need to stop sippin the haterade if u thinks it so stupid y u listinin great job rsr u guys rock
I agree with sh0t, this guy really is a noob, and shouldn't be talking about it at all.
This review blows so called gimgak has no idea wat he's doing anyways if any1 wants some real andser pm my rs acc wichita is my name up there
Is there more epsoide????????????
Was good
He died? How
Whats happening guys? you're not posting anymore =( i really want more of the best runescape podcast ever!!!
i love the sone hey do you think you can send the sones to my runescape account so send it to rock on yo5
EPIC! I LOVE THIS! EVERYTHING ROCKS! But there's 1 thing I don't care much for it. The picture.
This podcast is O.L.D.!!! OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has no reason to it! But it would have been good in 2006 though... (P.S. my runescape user name is killnick98)


hi i was wondering if you ever did episodes on non-member things or not?
wow gimgak. I thought you finished your podcast a looonnnnggg time ago. Anyways i started listining in again and... Great! I was wow when I liked the first podcats episode thing. I thought this was finished for me but i started up again! My runescape name is Homes516 or 516.... Great podcast!
hey gimgak add runeboy11101 why'd u stop at 7 episodes?!?!?!? keep going, they're great podcasts!
Current ways that i am doing: Mining Pure Ess, Making bowstrings, and going into the underground wilderness so i can get items like cluescrolls, herbs and runes and thats it. I NEED HELP!
Hey gimgak love the podcast. I wanted to know when the next podcast will come out. plz come out with more. oh and add 1pop23. im a lvl 68 member with a 60 att 55 str 51 def with full rune no helm and a dragon daagger(p++) and a dragonlong. i love the podcast plz make more. Thank you so much!!!! =Þ
i said that u should do a nooby guide, what u should do is make that video that would be super cool
hey people that like runescape i love this podcast runescape radio and love runescape
Gimgak you used to be a good friend, now you don't talk to me or respond to anyone else who asks about the PodCast. They also email me after emailing you complaining about how we stopped and how you don't respond. Anyway, I guess it's Game Over.
If this is supposed to be a official runescape podcast, why is the last issue in January? This is informative, and for that it gets a star, but this user really needs to make an add. Your losing subscribers as fast as lemmings jump down cliffs.
Hi my user is jewad1. I'm inactive and there's a problem with my PM ing i get messages but dothers don't hear me. This just started because I could talk to gimgak a while ago. The reason I quit was because I can't afford full rune and have no good weapons. My strength is 50 though attack 44 and defence 48. SO if anyone out there wants to give me some 150k or full rune please do Oh and I also rated urs good runeskilz. k thanx
Gimgak, you should have another meet-up. I missed the last one! Anyways this is a great podcast and is nice to listen to while you play. The intro is a bit long though. But great info in here...for all the reviewers who went on a rant because of this, if you don't like it don't listen to it. Great podcast, Gimgak!
Gimgak and Zeecron you stink! You need to make another podcast all your fans are going away including me! If you dont make another podcast soon then I am going to quit this podcast! If you cant make anymore podcasts then why make them! I will give you this your podcasts have some really meaty information but come on the last podcast was in january! And all of us have been waiting to far now!
Gimgak, i would like to tell you that you are the best podcast i listen to. you are most of the time organized and have things in order, but... sometime's you mumble, lol but you do not use alot of... "uhhhh" "idk" or oh no i forgot! lol but thanx i like this pod cast alot!
Anyone else who submitted a "good" review for this dreadfully boring and uninspired podcast has no life. First of all, it's a free game that no one besides annoying little sixth graders play or extremly old people who can no longer move or wipe their own behind. The structure that this podcast shows is overall weak- they talk about the most boring things...unless you find a "trip into the gnome fortress for 20 minutes!" a worthy way to kill your time, here's a better way... just play the stupid game if you like it, jeez.


this is b33st and it needs 10 stars! it's the most helpful RS podcast ever! it r0x!
do u think u can do an episode og a money making guid and say same good way to make money? i hope u do. i love ur podcast
This podcast is currently the best podcast, in my opinion, in the iTunes store. If you haven't listened to this podcast yet, do it. You won't be sorry. You rock, Gimgak!
Very Active, It has a clan and meetups, only thing is the podcast producer is always busy, you you have to wait about every two weeks for a podcast now, other wize great job Gimgak, 5 stars!
I found this podcast difficult to listen to. The point of a podcast is to provide quality content. There were too many "uh" "um" and retracting statements that were just said. The content covered can be gained by spending a few minutes reading through the knowledge base. I tried listening to five episodes with the hope the quality would improve but can't any more. I don't like the computer speak voice that intros everything. The music intro seems to drag on forever too.


nice podcast, i am lvl 90 with full drag. anyways i was wondering if u could have another meet up
just so u know, my username is cowmaster54
Really interesting idea...i have played rs for a while and really like it. Keep working and this will get popular. Keep trying to expand the topics of rs. good work.


your podcast rock kip them coming
I always listen to your podcasts anytime you make a new one. This is the best Runescape podcast that someone has ever been made. And I love the background music, it makes the podcast a lot less boaring (not saying that it is boaring). Keep it up, and I always look forward to the next one.