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This- what is this? This doesn't deserve stars. What kind of low life adults waste their lives destroying toys? Obviously them! What a horrid waste of good anime collectibles & what a horrible hobby. This disgusts me.
Absolutely doesn't even deserve stars. That's so cruel. Ya I know their just dolls. But I love that show. (sailor moon) she was my idol when I was a kid. Did u even watch the show? If so, why r u torturing them?!? If u don't want them, there's an easier way of getting rid of them.., like maybe a homeless shelter, or garage sale, or goodwill. People who want to install- just don't waste space installing this junk.
Its cool but why would you waste naruto collectables and sailor moon dolls?????? 😢
I wish I had known about this podcast sooner. Funny and entertaining.
OK...not the best. Not the worst. Personally, i love sailor moon and i think it insults the show. But thats just me. If you hate the show, might as well watch the characters get tortured. But some of the experiments were just plain pathetic. For one episode, they drop the doll from what? a 50 ft. ride @ a amusment park??? not worth my time. But there was a really cool one with a sailor mars doll who was burned by a fire breather. That was cool. I still think it was very mean, but eventful. But there were only like 3 good ones. Most of them are weird...The guy is really boring when he talks. I wonder why he hates chibi-moon so much? sweet, pink and cute...But whatever, like seeing torture on dolls, suscribe and watch. If you think it is cruel, don't. Or, like me, you can just get the interesting episodes.
Toys! Destruction! How can you say no? It's a fun podcast made by awesome people, give it a try.


By XKatsu
The best toy destoryers around (well there are not many) I can't wait to see more!
I absolutely love the inventive ways they find to test the limits of Anime toys. As a child who grew up blowing up GI Joes and smurfs in the back yard this podcast has a special place in my heart. Keep up the great research!


By rain550
I suppose it's okay, but I'm not exactly sure. I guess I'll subscribe for now and see if I enjoy it, I'll keep my subscription.
This is just stupid!
as much as I love to blow things up. Sailor Moon characters isn't one of them. I think these people need to get a life and stop picking on poor defenceless figurines!
If you enjoy watching not-so-innocent Sailor Moon figures be experimented upon, this is the podcast for you. I've been watching the Chibi Project for years and I'm thrilled to finally get the torture in video form!