Reviews For The Paunch Stevenson Show

Imagine listening to two guys talk about everyday stuff - and you have this show. What makes it SO entertaining? I'm not really sure... It just is! Instead of filling the podcast with silly music or lame bits, these guys just TALK. And, the show is awesome.
Long-time friends Rob & Greg begin each show in mid-conversation, an approach that seems unsettling at first, but quickly becomes anticipated. The guys rap about current events in entertainment, celebrity deaths, video games, and other such subjects. You might wonder what gives these two average joes the authority to get on their soapboxes here, and the truth is it's the fact that they're average joes that makes this show so entertaining. It's really like hanging out with two friends and talking about... whatever. Their standard length of each episode is usually exactly 24 minutes, but lately they've been giving us "bonus minutes." Listen, and enjoy!