Wallace and Gromit's Cracking Podcast

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Would not download at all


We want to have it in the USA
I love wg and i love this podcast but its been months since the last one, where are the new ones!
How cute! But how do tell the order of the podcasts? Does it matter?
They only sell the wallace and gromit tv shows in the UK store of Itunes!! I want itunes to sell it in the US
If you love Wallace & Gromit, this podcast - and its young host - is sure to make you smile. Sound bites, reviews and info galore. A little bit of England for your iPod. Don't forget the crackers!
This is a super great podcast even more so since it is done about Wallace & Gromit. Seb does a great job and has a great personality which makes it a joy to listen too. Thanks Seb you do a great job!
Awesome podcast for anyone who is a fan of the duo. I'm in America, so there is not much access to Wallace and Gromit or Aardman news besides this podcast. I would also recommend checking out Mr. Hamilton's sister podcast, The Sheepcast!, about Shaun (from Close Shave) the Sheep's own show. My only complaints about W&G's Cracking Podcast is there aren't any interviews with Aardman people (or anyone else), and the time between new podcasts is very different. Right now, it's been over a month since the last one.
come on u need a viveo podcast! no one want's to listen to an eppisode!