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I've tried a lot of podcasts and this is the one I've stuck with. They give very thoughtful insight into all the shows and help me decide if something is worth watching. Plus they have great chemistry and humor. Fun to listen to!!
The Big Red Podcast is easily the best and most thoughtful podcast dealing with TV available. There is great chemistry with the hosts and there is usually at least one out loud laugh per episode. You should be listening to it right now!
Snarky, Sharp and Quick witted are just some of the words i'd use to describe the tone of this show. If you get a good rating of your show by these guys...and one gal of course then you've achieved something! If they like it you probably will too and if they don't oh it so fun to listen to them shred whatever it may be. Discriminating tv viewers only need apply gentle listeners!
For those who like their TV talk with a lot of meat and zero fluff, this podcast is for you. Straightforward, unsparing recaps and reviews with just enough tangents to be interesting. Smart, sharp, snappy. I highly recommend it. MLO, aka @mutablemind
I've been listening to this podcast for several years now, and it has become the standard by which I judge other commentary podcasts. The comments and insights are always dead on, and the banter is witty and entertaining. Alyssa is the heart and soul of this podcast, and while she is missed as she takes time away for graduate school, this podcast remains a weekly "must listen" for me. Well done Alyssa, Deeps & Derek!
Hands down, BRP is my favorite general TV podcast. Podcast after podcast they deliver criticsm/praise of the past week's television (lowbrow to highbrow) in a humorous, intelligent package. It introduces you to terms such as "faces of evil" or "he knows what show he's really in". It hates "feelings" and really just expects shows to be what they purport to be. The fact that they cover a lot of shows I watch doesn't hurt (Archer), but it's also the reason I gave "Community" a shot (love it!). If you like TV, enjoy a watercooler-like atmosphere and have a sense of humor, this is the podcast for you. Kudos to Alyssa, Deeps and Very Special Guest Derek for a refreshing take on today's TV.
I don't watch most TV, but I absolutely adore hearing it talked about on the BRP. Smart discussions with great dry humor and a HUGE recommend for anyone looking to hear some genuinely well-thought out and entertaining talk about both popular and under the radar shows.
Can you find anything intelligent in the new TV season? I can't. That's why I am so impressed with the Big Red Podacst. The crew creates an intelligent insightful and entertaining discussion about the dumbest pablum on television. They also talk about some good TV as well. Check them out definitely!
Hey guys, i love the show. It's great that you guys listen to such random shows. I feel so at home listening to you guys
BRP delivers week after week of thoughtful, clean TV review and insight. Their quiet approach to podcasting is a refreshing experience. I listen to every bit, even if it is about shows I don’t watch!
If so, you'll love The Big Red Podcast. Bad television and great talk. That's all you need for a wonderful show.
"No. I just like to read the T.V. Guide. Read the T.V. Guide, you don't need a t.v." This is how I feel about "The Big Red Podcast."
This is a great TV podcast that doesn't take itself too seriously. They are fun and charming and have an adorable new addition to the cast. Really, it's just a joy to listen to even though I don't always agree with their opinions and sometimes have to call in to correct them. (BTW they really need to get their voicemail back up because I wanted to call in and say something about Alyssa and Deeps being in the "danger zone!" now that they have a kid, but it's just not the same over email) -Your friend in Chicago
...Unlike most pop culture podcast, this one is done by smart and interesting people who HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY (Other podcasters please note, just because you have a microphone doesn't mean you have to use it). Check this one out! I don't always agree, but I love to listen!
Just like the ads say for this show they think critically about pop culture and television and make me see the shows in ways I hadn't thought of before. Very insightful and smart but most importantly they are adorable. The hosts have great chemistry and keep me entertained, laughing to myself on the subway each week. Additionally it makes me sound very smart when I steal their ideas and pass them off as my own.
This show is a must listen for all those who want to dish about tv but lack a watercooler! Keep up the good work
This podcast is largerly about telivision and always amusing. There is a great chemistry between Alyssa, Derek, and Deeps.
When I left my English grad school program, I learned that most people don't want to listen to me analyze television. They just want to watch and enjoy. Now, rather than bug my friends with my drawn-out reviews of everyday viewing, I listen along to the Big Red Podcast as Alyssa, Deeps, and Derek analyze the weekly roundup with humor and affection. I just found these guys last week and have downloaded a ton of backcasts.
Even though I don't watch many TV shows, I for some reason really enjoy listening to podcasts about TV shows. I've sampled many to most of the TV podcasts on iTunes, and The Big Red Podcast is definitely one of the best. The three commentators have many very intelligent and witty observations about the shows that they watch and present them in an eloquent way. Whether they enjoyed an episode or not, it's always interesting to hear their take on it. For me, hearing their review is usually more interesting than watching the show itself. Thanks for the podcast, I enjoy it!
This is a great podcast with very thoughtful, intelligent discussions on currently running television shows. The hosts are funny, professional and make for fun listening. TV can be a wasteland of badness and the BRP crew is here to steer you towards the sweet stuff.
I will say this is my favorite TV related podcast, these guys know what they are talking about and are always incredibly entertaining...check them out...NOW!!!!
Come to the Alyssa's show if you want something more from your TV viewing life. Insightful and never dull. I've heard she makes a good brownie too.


By The Het
This show is very consise. They get to point. No fooling around. Tight reviews that are very informative. Alyssa is great host that keeps it flowing along and I dig her two co-host also.
Love the show...I like to think of it as "2 guys, a girl and a podcast". :-) I love the chemistry between you guys. Very rare that I have come across a podcast focused on tv shows for the most part.
They have made me re-examine how I watch TV. Instead of being passive, I've started noticing trends that I never made the connection on before. Incredible show. One that any fan of TV should be listening to.
Although sometimes a bit slow, Big Red is funny and insightful. I try to catch every episode and listen the same week. I just wish we agreed on which shows are worth watching.
The perfect podcast to feed any TV addiction. The hosts, the banter, the commentary, the insights....I’m hooked!
...but I didn't. So I'm doing it now, okay? Seriously, I love this show. If you're at all interested in pop cultural goings on, particularly those of the televised variety, then you might should download every available episode of this show with all available imeadiance.
This is the best produced show I have found that examines television programing. The trio of Alyssa, Deeps and Derek are usually way ahead of my coming to view any series. You would think then that it would be easy to become lost in their discussion. It is a testament to their ability to make the podcast fun, that I enjoy listening whether I am familiar with their subjects or not. They have recommended several shows that I may never have encountered otherwise. The Middleman comes to mind. Thanks Big Red.
I'm pretty sure I haven't seen any show they discuss (DVD-only house here), but I listen to every episode because Alyssa, Deeps and Special Guest Derek have a great chemistry that is the pefect way to unwind at the end of the day.
After constant and shameless plugging of the show by the Night of the Living Podcast crew, I finally broke down and listened....and I'm glad I did. BRP is funny and intelligent (even with all the TORCHWOOD hating *grin*), and definitely worth checking out. Aww, heck, just SUBSCRIBE know you want to!
What does that mean? It means you should listen to this show, now!
Like another reviewer I stumbled across this podcast while searching for TWOP. I gave it a listen and it quickly became a favorite. I'm in the midst listening from the beginning because really, what the heck else is there to do now that prime time is a wasteland of reality dreck? Alyssa and "special guest" Derek, along with Deeps (sp?) provide funny, insightful and smart commentary on all the shows I love. My one quibble, I disagree that Earl has "too much heart." (Drink!)
Stumbled across this podcast while doing a search for “Television With Out Pity” in the iTunes store. Immediately hooked by the blend of insight, humor and snark. If you like TWOP and insight with your commentary, this is the podcast for you. Also, Alyssa has the greatest laugh! Keep up the good work y’all!
The BRP is one of my favorites! It's great to have some intelligent conversation about tv, movies, and pop culture in general. Alyssa, Deeps, and Derek are honest about the things they like and those that they don't, all the while interjecting humor and levity... an all-around enjoyable experience!
As a regular watcher of most of the shows that you profile on this podcast, I would like to praise you for managing to be both intelligent and funny every week. Great job! The only criticism I would offer has nothing to do with the podcast itself but with one of the presenters on the V Mars roundtable discussion. We'll call her E. She seemed a little confused most of the time and definitely out of the "mental" league of the rest of the commentators. She was also passing off knowledge of former diminutive NBA players as her own, when in reality, she wouldn't have any idea who Mugsy Bogues was, if not for her twin sister. And the strange obsession with the VMars reference to the Nigerian scandal is tiresome. I personally find it sad that a person like her only knows about current affairs because they are referenced on poorly funded cable television shows. Also, I found her voice to be a little grating. Overall, I really enjoy the podcast and have become a regular subscriber. Keep up the great work!
This is a great podcast full of intelligent comments by adults who can speak without using "like" and "uhm" every other word. The hosts have professional speaking voices and also have great senses of humor. A+
This is a fun podcast. I love that everyone seems to stay on point and not ramble like so many do. Information is timely and well-organized. Presentation is funny and informative. Truly nice to listen to. Thanks.