Woodworking with The Wood Whisperer (HD)

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I always enjoy this podcast
The Wood Whisperer does an amazing job at both being entertaining as well as informative. I’m always captivated (when I have time to watch) and always feel like I’m ready to head to the wood shop and get busy after each episode. Great podcast!!
This show is great for anyone who wishes to work with wood and make some awesome things. Along with all the educational stuff there’s also humor! All this makes an overall awesome woodworking podcast keep up the great work and don’t stop making new videos!
As an amateur wood worker, I can currently only dream of having my own woodworking shop/business. Your videos are both inspirational and informative. I appreciate the time and dedication you put toward your channel. It does make a difference. I would love to know how I can pursue my dream of owning my own shop and be able to make a comfortable living from doing so. Keep up the great work. This is an amazing reference for some awesome builds. Thank you
I learned more useful tips in tricks in just two short podcasts than I did listening to every other podcast about woodworking combined. Thanks!


By nocombo
There are 2 podcast entries in the iTunes Store. Both are labeled Large Video and titled …(HD). Shouldn’t one of them be SD?
Have watched every pod cast host does a great job of keeping you entertained as well as provides knowledge on all facets of wood working wish they would increase the number of shows presented
Excellent video quality and easy to follow instruction. It's helped me be a better woodworker and encouraged me to buy more tools. You just can't beat it.


By Nevis82
Is this ever going to come back?
Love this podcast
The content is very informative. It can be appreciated by novice woodworkers as well as experienced ones. Marc goes into extreme detail, addressing many of the common questions associated with the topic. Also, he give options for projects. He lets you know that "there is more than one way to skin a cat"- (sorry PETA 😋).
Marc is da bomb.


By al7lem/
Thanks for your video and thanks for your time
Marc is a great woodworker. He goes step by step teaching you how to become a better woodworker. Marc shows you the best possible way to accomplish a cut, mortise and tennon, etc. what's best about marc is that he even shows you his flaws or mistakes and explains how to go about fixing it!! I have progress so much just by watching his videos over and over!! Hey Marc!! If you read this I wouldn't give you 5 starts, id rather give you 10 grape sodas. Keep up the great work and I look forward to learning everything you can teach me!! Ben Daigle
Marc always has a great show.
He is pretty good at wood working! He also will let you email him, and the nice part is that he will email you back!! He emailed me back and he gets back to me really soon, he one time got back to me in just 15 minutes!! I give him a 5 star rating!!
I am interested in starting a wood working company. I am a beginner in woodworking but I also love the idea of making it a career. I would just like some feed back if anyone has any advice about starting a woodworking business or making woodworking a career. thank you JR
I'm a novice woodworker at best and have searched relentlessly for instructional video references online for my projects. This is my go to site hands down. It's like hanging out with an ole' buddy who just happens to be an expert. Explanation of tasks are at the appropriate speed and easy to understand. Check it out!
Good info on the router plane cleaning up dado cuts! Thanks
I cant help but compare every construction and carpentry podcast to 'life in the trenches'. I love the real honest approach and this podcast is about as good. But why cant we get more gals point of view?
The best woodworking podcast I've yet to find! I can't wait until the next podcast comes out!
I've loved woodworking my entire life and watching Marc's podcasts makes me love it even more. He does a fantastic job of showing the correct way to use tools and keep them tuned up to perfection. Marc and his wife are fun to watch and make me want to try building new things in my shop. Thanks for the great podcast! Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see what you have for us next.
Great show to watch if your a woodworker! Love to watch and wait for the new podcast. Keep it up Marc!
A lot of people out there can put together a podcast, but nobody I've seen does it with the consistent quality that Mark does. Somebody should give this guy a tv show.
Mark does such a great job at explaining both simple and complicated techniques while keeping it fun and engaging! A must watch for anyone interested in woodworking at all.
Awesome!! Love the experiment and demo sodes! Love the interactions with wife Nicole too. Been kinda slow on new episodes lately but well worth the wait Cliff (Gilbert, Az)
Two thumbs up... your show is one of the best out there.
The production quality of this podcast is fantastic. The instruction is given in such a way that anyone can follow easily, beginner and pro alike. Marc has a great humor about him and makes the entire show fun as well as informative! If you have any interest in wood working, this is the show for you!
Marc is the best out there in the woodworking world. His shows are informative yet intertaining as well. Keep up the excellent work my man!
Not the typicle pod cast. This is more like a video series on woodworking projects, very cool.
I can't decide if the corny dry humor (my gf would call him a dork, just as she does to me) or the actual helpful content is the best part of this podcast. Marc does a wonderful job of showing various woodworking techniques while keeping it interesting at the same time. I also like is straight forward opinions on various products where he is inclined to tell like it is, not support a sponsors poor products.
I wanted to get in to furniture making. There were lots of sources for info, but Mark made it click.
Good humor, and you will learn somthing along the way. If you like woodworking look no further.
Marc the podcasts are tops. Great topics, advice and your helper/ wife is an obvious little helper hottie hardwood holder! Keep the projects and the humor coming. Db in wa.
I don't know what Marc does better, the excellent Wood working or the professional video editing. Great Job on both, I have check out most all the video podcast listed on itunes and this one has the most info and is the best done video hands down. Keep up the good work! And get that new shop built, we need some new material. :)
He's a good, skilled woodworker and his podcasts are free. They've helped helped out my woodworking skills quite a bit.
This podcast is the best I have seen. What makes it the best? Marc and Nicole. Marc has the ability to be funny, humble, and knowledgeable all at the same time. It is a joy to watch.
This is such a good learning expericence everytime I watch it. I learn something new everytime and love to rewatch shows just to get more information and refresh my mind.
This is the best show since woodworks
Marc is not only very knowledgeable about woodworking, but he is also very entertaining. There are no other podcasts like this one. I see big things in the future for Marc and Nicole. They have really revolutionized the woodworking podcast. Thanks for all of your hard work, Marc.
Thanks for taking us along on your wood working journey.
As it will with others who have a builder buried deep inside them, this show resonates with me on levels I can't explain. It makes me want to max out my Home Depot card and plan the most extravagant woodworking projects I can fathom. Keeping in mind that I have only basic tools, this is trouble... and if it weren't for my wife, I'd end up poor. As a fellow podcaster, I must point out the excellence in production. The editing and content are superb, and I hope that my forays into video podcasting will turn out as professionally as those here.
Simply put - The Wood Whisperer is fine podcasting by fine podcasters. A must-subscribe!
I love watching this podcast. I am an avid wood worker and this podcast is entertaining, informative, and inovative. I learn things from this podcast. I get ideas for my own projects. I have done some of his techniques and they are good.
I'm always happy to open a book when I want to pick up a skill or learn a few relevant tips, but this podcast in really about as good as it gets. In less than an hour, I feel like I've learned enough to avoid 2 years worth of painful mistakes. As a podcast, the script, editing, camera work, and editing are all top notch. Thanks!
I'm a beginning woodworker and this has been a great podcast to watch. The advice is solid. The topics are interesting. It's not another "copy my plan and technique" show, but an honest presentation of one woodworker's perspective on craft, method and the joy of working wood.
This is an excellent podcast and gives step by step instructions.
Outstanding show! Every single episode has some great tips for woodworking. Did I mentioned that he's doubles a comedian
I am in no way a woodworker, and I dont even have a shop, but this is an amazing podcast; its enjoyable, funny, and really informative both to an amature or a pro. Definately subscribe!