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Seriously, come on whine, whine, whine, do you even like this show cause based on what I just heard I'm thinking not. Just enjoy what is left of the best show in TV history. This will be the one and only time I will listen to this podcast. And truth be told I couldn't even finish it.
Hey Mr. Guglich, never knew you were on iTunes.


Very nice Keep up the good work
I've listened to several unofficial LOST podcasts, and this is the only one that keeps my attention the entire show. The interaction between David and Steve is great and the discussions are always entertaining and enlightening. If you only have time for one LOST podcast, listen to this one.
So I have been (and continue to be) a loyal listener of another Lost podcast which is considered the most popular aside of the official one...let's call that podcast Goliath. Then, in my attempts to get my LOST FIX from multiple sources, I stumbled across, not the defunct 90's band, The Lost Community. I apologize for not having the names down though i want to say its David, Steve, and Nancy running the show. In short, I like it. I like it a lot actually. I disagree with other comments saying the theories are not well thought out. I just listened to the 4/7 podcast and I thought there was some great insight. my ONLY criticism which blocks this from being a 5 star review is: - The mics need balance. Dave is the def. the main vocal track and Steve's mic needs to be brought up (a little tinny in sound as well) - Bleeps? Really? Cmon, guys - just warn the listeners that "Spoilers are ahead" or save them for a final segment on the show - the bleeps were too much for me. Other than that - you just got yourself a new listener...who knows, maybe I'll drop you guys a line sometime.
David and Steve can be kind of fun to listen to, but there's a real lack of depth here. A lot of times it comes down to David spouting implausible and poorly researched theories (i.e. the Swan station was somehow converting radiation to poison gas) and Steve responding with inarticulate amazement, generally either 'Wow!' or 'I never thought of it that way!' In addition, the podcast has been extremely late in recent weeks. I know the guys have real lives, but ideally a LOST podcast should be something you can listen to during the week to help you digest what you've seen, not something you have to cram on the same day the next episode of the TV series airs. It's not terrible, I guess, but there are certainly better, timelier LOST podcasts out there. I've switched to The Transmission. I'd suggest you do the same.
This would be a great podcast were it not for David. He speaks over Steve, talks way tooooo loud, and is just this side of obnoxious. When he's wrong, he just speaks louder. Steve, find someone else to do a podcast with....please!
Very entertaining. Both hosts have great personalities and also have some creative insights into the storylines. One of my favorites!
I appreciate the effort you guys put into the podcast. Good sound quality, good back and forth. Good music. Thanks and please keep it up!
These guys take an incredible amount of time to research and discuss the latest on Lost. Super theories, great discussions and an awesome dedication to the show we all love...what else do we need? Excellent job!
Both in production value and humor, this podcast is near the top of the current Lost podcasts out there. Listen to these guys!
This is by far the best Lost Podcast out there. I started listening when it was still being made by the Lost Community and thought it was great even then. When Dave and The GooG took over it just became more professional. While I do listen to other Lost podcasts, they all seem to be the same format. This happened in the first scene and this in the second and this in the third. I just watched the show, why would I need you to tell me shot for shot what just happened. With The Lost Community Podcast you at least get an original format where the hosts (while not always super well informed) have there own unique approach to the Lost Podcast genre. They have great theories and really delve deep into the show. They understand the characters and the mythology, which just makes for what I consider the best LOST Podcast out there.
Two people that love Lost as much as I do. Just perfect.
Not bad, but David REALLY needs to let "the Goog" talk more. It frustrates me when "the Goog" finally gets a word in edgewise and is making an interesting point...only to be interrupted.....again. I also r-e-a-l-l-y miss DARK ANGEL. He was articulate, insightful, and concise. Please inquire once again, as to whether he could submit a segment on your podcast; At least for the final year, if not for the final two years.
This is such a great podcast, the hosts really know their stuff.
Any type of Lost fan will enjoy this podcast. David and the "Goog" do the best job of going in depth within each episode without spoilers. Also, while most Lost-casts just repeat what happened during an episode these guys will pick apart the true meat of the story-line. This is easily one of the best podcasts I subscribe to. Ringz, Tampa, FL
Steve and the Good just plainly rule. This is one of my favorite podcasts as it relates to LOST. Its introspective, funny and entertaining. Love the tangents. The new indie music is pretty interesting too. I like that the Goog has a casual viewer perspective. Keep those wacky theories coming!
This podcast has really grown on me over the last year or so. As a matter of fact it becomes something I quite look forward to. David and Steve balance each other well, and really do a very thorough job deconstructing each episode. Kudos guys!
The Lost community podcast might be, next to TLI , my favorite lost podcast. They don't do a 30 minute recap of a show we already saw. Their random, engergedic, and exciting. They have the best, most interesting theories, and believe it or not, sometimes their right! Dave and Steve are two of the most hilarous guys in the lost podcast community. The one thing i think they could use is a little bit of a thicker skin. Ignroe bad reviews. Alto of podcasts get nothing but praise, but their really just a recap show. This show is so much more, and the Lost Community just needs to take those bad reviews, shrug it off, and walk on. We're still out here listneing!
Generally, this podcast is entertaining and engaging from start to finish, worthy of a subscription, and is hosted by two enthusiastic fans of the show who know more about Lost than I do. With that said, allow me to write my reaction... Positive: Great production value in terms of sound quality and music. Other Lost Podcasts (which will remain nameless) sound like they were recorded with used computer microphones from the eighties. The music and bumpers on other podcasts sound like they're picked up from middle school garage bands who, well, shouldn't be allowed to have instruments. Negative: One of the hosts, Dave, is perhaps a little too into the show. His over analyzation of the show leads to needless criticisms. Along with Goog, this became most apparant with their strange aversion initially with the flash forward concept. I'm not sure why, but Dave becomes confused over basic plot points that come about on the show, sometimes arguing (and frequently interrupting and cutting off Goog, which Goog doesn't seem to mind) with his cohost about unnecessary themes and ideas that are rather quite easy to interpret. It distracts from the enjoyability of the show, and leads one to believe if Dave can actually sit down and simply enjoy watching Lost and podcast about it. This point is frustrating for me when listenting to the show, but encountering the "out there", sometimes brilliant theories and ideas these guys come up with pertaining to the Lost mythology, in the end you come away wanting to watch the show again, which, I suppose, is the best reaction one could get from a podcast.
Dave and Steve, I've missed you! The hiatus was too long. I'm so glad you are back. Your podcast is fresh and wacky, full of Lost theories and attention to detail. I hope every Lost fan will download this podcast! Not really spoilery, but just the place to hear a great discussion of all things Lost (and other stuff too). Your friendship is fun to listen to, too. You Rock!!!!! (and, No, I'm not related to these guys!)
This is the first time I started listening to this and I was LOVING it. In fact, I was just getting ready to subscribe to this podcast and look forward to listening to it every week until the last 4 minutes they tell you they are NOT spoiler free. I had listened that entire hour without running into a spoiler(except around 14 minutes until it was done, but they said "from the spoilers" and I was able to stop listening for awhile), and it seemed like a funny and informative podcast. But if there's going to be random spoilers without enough warning before they are said, I can't listen to this until the season is over, sorry. If there's one thing the creators could change, it would be to make this spoiler free or at least offer proper warning.
If you're looking for a Lost podcast that's entertaining as well as informative and thought-provoking, this is it. It combines a slick, professional production with two great hosts who know their Lost but aren't afraid to get off topic once in a while. That just makes it all the more interesting. David and Steve make getting through the week to that next episode of Lost easier.
I dont' know why people rave about this podcast. The hosts go off-topic too much and don't listen to the number of complaints about it. I'm not the only one to complain about it and it gets annoying having to fast forward to the main topic which is Lost. The hosts seem to think it is alright to go off topic and I agree that it is ok sometimes, but not for as long as they do and for how long some of the digressions go. The reason it is bad is that 100% of the audience wants to hear about Lost (hence why its a Lost podcast) yet maybe only 40% might be interested in the Batman television show (which was one of the many digressions). This podcast is VERY good at handling cross talk and that is a plus. But I'd prefer cross talk over a lot of digression.
I really enjoy the witty banter and laid-back attitude, as well as the fact that these guys keep it clean so I can listen with my kids in the car. This podcast has lots of fun theories and ideas, all backed by great personalities and a community feel. The rapport these guys have is great. I can always count on the TLC podcast to put a smile on my face. David and The Goog: Thanks for a great podcast!
This is a really enjoyable podcast. Dave and The Goog know their stuff and it often feels like two friends talking shop in your basement.
This podcast is awesome. This isn't one of those boring, overly structured podcasts. The audio quality is excellent and David and Steve both have a great sense of humor which keeps the podcast fresh. I listen to several lost podcasts and this one is definitely the one I find most entertaining and engaging. Definitely give this podcast a listen.
This podcast is interesting and enjoyable. The hosts, David and Steve, seem to enjoy their duties...and it's easy to tell that they love watching Lost. Listening to this show is like have a discussion with your college buddies. This is not to say that the show is poorly produced. The production values are outstanding and the sound quality is top notch. If you're looking for an intelligent but not over-the-top show, consider downloading this wonderful hour of podcasting. Way to go, guys!
This Lost podcast is by far my favorite to listen to. I used to listen to a few different ones and now only listen to the Lost community!! Thanks guys!
Of the dozen or so Lost podcasts I listen to, this is my favorite. David and "The Goog" are witty, informative and PROFESSIONAL. There's never a boring moment, not even their "tangents," which always mean something related to Lost. I enjoy the music they play at the beginning and the end, and often they have guests who bring an element of surprise to the show (Dark Angel, where are ye?). Love it! Don't change a thing.
Just wanted to say THANKS for an excellent podcast! I love how you guys talk conversationally about the show - just like I would with a friend. Keep up the great work!
First off, if you want to listen to a man with one of the most obnoxious voices on the planet talk for one whole hour, you're at the right podcast. Dave is so annoying and he constantly drowns out what "The Goog" has to say. Also, the duos knowledge of Lost is pretty weak. There are often long puases as they try to remember episode titles, character names, events, etc. Definately not on par with some of the more popular podcasts. Also, the jokes that these two seem to find utterly hilarious aren't funny to the viewer. They will spend great amounts of time just laughing obnoxiously at their own lame jokes. Don't get me wrong, I love lame jokes. But these are lame jokes that aren't even remotely funny and this Dave character finds hilarious. The theories they sometimes have are either stupid or widely known theories that Dave and Steve think are original. Now I'm a big fan of Lost, and of Lost podcasts, and wanted really badly to enjoy this podcast and to support it. But it is simply really bad. No good information, no insight, no humor, nothing. Just pure crap. Give it a try, but don't say I didn't warn you.
If you actually talked about LOST instead of rambling on and on about non-related topics. There are better LOST podcasts out there in my opinion. Also, don't really care for the dead jester bit.
I have listened to this podcast from the beginning and I do like David and the Goog, they sound professional and all that. But they go off on so many tangents. For instance, they will probably spend 10 minutes of their podcast addressing a negative review on iTunes. I have tried to stick with this podcast but the last few episodes have left me feeling way let down. I dealt with the annoying bleeping of Paolo's and Nikki's name. I put up with the plugging a new band at the beginning of each podcast. I have listened patiently for the Dark Angel spot only to have them go on with an intro and waste time when there is no Dark Angel spot. And last episode they spent the last three minutes playing a song at the end of the podcast. I kept listening thinking there must be something else coming and looking at my ipod counter but there was nothing. For some reason this podcast also takes much longer to download than any others yet they still put filler in there so it takes even longer. They started out saying they were the Lost COMMUNITY podcast but now it's really David spending most of the show talking about his theory and not much else. Where is the COMMUNITY in that? It seems to have gotten more similar to the GSPN podcast where the hosts egos have just gotten too big and instead of being a forum for us they are a soapbox for themselves. What is most disturbing is they KNOW they are losing it. They are frequently apologizing for their last podcast and even during the show admit they are getting way off topic. So STOP doing it. With so much happening on Lost right now that is what the listeners have tuned in to hear about. I'll stick with Jay and Jack and would recommend them to anyone who wants more Lost content plus humor. Please stop cheating us guys. I hope you can turn things around or I'll be tuning into the podcast that the Goog is now recommending.
These guys are fantastic, insightful, and hilarious as they present their opinions and ideas about LOST. A great listen. David shows his professional radio experience and Steve is a great wingman. David and "The Goog" keep things moving and have many intellegent, well thought ideas. Great podcast to be subscribed too.
I gotta say this PODcast is the only one I currently listen to. Compared to the others out there this one is by far way above the rest! I gotta say I just LOVE the intro guy! <not the robot> He really makes me laugh every time. The conversation between David and "The Goog" keep you in right untill the very end. To sum it up this is the BEST Lost PODcast out there! Hands down!
So I listen to a lot of Lost podcasts. That having been said David and the Goog give a unique and open approach to all things Lost. It's not as professionally tight as Jay and Jack (whom I also love), and not as laugh out loud as Cliff and Steph at the GSPN Lost podcast, but they involve a lot of religious perspective and talk about themes and process and mythos. They focus on their impressions, which is really all we have to go on.
Used to be awesome... first dark angel(the most knowledable voice on the podcast) left, then they started with a bunch of corny nonsense(which they seem to think is funny) and then finally they tell us they believe only christians are going to heaven(if you heard the rapture tangent you know what I'm talking about). You guys used to rock now you are oh so laaaaaame. Please quit.
These guys take my "Lost" viewing experience to another level. They know their stuff, thanks to the aid of Milo Stimutous, and have amazing "WOW!" talking point every week.
These guys have fun, and I have fun listening to them. If you're a LOST junkie like me, then you gobble up all of the podcasts you can find. I won't judge this show in relation to any other LOST podcasts. Suffice it to say that I don't miss an episode, and The Lost Community definitely deserves inclusion in the essential fan theory experience.
When I heard Dave call John Lennon's 'Imagine' the most overrated song of all time I knew I had found my community. Dave and Steve's insights and theories on Lost are incisive, critical and independent. They bring a diverse background of learning to each show. I am amazed at the details they notice and their wealth of philosophy. Perfect companion to the show. However ... ... are we to believe Dave has a twin sister? And that she is romantically involved with the Googs? That's a little too perfect. I expect more on this storyline. ... Dave claims to have been to film school and knows how to set up a shot. Will we ever get a flashback to confirm this backstory. ... So Googs is a 'teacher'? Hmmm. There are a lot of Lost podcasts. But, in my opinion, there's the Lost Community Podast and there are the 'others'.
I've been a devoted Lost fan since the show began, and I subscribe to several Lost podcasts. I enjoy them all for different reasons, but this podcast came out of nowhere like a breath of fresh air, and overnight became my favorate podcast. The hosts are upbeat and funny, the production values are great, and the discussions about Lost theories are well thought out and interesting without dragging you down with too much minutia or off the wall tangents. The best part is you don't have to be a Lost fanatic to enjoy this podcast, but if you are, you'll love it just the same. Stay Lost!
I love the Lost Community Podcast. Things you will find here that you don't get anywhere else: - Fiesty Commentator David A. Dein (Who defends his theories, wrong or right) - Critique of all kinds of things, not related to lost. - The Cheech Song (see episode 14) - Running Gags - Thoughtful Commentator The Goog (He-Who-Beleives-In-Atlantis) - Great Sound Quality This podcast rocks. It's funny. I laugh whenever i listen to it. And... they do voicemail, email, etc. Sign up, and be informed. It's great.
Many of their points about the show are convoluted. They only seem to care about the 'mythology' of the island rather than the show as a whole; i.e. character development. Bleeping Paulo and Nikki's names at this point is just annoying, and obviously it's done as a gimmick only. Even the worst episode of Lost is still better than anything else on television. If you want a solid Lost podcast, Jay and Jack's has a better weekly review, with screen captures from the previous episode.
These guys sound like Pro's. - like I'm listening to a professional radio show.
Whichever user claimed that this podcast is trying "to convert" people is dead wrong. I think this is a great podcast with a lot of insight into the show and some interesting viewpoints from 2 very funny hosts. The hosts don't bring in religion any more than the creators of the show do. As a staunch atheist, I have no problems listening to this podcast. Anyone offended by it needs to come out of their bubble and realize what kind of a diverse world they are living in.
I can't wait for this podcast to come out each week. It's a breath of fresh air to have a podcast that is not a bunch of drunk guys sitting around talking about nothing. Keep up the good work.
I'm obsessed. I've spent my whole day listening and I want more. I can't say enough. You must join this podcast.