Skank With Your Boots On!

Reviews For Skank With Your Boots On!

Skank With Your Boots On is an awesome podcast, good songs, if you dont like the language get over it. Dont hate.
By far my Favorite Ska podcast, Post more, Please.
really some weird stuff in here and really should earn an explicit rating... huh that's really weird, well any ways the songs arn't really the best possible choices for a radio that say to skank with your boots on, this is the strangest ska I've ever heard. Srry Taylor, but I liked Aaron's ska skank radio more.


WOW you know Big D and the Kid's Table's manager? otherwise playing their song is illegal, but you already know that. Tell him I said hi!
OK But too much swearing. i didn't hear all of it but i heard a bit of LAX.