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Should keep his political opinions to himself
There’s been a surge of young girls saying they are trans. In turn they are demanding testosterone and top surgery. This seems to be a dangerous “fad” right now because the promotion of well, everything goes now a days & censoring people’s choices. I say dangerous because these are life altering changes made by teens & parents in a volatile stage of life. And not even parents in some cases?!? Unlike being in say a grunge phase in my days that I grew out of without altering my body. Yes I’m calling this surge a fad for teens, hopefully your daughters will be TOLD to wait until they’re adults to decide. Hopefully Dan will speak up about this.
After a year or so of listening, I’m upgrading to the magnum version—so worth it.
The gold standard for relationship advice! Savage Lovecasts is one of the first podcasts I listened to, and still one of my absolute favorites. Keep up the great work, Dan!
Love the show but please leave the politics out. Not everything needs to be politicized.
I love this podcast. Dan keeps it real.He is funny,smart,and a joy to listen to. Thanks for the great content.
I have listened to this podcast for 10+ years and used to love Dan. But after this Trump thing I’ve watched him morph into just an awful mean person. Actually he has become what he hated. I have to unsubscribe now because he went too far with making fun of people that died being stupid. They have families and are more than their dumb politics. Shame on Dan
Good, timely advice on love and relationships for everyone no matter their predilections. However, the unending preaching of Leftie ideals finally proved too much - unsubscribed. Not everyone who thinks that our reaction to COVID is overblown thinks it’s a hoax. Dan - here’s a word you should look up in the dictionary . . . nuance. Humanity depends on that word. 20 plus year reader and I’m done.
Title says it all. This man should be hailed as a true saint! He has helped me out in so many life situations just by listening to all episodes (twice to a lot of them once I bit the bullet and paid for the magnum which I clearly highly recommend) and implementing some of his ways of thinking and it helped me get out of my anxiety bubble.
I’ve been listening almost since the beginning and still do. There are new questions and evolving advice - as well as the tried and true that frequent listeners can speak before Dan gets the words out. Guests add good depth.
Been listening on and off since the beginning, and while I might not always agree with every opinion, it's still a great listen. Keep it up Dan and Nancy!
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I just put on Breakup Bootcamp to relax and I kept cracking the actual f up. Savage is ridiculously funny. Dr. Chan too good. Thank you so much for the sarcastically beautiful ray of sunshine in a crap 2020.
All the good things. I have been listening every week for years.
Opened my eyes in so many good, and often, uncomfortable ways. I always saw myself as sexually liberal, you do you...but upon listening, a lot of beliefs and constructs I didn’t know I held were challenged. I love it. Immense gratitude to Dan and the at risk youth.
I was looking for some great relationship insight. Instead it was ramblings and political commentary. Enough already! There is enough of this horrible stuff everywhere I don’t need more. Especially when it comes to relationships, I was hoping to find some positivity. I couldn’t even get to 4 minutes and was completely brought down. Off to find what I was actually looking for. Best of luck here...
I don't need a political lecture before every episode. That's not what I listen for.
Steer clear at all costs
His political views are terrible omg please educate yourself dan your repeating the fake news narrative proving you live in the echo chamber, I like the show, lots of idiots that are afraid and don’t know how to communicate to other humans even simple emotions with words. Seriously dan take 20 min out of your day and listen to the other side and see if your thoughts on politics change once you have all the facts and have listened to both sides, I recommend the Ben Shapiro show although you might disagree you won’t be able to say he is wrong try it be honest with yourself
This podcast has given me a whole new look on life and relationships. Dan is so intelligent and truly has an excellent outlook on life and gives amazing advice. This is the only podcast where I will go back and listen to the first episodes. After I listen to all of them, I’m going to start reading all of his articles! Thanks for everything Dan!
I’ve listened to this podcast for YEARS. Never disappoints. 👏🏼 🥳
Doesn’t pull any punches. Tells the truth. Good advice. So glad this podcast exists!!
Yet another great podcast, awsome host, but is filled with more adds than content. Some adds are fair but you cna never get onto the show as its consant long add reads.
Dan always has the most sound advice, this is the only podcast I’ve listened to religiously for the past 10+ years!!!
After a decade of listening, I heard Dan start the podcast with “F- the police.”. I deleted that episode and unsubscribed because I can’t trust anything he says now. What a stupid remark to make. Dan preaches against making assumptions about a person based on a group he/she is in, but he doesn’t practice what he preaches.
Dan, you are a real world hero. Listening to your podcast is truly the best alone hour of my week. Thanks for your raw and real honesty.
I was a loyal listener and supporter of this podcast for years. I purchased my annual tickets to HUMP film FESTIVAL months ago before the covid-19 crises. Like so many Americans I have been affected financially and need to scrape pennies to get by. The FESTIVAL is no longer taking place. So naturally I asked for a refund and was my request was denied. Disgusting how a profit is trying to be made in this climate.
Omg !!! Where do I even start ? I love your podcast with a deep passion... I think I’ve listened to so many podcast from 7 yrs ago that sometimes I have the same answer you would give... 😁. Keep up the great work.
Dan, host of the Savage LoveCast podcast, highlight all good aspects and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Enough said.


That dog story needed a warning.
I used to be a fan but a recent diatribe at the beginning of his podcast about ring made me lose all trust in Dan. He clearly didn’t do his research and instead took an article written by a political lobby (EFF) as fact. Also, very concerning bias expressed by Dan regarding Ukrainian people. So disappointed.
This show gets better and better. I love hear dans insight are the top of the show. Thank you for doing this important work
I understand that money rules the world but I’m heartbroken that the “micro-podcast” don’t include any of the interview in every episode anymore. Between my own hereditary diseases/health issues, taking care of my father with lung cancer/other ill family members and trying to make a living working two jobs I don’t have a disposable income for podcasts. I 100% agree with making some content extra for financial gain but I’ve literally listen to every episode and he used to include some of the interviews which was the highlight of my week. Dan Savage is always a good listen but I wish my finances would allow me listen like I used to and enjoy instead of only catering to the disposable income.
I love listening to this podcast!