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The podcast is great, I love how inclusive and thought provoking it is. The only thing I disliked is the amount of promotions/commercials seems excessive but I get it pays the bills.


By djyrvra
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This podcast is equal parts funny, entertaining and informative. If you are fascinated by relationships and love hearing juicy details about peoples sec lives, as well as thoughtful advice (or listening to idiots be put in their place) then this is the show for you!! All I have to say is try listening to one episode. The most recent one. From start to end. You won’t regret it.
I’ve been listening to Dan for years, but his inability to leave 2016 behind caused me to unsubscribe. I’m done with his not infrequent top of the show bashing of Bernie and progressives who have a sense of morality beyond “it’s ok if the Democrats do it.” There are plenty of other podcasts out there that, I don’t need one that insults people who fight against inequality and constantly divides the Democratic Party.
Years ago dan was fresh, funny , edgy and witty. Now he’s judgemental of whatever he deems to be not PC. He’s very critical of straight het “cis” men. Anyone who uses the term cis is an idiot. He adopts the acronym , trendy description and victim class of the week. Most of Calls are from cowards that can’t be honest . He spends fifteen minutes telling them to honest. Over and over again. The first 15 min is a political pro Lbqtxyz whatever rant. The free show has devolved into constant commercials. I’m afraid to buy a magnum paid one because it might auto subscribe me and bill my card forever. The last straw is where is advises people with STDs to not disclose and possibly infect people. And he demands guys get vasectomies (fine) because women don’t want to use their 12 different available birth control types. Because they’re spoiled princesses. Men are always wrong, women with whatever plumbing are always right per Dan. I do like the anti dog rants.
Ok. Just listened to the recent episode of this podcast. It was excellent. I've been a magnum subscriber for a few years and thought I heard most things and enjoy seeing if I can predict how Dan is going to handle the calls. This episode had some new issues (alcoholism on a spectrum?) and a heart-wrenching story at the end. Enjoyed hearing Dan filter through the rough bits and get to the heart of the issues. AND, Nancy Hartunian put her stamp on an issue. Thanks for your good work, Dan and Nancy and Lovecast workers.
Dan is the best! He tells it like it is and he is HILARIOUS. I learn so much about relationships that are different from mine and I love that ❤️❤️❤️ Can’t wait to wake up every Tuesday and listen.
I enjoy your podcast very much Dan! Keep ‘em coming 😊
Long time listener (and reader), first time reviewer. All I can say is Dan, I love you! I actually would like to be you. You’re brilliant, snarky, and your huuusband is lovely! Never ever stop the top of the show rant - I live for it!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years now but I just got my SO into it. It’s been a great way to introduce new ideas and conversations into our relationship. I think Dan gives great advice and I love learning about all the different lifestyles that people are living that I had never known about.
I’m a magnum subscriber and look forward to this podcast every Tuesday. Keep up the good work Dan!
I'm glad I found out about this podcast. There are alot of sexual health podcasts out there but not many have such a personal touch like this one. I can't wait to call in with a question
First time podcast reviewer. I’ve listened to this podcast since 2007. Every week. At this point I can usually predict what Dan will advise, and i feel it has made me more empathetic to friends asking me advice. Dan is validating and admits when he messes up. This is a truly wonderful podcast.
Love Dan so much!
I love this podcast and often recommend it to friends.
I’ve listened to multiple episodes now and every single one is just q&a. Literally not one moment of discussion of the title of the episode (AKA WHAT THAT EPISODE IS ABOUT?!) that’s incredibly misleading. Every episode just says you need to subscribe to get the full episode. How is that ok? I haven’t even heard a full episode to hear it I want to pay them for a subscription. I am an avid podcast listener and have no problem with the concept of patreon campaigns, but don’t like when a podcast not only forces you into it, but deceives you into it. I really like the idea behind this podcast and am very disappointed to take my attention elsewhere.
After years of listening I basically try to live my life according to: WHAT WOULD DAN SAVAGE DO? when I go against that intuition things go wrong for sure Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!
No one is perfect 100% of the time and I don’t see anything wrong with his introduction rant. Giving advice is a two way street as it can good or bad but depends on how we interpret it and use it.
I started reading savage love in ‘03. I’ve been listening to LoveCast since ‘12. I agree with most of Sand advice but honestly listen for the crazy questions-and Dan’s top of show weekly roundup.
don't always agree wtih Dan's rants BUT his advice seems spot on most of the time.
I commend Dan on his success with this podcast. He has the absolute right to express his opinion on his platform. I’m just surprised and disappointed by his hypocrisy. Come for the GREAT sexual discussion, but know you’ll get a divisive, bigoted and polarizing rant at the beginning of his show. He’d probably be surprised at how progressive and open-minded people who don’t vote for his party are rather than generalizing.
I liked your podcast but now that you are trying to take my second amendment right i can no long listen to you. why take my guns away (when i go target shooting and hunting with them) instead of being a idoit and shoot ppl
Dan is best friend you didn’t know you needed in your life until you met him.


By Alhsr
I love this podcast. Dan makes me laugh and loud.
I wish I had had Dan's podcast when I was a teenager in the 60s
I got hooked on this podcast after listening to one episode and soon became a magnum subscriber. Thank you for everything you, Nancy and the Tech Savvy At Risk Youth do!
Everything's cool with Dan as long as you're not fat and you don't use poppers.....
I like this show, but there are way, way, way too many ads in the micro edition and the only way to avoid them is to subscribe to the much longer magnum edition, which I did for a year because I forgot it was on autopay. The problem with that is he already goes on too long with his answers and an hour is long enough, so why do I want to pay for an hour and a half of this? It's not worth it for me to keep listening if these are my only two choices.
I read Savage Love in the Stranger when I lived in downtown Seattle. Now that I'm outside the delivery area, it's nice to have Dan's voice in my ears every week. I enjoy few things more than being indoctrinated by the radical liberal cult of personality :)
Dan is responsible for so much of my education and perspective. Whether you already have an open mind or are in desperate need of developing one, this podcast is for you.
I discovered Savage love in the back of a printed copy of the onion one day in high school and I've never looked back. Dan and the tech savvy at risk youth showed me there's so much more to be discovered in a relationship than the high school drama I was experiencing and that sometimes I should question my gendered expectations of what a healthy relationship looks like. I've grown so much as a person by listening to this show.
And runs a great show, I’ve been listening for years. Sometimes he goes on and on and makes his point again and again two or maybe four times. But that’s ok, I just zone out, he has a really hot husband.