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Yet another great podcast, awsome host, but is filled with more adds than content. Some adds are fair but you cna never get onto the show as its consant long add reads.
Dan always has the most sound advice, this is the only podcast I’ve listened to religiously for the past 10+ years!!!
After a decade of listening, I heard Dan start the podcast with “F- the police.”. I deleted that episode and unsubscribed because I can’t trust anything he says now. What a stupid remark to make. Dan preaches against making assumptions about a person based on a group he/she is in, but he doesn’t practice what he preaches.
Dan, you are a real world hero. Listening to your podcast is truly the best alone hour of my week. Thanks for your raw and real honesty.
I was a loyal listener and supporter of this podcast for years. I purchased my annual tickets to HUMP film FESTIVAL months ago before the covid-19 crises. Like so many Americans I have been affected financially and need to scrape pennies to get by. The FESTIVAL is no longer taking place. So naturally I asked for a refund and was my request was denied. Disgusting how a profit is trying to be made in this climate.
Omg !!! Where do I even start ? I love your podcast with a deep passion... I think I’ve listened to so many podcast from 7 yrs ago that sometimes I have the same answer you would give... 😁. Keep up the great work.
Dan, host of the Savage LoveCast podcast, highlight all good aspects and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Enough said.


That dog story needed a warning.
I used to be a fan but a recent diatribe at the beginning of his podcast about ring made me lose all trust in Dan. He clearly didn’t do his research and instead took an article written by a political lobby (EFF) as fact. Also, very concerning bias expressed by Dan regarding Ukrainian people. So disappointed.
This show gets better and better. I love hear dans insight are the top of the show. Thank you for doing this important work
I understand that money rules the world but I’m heartbroken that the “micro-podcast” don’t include any of the interview in every episode anymore. Between my own hereditary diseases/health issues, taking care of my father with lung cancer/other ill family members and trying to make a living working two jobs I don’t have a disposable income for podcasts. I 100% agree with making some content extra for financial gain but I’ve literally listen to every episode and he used to include some of the interviews which was the highlight of my week. Dan Savage is always a good listen but I wish my finances would allow me listen like I used to and enjoy instead of only catering to the disposable income.
I love listening to this podcast!
I like to know how people different from myself experience the world, it makes it easier to take other people into account. Dan brings all sorts of things to light, and his listeners contribute endlessly to the content of the show. Bravo!
I’ve listened to this podcast for about a year, and it’s a can’t-miss each week. I love how real and down to earth Dan is, and the variety of questions that are taken. Keep up the good work!
I’ve always loved this show. Didn’t think I could love it more until callers started using their voice memo app on their phone to record their questions instead of calling in. The audio quality is a hundred times better! Even more excited for episodes to drop on Tuesday now.
Noooooo!!!!! Always a great show, just was in the middle of like season 2 or 3 and it’s now gone. Nonetheless I’m still going to listen to this show it has always helped me and thank you!
The way he is able to articulate is incredible. Not to mention his knack for helpful and funny advise.
For anyone who cares about relating to others!
I’m a magnum listener, long time fan. I love everything about Dan Savage’s advice and live my life asking myself: What Would Dan Savage Do? When discussing a client, I told my boss to DTMFA so this is some life advice on this podcast, not just relationship advice, people! ITMFA! Long live Dan Savage!


I look forward to listening to Dan and the callers every week! One of the best podcasts out there!
This is still one of the podcasts I look forward to every week! Entertaining, inclusive, informative- Dan Savage rarely disappoints. He has the integrity to admit when he makes the wrong call, and brings in guest experts when a question is out of his wheelhouse. Everyone would benefit from listening to this!
As a 58-year-old gay man, I can say that Dan Savage is the voice of reason in my world. He does not always say the nicest things, but at least he speaks the truth.
I quote Dan almost daily. He is funny and wise. This podcast is one that I devour every Tuesday without fail.
Dan is smart, funny and I love him. I wish I had him for a friend.
Great! Keep it up. The podcast should be provided as a social service.
all though i agree with most of the things dan savage says, i find the way he communicates his opinions incredibly rude on the listeners expense.
I first discovered this podcast when a friend suggested it during a road trip and I've been a reader and a listener ever since. I don't always agree with Dan's advice, but I find that he makes compelling arguments and has helped to open my mind to a lot of sexual lifestyles and issues that I'd never considered or given much thought to.
Best ever! Mind opening! Funny!, sarcastic! Understanding! Accepting! Thank you for all you do Dan!
I’ve been a listener for six years. Love the top of the show the most. The love Dan’s political rants. Yes I know, I can get more of that with blabbermouth. I am a subscriber of that podcast as well! Who’s the man? Dan is the man!
I was looking forward to this podcast but found it profoundly unhelpful and uninformative Therefore, no, longer listening.


I really wish that I could spend an hour in person with Dan - I know it would be life changing as he firmly whipped the silly fairytales from my expectations while warmly replacing that space with fulfilling expectations. Until that time, I will listen to him twice weekly (yes also on Blabbermouth) and let him guide me through the tales of others. Also he helped me get out of a really toxic relationship and for that I am eternally grateful. DTMFA. ☺️