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Loved this podcast until it began to run annoying ads before and after. Had to delete it from my list. It's a very short podcast, yet now starts and concludes with particularly idiotic commercials. They're very un-Lucy!


She’s brilliant and the latest on consistency - or lack of it - rings true to me
I’ve listened to this podcasts for years. I tend to listen in chunks of 5. I think everyone should listen to this podcast. Especially people in management, PR and HR.
Definitely worth the listen.
This is the first podcast I have written a review for and rated in almost three years of podcast listening. I find most of the casts boring and full of poor advice. Along with this, I feel as if Ms. Kellaway is reinforcing terrible stereotypes that occur in the office. I urge you not to listen to this podcast if you are interested in career or personal development.
She is so funny and smart! The perfect podcast companion while walking the dog.
Bite size views, well crafted


Brilliant insights.. Nice way to start work or at the end of day...
Loved her in print. Adore her in audio. What a rare treat.
This women is depriving a world beating, global company, somewhere, of a CEO. Truly wonderful stuff.
On a regular basis. Excellent. She shamelessly plagiarizes Martyn Lukes but given his present residence, that's understandable.
Biting, sarcastic, novel, truthful and humorous … a quintessentially British look at the gears of the management machine.