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I LOVE Bob & Brian! I’ve been listening to them for over 20 years! But recently my work hrs changed and I can’t listen in the morning so I’d love to have the full show to listen to later. Please post the whole show! Thanks!
For gods sakes, please put more of the funny conversations and get rid of the mind-numbingly boring ‘music’ segments.
It would be great if the whole show could be up. I'll take what I can get though. Keep up the good work!
Always my first stop on the podcast list. It's about camaraderie and humor of team that's been together for decades. DOWNSIDE: just one - you have to keep your hand on the volume button the whole time, because the difference between mike volumes takes it from whisper to shout and back.
Show is great but Gary Graff spots are INSANELY boring.
Love these segments. Great convo and lots of laughs. Love it when Czabe is on the program, he has the best chemistry with boys. More Czabe please! Bring back Czabe! Miss Czabe!
I’d love to see more content available by podcast. Mainly, sports with Tim Murray.
Love listening to the boys. I only wish there were more episodes available that went back further in time. Miss you Czabe.
Wish they did the whole show, but these epic clips will have to do.
Bob & Brian were funny & entertaining (when I was a stupid teenager) but now that I've seen some of the world & have grown up I realize they sadly, have not. Their morning show has morphed into a right wing attack show where they insult & demonize teachers, Democrats, unions& minorities liberals. If you're educated or have an open mind, Bob & Brian & The Hog are NOT for you.
Better than coffee in the morning. Wish I could listen on my satellite radio.
The clips have not been added in a while. Can someone explain why not? I prefer downloading and then adding to my phone vs. steaming (bandwidth)
I love being able to listen to Bob And Brian on the podcast side, especially since my hours changed and I can't listen live very often anymore. Problem is the podcast hasn't had anything new since it was updated to include the rest of the station. Going through withdrawals here!
So, now through the fall and winter the only podcasts that you'll post are Jimmie Masterlock, Santana Dotson and Czaban. And maybe a sports interview here and there. Thanks but not thanks. When will Joe and Borna be taking over the morning hours? They're much more interesting.
Milwaukee has a long troubling race history. Bob and Brian are the modern day FM champions of dog whistle racial politics.


By Targue
MORE F'N CZABE!!!!!!!!
I love Bob and Brian and the option to listen to them on iTunes is a God-send. The problem is there's not much content. EVERY Czabe segment should be available in its entirety. For now, it only gets 3 Stars. If they added more content, it could easily be 5.


By 197100
The best


But they need more Czabe!
I need more pod casts!!!!
Love these guys!!!
Been listening since they moved into the Milwaukee market way back when. I moved to Oakland, CA a few years ago and had to go without until they started putting up podcasts. Wish they would put up whole shows!
I used to listen to these guys every morning on The Fox. They aren't on The Fox anymore (guess what station I no longer listen to EVER). I miss them! At least I can still podcast them but it's not the same. I love love love Czabe too!
It is such a great show. They are really down to earth and just super original and funny. Love Carrie, Rock, and Czabe too.
Love them!!! I'm lost when I don't have them to wake up to in the morning.
I love Bob and Brian! I wish they would put up more podcasts.
Wish a local station was smart enough to pick them up. Love these guys. Nothing better then Bob and Brian!!
I Have been listening to them since I was 4 years of age.(25 years old now) I listen to these guys every morning. I highly recommend this comedic duo(and the very beautiful Carrie Wendt)
My 13 year old daughter and I both love the show. She listens to podcasts on her iPod to fall asleep. She giggles for 20 minutes.
The best episodes are those that relate to their contests, such as "best holiday horror story" or "best home improvement horror story." I can do without Steve Czaban - I know a lot of people like him, but his act is getting a bit old. The Matt Kenseth weekly episodes are B-O-R-I-N-G.
Always entertaining, would like to see more material. Most of the podcasts are repeated at 5am and again as the top10 on Saturday morning. Kind of makes the podcast pointless.
I've been listening to Bob and Brian since the early days on LAZER 103. After all these years (has it been 20 yet?) they never get old. (Well, THEY do, but their material doesn't!) I even got to meet Bob in a Best Buy parking lot once. If you guys are reading this, I'm the guy who had jury duty with Paul Fix. Great stuff, boys. Rock on!!
Especially enjoy listening to Thursday's podcast with Matt Kenseth. NASCAR ! !
Great Ap, but it would be even better if B & B would put All My Packers! and some of the older materials on here
Just like coffee, I need my B & B in the morning. My job takes me all over the state and this podcast lets me listen regardless of where I am.
I started listening to Bob and Brian while working construction a couple of summers ago and they have the funniest talk show on the air. They have good guests on the show (Steve Czaban) and keep me laughing the whole morning.
These are the only two guys that I want to wake up with in bed. Kurt from West Bend
I listen to Bob and Brian on the way to work. And I wish I could listen to them more. With over 4 hours of material everyday, and all we get is up to 20 minutes a day if we are lucky. I want more.
Ever sence 104.1 in Wausau changed their programing I have been listening to Bob & Brian Podcasts. Growing up in West Bend Bob & Brian and 102.9 The Hog (formerly Lazer 103) was a staple in my family. I would love to see Bob & Brian back in Wausau! Keep up the good work guys!