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Intense and passionate.
This is a great podcast but Matt Eddy is so boring.
Would just be awesome to increase the production quality. Otherwise great stuff!
Listened to your short teaser on the new futures podcast. The southern guy uses the word “like” every other word. So annoying I could not follow. It was like really bad! Gern Blanston
I can’t get enough of the Top 10 Prospects episodes and the Top 100. Not a lot of tangents or giggly jokes or trying to be funny for entertainment value like most podcasts, love that it’s just 100% talking prospects
Bill Mitchell sounds like he’s reading somebody else’s notes on the Mariners top prospects🤨 Supposed to be the M’s lead but doesn’t sound like he knows a GD thing!....OMG him talking about Gilbert at the 10:05 mark is crazy painful to listen to🤢 Wow that was horrible 😭 and he continues it with Marte🤯🤬
Thank you for the great content
Ads will just cut in the middle of an episode without warning and sometimes in the middle of one of the guests speaking. Also because the mic quality of the hosts are so bad the volume of the ads is always so much louder.
This podcast is so blah. They know their stuff BUT..... they are just SO boring. The entertainment value is missing entirely.
Take a drink every time JJ starts a sentence with “If you would have told me” or “if you would have said” or some variation. You’ll be drunk 10 minutes in.
The quality content Baseball America typically provides is drowned out by the awful sound. The recording sounds like it is done under water and the hosts seem to routinely be doing stuff in the background while the others are speaking. It’s ridiculous. The entire show becomes you having to crank your volume and getting distracted by the noises the hosts are making. Gotta sort that out, team.


I’m 12 and I love Florida gators baseball more than anybody in the world I know everyone’s names on the team i love your podcast thanks for all the content you put out⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️


By bbaukol
five stars


By RTZ44
Enjoy listening to everyone but Kyle. Unfortunately he is one all the prospect podcasts and those are the ones I’m most interested in.
Content is fine but the sound quality is horrendous. Can barely hear the speakers, which causes the listener to crank up the volume, only to have one’s ears blasted when the closing music comes on. Ridiculous.
Love the College Pod! Interviews with Coaches are especially great.
This is a great, informative podcast about all things baseball! Great job guys, keep up the good work!
Love the inside story of the scout. they are all good people and very passionate. I really enjoy it. good job Kyle.
These guys do a great job of covering everything baseball. This is a must listen for all baseball fans.


Some of the smartest guys you can listen to. These guys are great and their MLB content is second to none. Love the college and prospect stuff, but when smart guys like this take a prospect view on major league teams it is amazing.
Let’s go Padres!
These guys are so knowledgeable they’re just outstanding. Great podcast.
Please fix the sound system for this. Can barely understand call in guests and have to have volume all the way up.
Seeing reviews from 8 years ago with exactly the same review isn't encouraging. Very in depth, and great insight on what is happening in the scouting world. The sound is hideous and embarrassing that a for profit company would be this poor. I have been on numerous podcasts with iPhone headphones recorded from my bedroom where the sound was far superior.
Are you kidding me? Sound like you are using a string and two cans. Come on guys! It’s 2018.. interesting when I can hear it. Guest is completely muted on highest volume setting . Sound Quality is almost always an issue.
Good baseball podcast that mostly covers college and minor league baseball prospects. They need to work on their audio equipment and there is a delay sometimes between recording and releasing the podcasts.
I want to love this podcast. Being a prospect nerd, this podcast provides all the content I could hope for. BUT...oftentimes I decide not to listen because the sound quality is so poor. Almost every episode I’ve listened to, you can hear a squeaky chair in the background that is totally distracting. You guys have all the knowledge, insight, and expertise, but the sound quality is almost unbearable. I think an investment in improving this could go a long way.
Legit baseball podcast
The sound quality is awful and the “experts” aren’t much better. John Manuel makes this impossible to listen to with his corny jokes and random tangents. If you like college baseball, do yourself a favor and subscribe to the D1Baseball podcast instead!
Kid you not, less than 2 minutes into the Red Sox prospect podcast and JJ Cooper is talking over his peer. I cringe whenever I load a podcast that includes JJ because I know he is going to spend the entire podcast interrupting the person that is with him - it makes for a very annoying listening experience. The content is great at the majority of the other guys do great work (and don’t talk over one another). I’m not quite sure how this annoying tendency isn’t addressed.


By N_A_K
How do they know so much.
Always look forward to a new podcast, to listen to during my commute. Nice rotation on the participants and the sponsor references are concise and not overwhelming. They appear to prefer quality over quantity for frequency of the pods. Hoping the podcast remains a regular thing with Manuel gone (will miss his pop-culture referencial humor) - maybe a bit more Matt Eddy(?). Great job on the farewell podcast for John, BTW. Got me teary a couple of times myself.
Listening to the JM farewell episode, and it’s a testament to the amazing work these people do. Smart, funny, obscure references and human AF.
Good stuff guys.
I call this show a 4.5 when J-Manuel is not there and a 5 when he is. I'm not a college baseball guy and usually skip those shows, except prior to the draft. I never miss the others.
JJ, outstanding content but virtually every sentence starts with the word 'again'. It's wearing.
Podcast labeled, "Top 25," never in an entire hour discussed the top 25 porospects.
Great podcast!
Enough with the Seinfeld references.
Reader/listener of BA for many, many years...I agree with reviews that speak to the quality and depth of your coverage. JM - Please let others finish their thought. Just listened to Marlins summary and your guest couldn't get a full sentence in without an interuption. Otherwise love the podcasts.
If you look at the reviews of this podcast, you will notice the same complaint for years... the audio quality is terrible. And yet they haven't addressed it. One guy sounds muffled like he's at the bottom of a well, and another is so loud you have to turn the volume down when he speaks. I resubscribed after a few years away, and again unsubscribed after listening for 10 minutes.


By DJM1216
Love it, it's perfect and I would highly recommend it. Just wish they talked about the Padres more.
New York baseball fan? Mets? Yankees? Take a listen to the J&J New York Baseball show for weekly updates on NY baseball.
You absolutely cannot beat John Manuel for baseball coverage - great analysis, nice throwback references, and witty commentary. The cast of college baseball characters at BA shuffles around, but the current staff of Teddy, Mike and Jim are really solid, and John appears to be the glue that holds everything together. Thanks for the continued weekly podcasts and all the coverage on the website, and keep up the good work!
All baseball talk from the mlb to international/prospects/minor league. Great for an in depth look, but sound quality is lacking.
Your content is great, informative but your sound quality is horrible. It sounds like you're talking in a bowl! Also, you need to be more consistent with your broadcast dates...some days are back to back, others are 3 weeks or a month...frustrating!
Can barely hear the conversation, sounds like the mic is 10ft away. Please fix, very annoying.
The content is incredible. Just like with the magazine and web site, the authors are informed and fun to listen to. It is a testament to the quality of the content that I listen to this podcast regularly because the sound quality is so poor. For a national publication, it should be embarrassing to put their name on a product that is so inferior to everything else out there, sound-wise. You're charging people lots of money to subscribe to your products...use some of that money to purchase better equipment and spend some time making sure it sounds better. Even when the microphones aren't bad (which is rare), there's an echo. Get some better equipment and put up some sound dampening foam or something wherever you record. Also....more guests would be appreciated!
Great podcasts, tremendous source of information often not available elsewhere. Some of the hosts occasionally dig so much deeper than anyone can follow, and the sound can still vary quite a bit, but I love their coverage of the minors.