Reviews For AudioNowcast

I love AudioNowCast. No, I have not been paid to write this; i'm a legit listener! I'm only four years old into the craft of audio engineering and sound design. To say I've learned a lot from the guys at ANC would be an enormous understatement. I stared listening about a year ago and I rarely go a day without listening to at least a half or full episode (there's a vast backlog of older episodes). The knowledge is sturdy and served warm and friendly. Literally some of the nicest and funniest guys I've heard from ANY podcast. Anyway... I figured it's the least I could do to share my thoughts, hoping more people will do the same and spread the word! Thanks again guys! -Johnny (Boston)
I always look forward to this podcast, listening to an amazing set of people in a round table format talking about the love (and some rants too) about the audio industry.
Excellent podcast with insight into pro audio, post and game sound production by knowledgeable people in a friendly roundtable format. Mike is a great host, highly recommended


This is a great audio industry podcast, I listen to every episode as they are released and wish it was more frequent. Always entertaining, educational and sometimes thought-provoking. Well done!
The Internet does come through in some circumstances, this being a good example. There are things to glean here from industry professionals through simple, osmotic eavesdropping . Refreshing in that the main agenda seems to be "music" as told by people who still seem passionate about it, who don't really have to bother.
Best audio industry podcast I've heard yet. A seasoned group of veterans cover trends in both hardware tools and future musical applications. I love their insights, and tend to really agree with them about how some functions are gained with the new "in the box" DAW style productions, but the danger may be that feel and originality may be sacrificed, and why this may be pushing popular music to become so homogenized. Of course keeping an overview of the whole process with valuable producers such a these authors, helps keep the tools in their place, and the music still the most important thing.
This is a great podcast for any one interested in music and audio production. Great conversations by industry professionals. Tips for breaking into the industry, DAW and gear discussions, including Current trends and directions of the industry. I look forward to this podcast every week.
I just started listening to these. Great stuff. Best Audio Pod Cast out there.
If you are in or have any interest in the music/audio industry, subscribe to this podcast. They've covered everything from songwriting to cutting a demo, video game audio, sound mixing, editing, etc. The panel is informative and entertaining and truly provide an insider look at the industry. A valuable resource for anybody contemplating a career in audio.