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Hey everybody, your humble host here (well, ex-host). Thanks for all the kind words. Hopefully I will be back. Who knows? But in the meantime thanks for being such a great audience. It was a pretty cool show while it lasted...wasn't it? Rock on. Gregg
This show was a unique mix of business news and commentary with interviews from a range of people. I don't know how I'll replace it. Miss you Gregg. :(.....
Sad.... Was a daily listener. Excellent work by GreGG. Wish you luck.

By Mucos
I was a daily listener too!!!
Gregg You did some great work on the Real Story; I am very disappointed in the decision to cancel the show. Thanks for all the support you gave to our servicemembers in the Pacific Fleet. I hope you return soon. Best Wishes, Patrick
Oh no! Tell me it's not true. Where have you gone? Greg I will miss you!
I listened to this show every day, I am thouroughly disappointed about the shows decision.
I hope it's just a season off. 5G's made a great host.
Gregg, I started listening when Frank Curzio hosted & left when he did. A couple of months ago I thought I would give your show a try. You are very different from Frank but I liked your style. You were able to bring all kinds of different perspectives to the markets & everything related to them. BTW, thanks for the book I received during Replacements week. You should try your hand at a music appreciation type podcast. I would listen. Hope to hear you down the road sometime! If you start this up again, I will listen!
Don't take my real story away. I listen to it everyday. The interviews and market highlights in a 30 minute format. Gregg (Double GG) you do a wonderful job. Hope they let you keep it up.
I listened everyday.
I love this is a daily must listen. It is one of the more useful (if not the most) features produced by The Street and one of the best finance podcasts. Rock the Kasbah Gregg!
Frank, I wanted to give you 4 1/2 stars, but not an option. You are cool, you accent is a kick. I like your daily recap of the market. I'd probably give you 5 stars, but I'm a mutual fund kind of a guy and you don't really talk to that. In you next life, you'll be a bull. Thanks for the fun. Joe
Great interviews and insights, highly recommend!
Gregg (five gees) Greenburg is pretty funny and has great taste in music. He has a good head for business news. Solid credentials from Lehman Brothers. Met Cramer at a Bris, is that what I heard?
The guests are great, the host is great, I listen to this everyday to get the market wrap-up. It's the common man's Bloomberg report. Keep your sense of humor and music references Gregg; both are very much appreciated.
Informative, interesting, colorful, etc. Would like to hear more short-term trading strategy and market color, but a very good podcast as isz
Haven't had any update for the week. Where is Gregg? Please don't tell me they cut the show. The Real Story is one of the MUST listen for me everyday other than Fast Money. Gregg interviews are very informative and helpful. WIll be a great loss if they didn't to not do the podcast anymore.
The host of this show makes what could otherwise be mundane news interesting every day. He is real with the guests he brings on and asks the right questions without sugar coating. I wish each show was an hour. I also wish there was a live stream of this how while it's being recorded available online.
Funny, Witty, and educational!
I listen to your show everyday. keep up the good work with bring in fund managers! very good information from different fund managers. good work!


By jjliss
Gregg is hilarious, fun and incredibly smart. He has a lot of experience personally and has a great variety of guests to help his listeners understand the important things to pay attention to through all the market noise. I consider his advise incredibly valuable for the on the go investor who is trying to master the market on the go!! highly recommended! Great Ken Fisher interview !!!!


By smc140
I listen to a few business podcasts but this is by far the best. Greenberg gets a wide variety of guests and he always asks the right questions. He keeps it light enough to be entertaining but he has a savvy grasp of market intricacies. Give it a try and you’ll be hooked…it’s addictive.

By Supel
Listen to the podcast daily. Great interviews and great to keep in touch on what going on in the market. Just listen once, trust me.
Best way to get your stock info with a nice twist.
Gregg does an amazing job wrapping the market close every afternoon and always has amazing guests. I've been listening for over a year and wouldn't miss the real story.
keep them coming. how can you go wrong when the guy loves the replacements?
I enjoy listening to the Real Story everyday; sometimes twice. Gregg is very smart and a funny guy. The individuals he has on his show give valuable insight on the market or area of speciality. Great show......... Charles JB
The interviews are great! Gregg does a fantastic job of reporting the days market activities! I look forward to the show everday!
Gregg does a great job of mixing "stock stories" - essentially a recitation of how individual stocks did that day - with a great assortment of interviews, primarily with portfolio managers and authors of business and investment related books. Recently, for example, Gregg had first rate interviews with the authors of "The Google Resume" and "Fatal Risk: A Cautionary Tale of AIG's Corporate Suicide." Gregg has a nice dry sense of humor - and enjoys reminding us that he is overeducated and underpaid.
Gregg, thanks for the book. I love the show and never miss an episode. The most informative show I have found. Gregg covers everthing from stocks and bonds, to muntual funds and etf's, to commodities and options, and even tips on running a business. A "One Stop Shop" for investing information. Thanks Gregg, and keep up the great work.
I love the show and all of the interviews that are relevant. Will try out the book, thanks again.
I have a lot of time to listen to podcasts and this is best podcast I have found that provides a market summary with investment ideas and author interviews. All things that I find very useful. Information from this show has eventually lead me to purchase specific stocks, mutual funds, and books. Gregg is also very entertaining to listen to. I laugh out loud at least a few times every show.
I listen to The Real Story every day while running with my dog. The interviews are great and I really appreciate the book reviews and interviews with authors. Keep up the great work!
I listen to the real story every night. Gregg has a great way of looking at what happens in the market every day. I dont miss this pod cast.
Gregg provides a great and diverse look at the global economy through a lens of investing. The show is entertaining and educational.
Gregg. - You are doing a great job. I listen to it almost every day. It is a very productive use of my commute time. Love your interviews with authors. I do suggest you keep them focused/linked to investements. I was worried when Frank left. I was worried when Aaron left. Somehow you folks always find the right guy for the show. .
This is the best podcast for a market wrapup show I have found. Gregg give a nice overview of the stock making news for the day. He will have 3 interviews he will spread around during the podcast. Moving on... His pop culture references are great some are subtle and other not so subtle. But that is great. He does try to become the story, but gives the daily busness story in a enjoyable. I am looking to see everyday hoping my podcast is available before I go home.
I spend a lot of time commuting and have listened to a variety of podcasts, including business/finance. The Real Story is the best podcast that I have come across in terms of production quality, posting timeliness and relevant information. Gregg gets straight to the point, offers witty insight, and also gives listeners the 'why'. I am always impressed with the high profile guests--authors and money managers--that he gets on the show. Gregg asks legit, topical questions and seems to have a good rapport with them. I also like how he gives snapshots of reports from analysts, government agencies, and Bill Gross/Warren Buffet's letters--I certainly don't have time to ready everything. Another positive is that he takes time to explain complex issues/investments so all listeners can understand. I would recommend his podcast to anyone interested in business/finance and anyone with any type of investment from a 401(k) to a large,diverse portfolio. Keep up the fantastic work Gregg! I look forward to your podcasts everyday! PS--Make sure you allow your guests to say thank you.
Listen almost everyday, and I have to say...I kinda miss that surf-vibe music you used to intro with. Bring it back man!
My only complaint was that Gregg would always forget to add the date. I really enjoy the podcast and the interviews. Very informative and interesting. Keep up the good work.
I appreciate Greg's market analysis and guest interviews - always informative and entertaining for my early morning west coast drive.... Great podcast!
I make time every day that the market is open in order to listen to this podcast. I've never used a specific stock idea, but the macro-economic storylines have helped me keep my perspetive on the market. Also, Gred has Authors on all the time. In this he shines! I've read several of the books and loved them, especially the none-economic ones. This podcast is a real gem.
Gregg Greenberg is doing a great job on this podcast. He brings the important news that is effecting markets. He's got a great sense of humor. There are some excellent guests on the show. He's an excellent interviewer. The only thing missing is "Tomorrow's Story Today." The previous host always talked about market moving events for the next day (economic events, major earnings call, Fed minutes, etc..) That gave you a good heads up on what is going to move the market. I really wish Gregg would include that in the show. On Friday's, I would like to see what the major events are for the following week. Gregg??? Pretty please.
Great format and length of show. I love the fact that he mixes in personal finance tips, highlights liberal states that are going bankrupt, and CEOs of various companies.
I love this podcast, it is a nice summary of the days financial events, done without the usual hype and talking heads. This podcast is informative and I usually learn something from listening to it. Between this show and some of the bloomberg podcasts, one can be up to date with the days financial news on the way back home from work.
I'm from Europe and listening your podcast is my daily routine.
... on NPR's Car Talk, you'll like Gregg Greenberg on Real Story. Listen because it's fun, and be surprised at how much investment insight you get from this daily show.
Great show as always. However, one questions... Is there a way to boost the output volume? Even at max volume, it's hard to hear you sometimes. Your guests volume is REALLY loud, but in contrast, your own is low. Just a thought to help the show. Keep up the great work! Irei