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I like justice league but this is just SCARY!! Unless if you like dead people or skeletons don't get this podcast!


I was watching this podcast and there are alot of skeltons in Justice leauge heros. My advice is if you don't like to look at dead people don't watch this podcast. I don't like Skeltons. They're Just to scary. I love Justice leage though. I Just don't like dead things
Great time with this selection! Fun, and you can't beat the price!! Go for it.
perfect podcast for the price... FREE! crafty camera direction instead of animation gives it an old school feel. a good way to appreciate the art work of a comic book. i hope there will be more.
This is an awesome podcast. The only thing better than reading a comic is having it read to you in a story. I only wish that more episodes would come out.


By skybo15
the videos are really good but it would be even better if they started making full comics on here about all comic book characters. but its just a suggestion
i really like this podcast. it's very descriptive and well done audio-wise. I love the pictures too, it's sort of like having a comic book read to you by a professional comic-book-reader... it draws you in too, i can't wait for more episodes!
This is a very cool podcast, I only wish there were more like these. AWESOME ! SUPERMAN IS THE MAN !
Well done. The comic book aspect of it made it all that much better.
They spent all that time setting up the audio with professional voice talent (or at least that's how it sounded) and sound effects and then its just image fades!?! Lame!
great video podcast from the justice league even if its just a prequel to the video game....it does look like your reading from the pages of a comic book but that added to the appeal actually....the plot so far seems interesting and worth waiting for the next episodes.....


they did a good job on this first episode of what seems to be a mini series. But it's like watching a comic book. Over all, it was pretty good, I Iook forward to seeing the next one.