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Love all bass interview Elon musk.
Mr. Green is an amazing communicator!!! 5 stars!!
These are my ‘STEM’ courses. They give that great feeling of learning


Great way to stay updated on what NASA is doing and interesting to keep the science buffs entertained!!!
Love this pod. Gives me some perspective.
I wish NASA would spend a couple more bucks on presenting a professional host for the show. If they can't bring themselves to can him at lest send him to a broadcast 101 course. He constantly interrupts and speaks over his guests w/ gibberish commentary.
So much that would be good to listen to, but it's all ruined by the incessant, irritating, and repetitive soundtrack that dominates the podcast, even competing with--and drowning out-- the narration. Either drop the music or put out another version of the podcast without any music at all! This is not rocket science, after all! :-) :-)
these are nice short clips on some of nasa' projects, but i would like more in depth casts on specific missions; like cassini. I would like to thank the providers of this podcast for offering this content for free, i think that is amazingly generous, thank you!


YES! Thank you for getting this on Audio i have a I-Pod Nano 2ND Gen so i cant watch videos )=. hoping to get Nano 3RD Gen or Classic 80g pretty soon....BUT its a very good podcast i love it.
I love following NASA and following what ever they are doing and so I just love these podcasts.