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This is a very informative podcast. Thanks for the constant updates!
Thank you for making these podcasts even after all the disasters you’ve gone through in the years.
It is just really cool, but it isn’t cool unuff
I get em every time I listen. Go forth NASACast!
Listening to NASA stories is a wonderful experience.
nice to see what nasa is up to. great people, great work.
I enjoy all the videos aggregated through this podcast and would rate it highly except that the Space To Ground videos fail to transfer to my iPhone (or any other iDevice) and cause iTunes (for Windows) to crash when I try to play them within iTunes. I hope NASA gets this fixed ASAP so I can enjoy all the videos in this video podcast.
I rarely watch video podcasts, but I love this one! Support the future of NASAm learn what's happening here.
The latest eposide I have from NASACast crashes the iTunes program and I am forcerd to close and rerstart the program. None of the other video podcasts I play causes this to happen but this NASACast eposide does it every time. I hope this does not continue with future eposides.
I have a i toutch and when i download the vid it sayed this can not be played on this i pod. Fix
It's fun it's lots of cool guest that all the kids will love! More Bill Nye the Science Guy next time is my only bone to pick with the show.
Bad format fix that so I can view the cast for first time
I like it, except the This Week @ NASA episodes don't seem to sync with my 4th Generation iPod Nano.
it is cool
Why is it an agency supposedly as advanced as Nasa would post these ONLY in H.264? NONE of my iPod devices (and I have quite a few) can view these H.264 videos. Why can't they simply standardize on ONE format???? Then again, I guess they are as advanced because of private industry and outsourcing -- I shouldn't expect government employees to be able to handle any kind of technology first-hand; which is why I quit my career with those mush-brains.
Take some of the most interesting exploration and maintenance missions in years, throw it into the government-contracted production blender, and voilà: instant amateurish video. Now to be fair, not everything in this collection is all this bad. The NASA EDGE and NASA 360 podcasts are TV quality productions that only suffer from poor encoding. But Mission Update and This Week @ NASA [@ NASA...that kills me! It's so 2002] are text-book examples of bureaucratic propaganda. Not because of the content or even the presentation, but because of their poor production quality. This Week @ NASA features a sound loop and intro graphics that seem to be right out of 1996 stock media libraries. Mission Update's intro includes repeated loops of sound effects from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'm NOT kidding. And I'm just curious, NASA, did you license those for public distribution? Both shows overuse gratuitous (and dated) video transition and titling effects. C'mon,'re doing amazing stuff. You want the country to know and appreciate that? Then learn how to create some video that can engage the public.
I tried to send this feedback to your comments mail address, but it was bounced back. Lets see if this helps. For about the last month, over half of the videos in the NASACast Video podcast feed have not copied to my iPhone.  In the November 7th feed, the problem videos were "This Week @ Nasa" and the video about Cataracts.  I've had iPhones for over a year, so I know that isn't the source of the problem.  Has your podcast production team recently changed something in the encoding of the videos? With the large number of iPhones that are out there, I would hope that you could fix this.  It is great content, but it isn't convenient to have to watch it on my computer.
When I was living in the USA, I was able to watch NASA videos on Comcast Cable. That was until 2006. Now that I'm living in the Philippines, watching NASA in iTMS Podcasts is better than local cable tv here, which runs stale TV shows. Keep up the good work.
Wow!!! This is so exciting, watching these podcasts. I was so excited to see these liftoffs and landings! This podcast is educational, interesting, and exciting. It's so fun to see what kind of things NASA is doing in the space world. It's free, so I'd give it a chance before you write a horrible review (or any review at all).
This is incredible! In my wildest dreams I never thought I would witness such an accomplishment in my lifetime. Congratulations NASA !!!


Well, the content is decent enough, but the primitive graphics and cheesy background music in the "This Week at NASA" segments are disappointing. I thought I was viewing old filmstrips from my visits to Cape Canaveral back in 1977!, Its quite embarrassing for a space agency in the 21st century. It would also be nice to have two separate feeds, with and without the closed captioning.
This is a brief but good show giving updates on the latest NASA information along with occasional teaching of various facts (such as how to find some of the stars with known planets). Each episode is a little bit different, which makes it nice not getting bored of the same format. One notable thing is that this podcast is subtitled. If you are hearing impaired, that would be a big plus for you. But it kind of annoys me because I can't figure out how to turn it off.
It's fun, educational, interesting, and really nice to watch. It's free too, so I strongly recommend it.
A priceless endeavor for kids, and all humans. This should spike the nerve, to reach out far, and beyond the mind and soul.
What an excellent and informative podcast! It's so nice to see all the very recent news among NASA.
i so love nasa i could just die to get this
Always great content but I have to wonder what's going on at NASA. The latest weekly update isn't available because the URL can't be found. This isn't the first time that's happened. Hopefully the person in charge of the podcast isn't involved in the actual space missions.
Great images, short and to the point, all the cool geeky NASA science and engineering you could want