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I am not one that writes comment but I love this podcast. It's so educational and important. Very glad it's being updated and is active again. Thank you so much.
Happy to see that more content is coming out in 2017! Love what you do, keep it up!
As a parent and product of the American public school system I personally feel like the white washing of our history as it's taught to our children lays the foundation for the next generation to perpetuate systematic racism. This podcast is one of the most convenient ways to learn a bit about the history we're constantly told "doesn't matter." It does.
This is a deeply valuable resource, for me and my high school students. Thank you for them and from me.
Thank you for sharing. Hope to see more soon.


Must needed history. Good and bad, but it's the truth as at happend. All should subscribe especially our young black youths so history never repeats.
Even though I only found this podcast this year, I still want to say thanks for all the content and to keep going as strong as you can!
I am so moved by the perfection of this podcast. The selections are well chosen, and the simplicity of offering primary source material without any interpretation is an incredibly engaging educational experience. I am so grateful and inspired!
I think I have died and gone to heaven
I am downloading alot of episodes right now, from movies to musical performances to speeches and sermons to TV interviews and documentaries. One aspect of African-American culture I like and I think is important is the music of Motown and Stax Records from the 60s. They seemed to be the soundtrack to the times and much more. Also I think of Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, etc. I think this is an important part of the story of the 60s and those times. I'd also love to see performances by musical groups from The Supremes, The Miracles, The Soul Stirrers, Gladys Knight and The Pips, all those groups. Great podcast and resource!


Great work loved it all!
I first "encountered" BMA: Black Media Archive on iTunes in the fall of 2007. To say that I was absolutely thrilled to find such a treasure trove of content is an understatement! Since then, I've found myself revisiting this podcast repeatedly with earnest expectation of a new "discovery" of historical content and media pertinent to the African-American community. Undoubtedly a labor of love, I commend the individual(s) who have made the commitment of time and energy for this priceless podcast! I've felt it incumbent upon me to share and pass this along to several colleagues...and parents of the next generation - - - lest we forget. Thank You!!!!
I ran across the podcast today and all I can say is thank you. I enjoy all the podcasts. Please update and add as many as you can.


By pxora
Thanks for this rare treasure...
I love this podcast! Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I could hear a certain speech or see a certain video clip and to my pleasant surprise, I find them on the BMA podcast. What a resource!
Excellent, visionary resource. Your committment is noteworthy--and newsworthy. Thank you for the inspiration.
This podcast is an incredible resource for teachers and faculty at all levels. What a perfect way to draw students into a discussion about key moments in African American cultural, literary, and political history. The works are gripping. As soon as I found it I went through and listened to the entire archive. As a scholar of African American literature, I thought was fairly well-versed in Afro-diasporic history. I've come away humbled by all that I didn't know, and inspired by the rich heritage of black struggle, resistance, erudition, and literary excellence.
The BMA archive has a wealth of information that is truly like finding lost treasure. True other resources are available and vast in this age of the internet, but this is one stop shopping on the major scale. I have to give it up to itunes on this one, it's a definite hit. Please keep adding to the BMA archive and thank you for adding BMA to podcast directory, it is wonderful.
I just want to thank the organizers of this podcast and the website for compiling a this wonderful library and resource for parents to use to begin teaching and examining issues critical to being a black man or black woman in Americna society-thank you for giving us link to our history that our schools are not teaching that provides us parents with a jumping off point for educating our children about our history and heritage.
its great to have something available that is informative and entertaining. my grandmother absolutely loves the old movies and my dad loves the black panther speeches. great to have something that we can all discuss and enjoy together. And helps me to brush up on my history!!
I heard about some cartoons that were banned for negetive stereotypes and now i have a chance to see them.
Thank you BMA for your work. It is great to see this new form of media being used to share our history. Your work is great and I will share it with everyone I know.
I cannot express how wonderful the BMA is to use. A wonderful collection of both audio and video content, and it's great to see all of this material preserved. The "Rhythn and Blues" reviews (parts 1 & 2) is my favorite video content!
Wonderful job- thank you for providing such an excellent podcast! Please know that your efforts are appreciated!
Good day to you. I heard you mention that your marketing budget so I wanted to see if I could maybe lend a helping hand. Get at me if you get an opportunity so we can possibly colab on some things. I love what you're doing. You've got a clip on hear where Zora sings "Let the Deal Go Down" and it was definitely moving my brother. Please get at me. One.
I can't fully expressed how glad I am to have found this podcast. It is a wonderful find. I use it with my grandchild to help make important events in Black history come alive. They now use it for homework projects and just to increase their awareness of their history. I've shared the site with friends and family, who all now subscribe. There have been podcasts to which I have subscribed in the past. Sometimes after a while, I unsubscribe because my interest has diminished. However, BMA is wonderful and we will NEVER unsubscribe. The resource is too rich!! We love it!!
I am so excited about this! Thank you for doing this and please, please don't stop. This link to our history is so needed!!
A Great resource. Thank BMA for allowing this type of information to get out and help all kinds of different people
I look forward to each and everyone of these amazing podcasts. Thank you so much for having them.
The audio and video involving Malcolm X (pre-Hajj), MLK Jr, and other activists are extremely interesting. Malcolm is always great to listen to, whether or not you believe in his views about white people. Just a great podcast. Oh yeah, I'm white, just in case you were wondering :)
Please continue to update these podcasts. Such wonderful gems of information that every African American should know about our history.
I was just thinking of doing an Uncle Tom epsisode and I come here and see you just put one out. I am really enjoying your content. It is awesome that you have both audio and video. I tried to leave a review a week or so ago but it would never work. I wander how many others have had this problem. Thanks for taking the time out to do this show. Its needed.