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I’ve been listening for way too long without rating!! Everyone knows about this podcast already but I just LOVE it. Even the most mundane stories can be told so entertainingly. I absolutely love hearing stories from people that we would NEVER hear about if it weren’t for this podcast
We love you, Ira! ❤️
Easily my favorite podcast. Ira is brilliant.
I was blown away by how disgusting and awful some people are. However, this podcast is great!
Do not pass over this one. Excellent.
Well done, Ira. I look forward to learning from you each week.
This show has gotten too political and obviously one sided. No thanks.
Love the stories that truly show some of the dimmer corners of our country. Stories are unabashedly direct, unapologetic, and honest. Always shows a sympathetic side of the players.
I work in public health on the COVID response and this episode was so wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you for telling our story. We are civil servants and didn’t sign up for this political firestorm - we are just trying to use the science we learn to protect our communities. The 2nd half of the episode was also incredibly insightful and amazing. Did I already say thank you?? Thank you.
I am so sick of every episode being about Trump or the right or far right.


By MES1219
I have been listening to this show for years and never once read a review but I recently became curious. The majority of these reviews were written shortly after the above titled episode was released so I feel like I have a pretty good idea on why they were written. Anyone saying things like, “used to listen but they’re too divisive or biased now” is just..lying. TAL has never been shy about where they stand on their reporting and that’s why I love them. This episode was the perfect mix of anecdotes and actual data and they’re very clear with which is which. If you don’t like, well, it’s probably because they’re making you out to sound as silly as you are.
I’m sorry to hear Improv Everywhere still exists.
Whenever someone asks me for a podcast recommendation, This American Life is always at the top of the list. The quality of the storytelling is so strong week after week. As well, Ira is excellent. Like I could listen to him all day. I love how they cover such an array of topics in such interesting ways. Thanks podcast is excellent!
I keep hoping each week when I listen that they will have listened to the many reviews complaining about them being biased, but It seems to be the new norm. Can’t please everyone I know, so I hope whoever this is working for continues to enjoy, but I’m out.
Top shelf


Such nasty, divisive content. I would place myself far left of centre, and I think the picture they are painting here is just straight up unfair. The way the speak about our fellow human beings is gross. Claiming that anyone who is skeptical of the vaccines are “trump supporters” or “anti vaxxersl is just brazenly false. These are human people, our neighbours, parents, loved ones. Not just the “other”. Used to love this show, too bad.
Been a long time listener! Love you Ira! Your stories and staff! Just love it!
This podcast used to be good now it only pushes Democratic views and talks about Republicans like we are a plague. Maybe empathy & understanding from the writers and creators would be nice.
Used to love this show.. used to tell the truth.. if I wanted fake news I’d turn on CNN.. very disappointed Mr. Glass.
When the lady said “I’m a pharmacist and this made me realize I should separate my feelings against the govt and start following the science” — I literally screamed. I can’t with these people.
What exactly is “Whiny” about this show? While it’s impossible to avoid politics today, i do like the show’s mix of fun and random to balance the heavy. What does “overproduced” even mean? It’s mostly people’s voices, with a bit of music here and there. “Squishy”? We’re not writing about eggs at breakfast! Last, whenever someone complains about art being “woke,” that just tells me you don’t have the ability to empathize with people who aren’t like or disagree with you. Stay asleep if you’d like, but don’t crap on someone else’s work because of your failure of imagination.
I love this podcast it’s always interesting and worth listening to . It starts conversations with my teens enough for them to take out their headphones and listen with me 😀My only issue is sometimes the generalizing of “Trump Republicans “ gets old . I voted for Trump and I am vaccinated and believe we need to get back on track by working together .
Is every episode a soul journey or staff members interviewing their mothers
Man .... what a great episode. Governor Christy’s speech moved group opinion..... This American Life
Some of the most memorable radio I have ever heard but alas the content has become repetitive. Unsubscribe.
Media continuing to promote division.
I use to love the show. Can’t listen to the biased reporting and commentary.
I have listened to This American Life since 2010, and it’s still just as exciting to me as it always was. I also like to visit to listen to the archived episodes. Regardless of the year, the segments are relevant, educational, and interesting. I know there’s an actual podcast called Make Me Smart, but I’m my opinion, this is the O.G. MMS podcast.
I remember 10 years ago when I would email pleading TAL to do a show on DREAMers...a powerful way to expand our definition of “American”. TAL rarely did shows like that then. Now, I haven’t listened in over a year because it’s repeating all the things I’m trying to escape from. Now I just want to listen to a show about someone’s block or a diner or a random community grudge or an odd collection someone has in their basement. Please, as someone else wrote, it would be a mental health service.
I love this show and look forward to it every week. People are saying it’s biased but it’s not. Give it a try before coming up with an opinion.


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The first in a long line of squishy, affected, overproduced, and generally lame radio programs
The most varied and captivating stories in radio.
A lot of trolls in the reviews, many who may have never actually listened to the show. It’s not biased. It’s reported thoroughly and accurately. It’s unfortunate that the truth doesn’t line up with these people’s world view.
Really loved the program for a long time but it’s been stale and whiny lately. Not the powerful program I used to love.
It’s been a heavy few years. Please have some interesting and off headline stories please. It would be a mental health service. You guys are always awesome, but I can’t listen to anymore stories that follow the depressing news I listen to already.
Every week I look forward to this show. I listen to the podcast version on my commute to work. It’s Glass and the group of journalists he has presenting every week always gives me an open door to topics, conversations, ideas, movements, I would t have otherswise heard and/or know about. I love hearing their perspectives and pondering on some of my own. Keep up the good work guys! Sincerely, Midwest living in Texas
Good production quality. Nothing else. Biased, and now cover boring stories
It’s too political and biased now for my taste. I loved old episodes where it was more of a human interest approach. Now if there is a story being told, it centers around the current political climate. I understand this show is called This American Life, and for many Americans, this is life. But I’d rather listen to old episodes for entertainment.
I love Ira Glass and find every episode insightful, interesting and very well presented!
Used to be my favorite. Now it’s a launchpad for woke spin-offs.
Ira Glass is a storyteller that was born to be a storyteller. Ya know how you can just TELL that someone is doing what they’re meant to do. That’s how this podcast is. Each story is well done and will leave you smiling to yourself at least once. It’s unpretentious and full of thoughtfulness and care is always given to the subject matter. It warms my heart each time I listen to this podcast.
I’ve been listening to This American Life since it was a radio program. It was the first podcast I started streaming. I have tons of podcasts I listen to now but This American Life is still my all time favorite. I listen every week. It’s so consistent. Always riveting. Love it.
Goodbye This American Life. Now even Ira has succumbed to the Like disease. Listen to yourself, Ira. Is this the way a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist chooses to speak? I’ll start out this review by adding to my previous one. This review is in regard to episode 711. Unfortunately, The Like Disease has infected the guests as well as the hosts on This American Life. Who is editing these podcasts? Does the editor not hear how vapid and idiotic the Podcast sounds when participants in the show are constantly using the word LIKE? Episode 711 would be perfectly at home in a Moon Unit Zappa song where you’re expecting to hear valley girl language. This type of language does not belong on an NPR podcast where listeners are expecting more erudite content. I’ve been listening to This American Life for many years, and have loved the show, but there is this awful LIKE disease that has infected NPR podcasts. I think It’s generally due to younger producers being hired who lack vocal training. Do you have any idea how LIKE listening to a person say LIKE over and over again is LIKE really annoying for the listener? Please get your young producers and in vocal training immediately! If you don’t, you are going to lose a strong percentage of your listenership. P.s. If I see improvement on the show, I will be happy to change my rating.
Agree with the other reviewers. I’ve listened to this podcast since before podcasts were a thing. Used to be so interesting about just average Americans— the rest stop episode, kids swearing, the werewolf babysitter, the abandoned house on the lake, the breakup episode with starli. They were great, an escape. Now everything stems from identity politics and political slants. Regardless of your political affiliation, I used to come here for those simple lovely stories and they are now missing. Now I pass on this one unfortunately. I loved Ira!!
He’s so impersonal it sets such a drab tone for the rest of the podcast.
Quite literally the best podcast ive ever listened to. Ira Glass is a phenomenal storyteller and the depth amd perspective present in these stories is beautiful. Great show.