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It’s gotten blah and focuses solely social issues, not an array of unique stories that somehow intersect, which is what I LOVED about it. Where are the spontaneous fun stories? I rarely listen anymore.
I know, it’s the epitome of radio, but I find it hard too even get though an episode these days as they focus on the same few topics every single week now. So sorry to say, but I’m bored.


By allwthr
Oh my! I feel bad for the border agent that was found to be undocumented through no fault of his own. On the other hand, both him and his wife voted for Trump. I can’t help but feel less bad...
I’ve listened to this podcast for 3 years now & listened to older episodes all caught up .. & listening to this podcast has influenced me a lot opened my eyes & ears & started to look at life a little differently in a good way & I love it !!
I just gotta say to that review that said that they talk too fast, you can slow it down under the audio adjuster where it says x1. Press it until it gets to x1/2 then it slows to sound like they are drunk but maybe you like that.
Right when podcasts became a thing I used to listen this show religiously. It’s taken a hard turn. With every story focused on the same tired subjects.
This American Life is beauty wrapped up in a podcast and presented every Sunday. The episode Get Back to Where You Once Belonged is incredible. The allowing of different types of viewpoints of black people, the nuance, the fact that we are also represented here. Thank you Ira! You’re an amazing man.
... is so far, my favorite. A much needed reminder. Keep ‘em coming!
Week after week, we hear wonderfully thought out stories on all different topics.
Please give Bim Adewunmi her own show. This episode is truly fantastic. She is an absolute delight. :)
I would listen to an entire podcast that is just like the Show of Delights episode. It was perfect to listen to as I fell asleep, as someone whose racing nighttime thoughts easily beckon insomnia. Happy dreams.
the title says it all, i literally spend 10 hours a day listening to this. 69/10 recommend
I have listened to this show for a few months now and I absolutely ADORE it! I very seldom write reviews but I just listened to the episode about Delights and hearing Cole squeal when he hears the bus coming for his first bus ride made my day! Awesome podcast!
I generally listen to this podcast on my way to work. This gives me the stuff I need to be awesome, which differs by episode. Sometimes it’s empowerment, sometimes laughter, sometimes a mission, sometimes a point of interest to share with my high school students. The episode on delight was something that I also really needed right now. So thank you for these things and everything else.
I listen to podcasts all day long and I can honestly say This American Life is the best! It draws you in, educates you and continually keeps you wanting more. The time and effort put into each show is undeniable. The producers are changing lives and outdated thinking with the way they handle the subject matter. There is real empathy in these stories, there is forward thinking and unbiased results. Listen for yourself and support this incredible show. Ira please take this style of storytelling to the schools, your approach would do wonders to modernize high school English class....forget 3 paragraph essays, have them produce a podcast segment!!
I was able to meet Ira Glass, last week at the University of South Florida. I had never truly tuned into the podcast but I was encouraged to know more after speaking to him one on one. I appreciate him for visiting and sharing his strategy with a young, new journalist (me). Catching up on episodes and engaging has been so awesome. Absolutely loved the show on “Delights.”
I laugh. I cry. I learn. I empathize. I feel. I wonder. I enjoy. I discover. I uncover. I smile. I explore. I identify. I understand. I engage. I delight. That is why I love This American Life.
I’ve been a listener to TAL for a while now. This recent episode concerning delights was refreshing and brought about an optimism which has eluded me for the past several years. Any producers, or folks involved in this episode in any way, please know that you have hit the mark so precisely...just an astounding job in general. Thank you for warming at least one heart radiantly.
Love all of your reports but so fast hard to understand I’d like to hear the history of quick quo po and how everything ever country we deal with has been going on since time began
Brilliant and uplifting episode. You’ve got a new fan, Bim. Your wit is a cut above average!
Superb on every level. Thanks for investigating such a charming piece. I had no idea about this.
Please broaden your vocabulary. Hearing “like” every other word is horribly annoying
I just love this podcast. Thank you for what you create for me -and so many others- week after week.

By Bdr77
What a great episode! Thank you!
I enjoyed an episode about the ups and downs experienced in a month at a car dealership as a salesman. The pressure, the anticipation and the suspense...The style and design of this podcast, it’s delivery, puts you in the scene in a way that is unique and inviting. Simple everyday Americans lives are far more interesting that one thinks. I think the great value in this podcast is where it takes you and how it leaves you with a greater appreciation and understanding of the many different types of people that form the fabric of American culture.
I feel like half my conversations begin with “I was listening to This American Life the other day and...”. Always. Riveting. What a loss to the world it would have been if Ira’s Dad had prevailed and he’d done something else!
My favorite review here is titled Trump 2020. And it goes ‘You leftist scumbags can piss off’ another one complains about catering to the left and claims that the show has lost a loyal listener. So these folks who have very little idea about what our country was based upon, namely the open sharing of sometimes conflicting ideas (the ignorance of which somehow makes them more ‘patriotic’ than I am), and who call me a snowflake can’t seem to get their Depend undergarments out of twist enough to even listen to something that does not directly parrot Sean Hannity or some other Fox News hot air bag. It is the illumination of this fact that gives me the most joy! “I win, just like always!” -Magic Man
If you are an adult who longs to relive the quiet moment when as a child someone would read you a story, then come to This American Life and open the storybook. Each tale tells about something you may never have imagined, or is too far fetched to be true (but is!), or is just so interesting and revealing that there is no need to turn it off. I travel a lot for work and This American Life accompanies me wherever I go in the world. There’s a great discovery with every episode - hop on board!
And I still love this podcast. Some of their episodes can mean to the left, but I enjoy hearing both sides so that doesn’t bother me. I feel like they do a good job of talking about left issues without bashing the right. I am somewhat in the middle of the two though, so maybe that’s why I tolerate it better. Some of the stories can be boring, but I understand that you can’t always cater to every single person. I either fast forward or struggle through those parts. Most of the stories are interesting and do give you insights on how other people live theirs lives, which gives you a more worldly view. That’s what I love about it!
This podcast used to be my favorite. Now, it’s just political ramblings that ostracize half of their precious audience. You’ve lost a loyal listener.
Smart and amazing subjects weaved together
You leftist scumbags can piss off!
Former home of interesting stories, now just vocal frying Millennials trying to imitate Ira Glass’s intonation while telling mediocre personal stories which will bore you to tears.
I’ve listened for years and enjoyed it a lot, but you need to warn listeners whenever millennials are going to start whining about their parents in a show. Enough already.
where did they go??
I can’t recall how long ago I began listening to TAL, over a decade now I’m sure, and while there are many very fine podcast available today TAL is still the best.
Still an important piece of my podcast repertoire.
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Diverse range of topics that keep me coming back.
With artfully crafted, intriguing human interest stories, This American Life is what I reference when I want to explain what good radio/good podcasting is. I started listening when I was 17 and this show has opened my mind to so many different experiences across the country. Sometimes America seems so big that it's hard to wrap your mind around its citizens' lives but TAL lifts the veil every week. The show has great values and great journalists. Even though TAL makes me cry (it can be joyful, moving, and tragic) as much as it makes me laugh, I come back for more every week!!
One would think 1/3 of America is Jewish.
I would even love to work with this incredible staff someday - it would be an absolute dream. But there are so many reruns. So many.
Munch a chucker chickun. Now!
This used to be an outstanding Podcast with great story telling and outstanding themes and topics. Somewhere along the way it’s fallen off terribly. The episodes are extremely political or just straight up boring and/or stupid. I’d recommend listening to the old stuff as the new stuff is garbage. Might be time to hang it up Ira!
This podcast was always there for me when I was alone
I have been listening to this show for years. Sadly, the last 5 have shifted from slice of life, interest stories to an extension of current events. I rarely missed an episode. My auto-down loads remind me that I have not listened for weeks. It has gotten to the point where I enjoy the reruns more that the current shows.
Why do so many of the shows begin with warnings for foul language? There is no reason for “acts” to have cussing in them. It is distasteful and poor reporting. Surely there is a way to tell the story without making the listener choose between interest in the subject and spiritual standards. I will not listen to cussing by choice.
Re-runs. Re-runs. Re-runs. This American Life is entertaining and well done, but new episodes are far in between. Need fresh material.