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Love the show wish I could access more shows to download and share my favorite episodes with friends on road trips etc.
...and still my favorite podcast. I love Ira Glass and everything that the incredible staff of This American Life does to bring us this show. There are no better storytellers - other podcasts that I love often lose their best producers and writers to this show - they effectively put in their time and graduate to the gold standard of storytelling! Keep the stories coming. -Dear Listener
It’s like, so great.
Sad but true, not everyone has a voice for radio. Some of the people "reporting" are unbearable to listen to. Sorry Ms. Chase...
I’m obsessed with all things TAL. I only wish they put out more content!!!


By Yep 864
This podcast is for all Americans. It’s awesome and provides a perspective for most if not all Americans.
No matter who you are, this show was designed for you. No fake; no “news,” even; no worries. This show is for anyone brave enough to hear ideas outside of their own personal echo chamber—that means you, too, moonbats. Few shows can boast that their premise would be applauded by such well-loved & brilliant ding-dongs as Jean-Paul Sartre or Roland Barthes. This is the show that made me fall in love with public radio, forever, for better or worse. This show is about capital-Ideas: what they are *supposed* to mean, and then what they really & truly mean—how they do or do not impact actual people’s actual lives. TAL reporters frequently approach a story with predispositions & assumptions, and then emerge at its conclusion with radically changed minds. I believe that this show has the capacity to do the same to its listeners as well. I know that many well-loved prejudices of mine have been shattered by the fine reporting this show offers. In the immortal words of T. Swift, haters gonna hate. Don’t listen to them. Listen to this show instead. It may do you some good, and it can’t hurt, can it?


Best podcast ever!(:
I posted this to all my Facebook friends recently, and I just thought I should share my happy feedback here too. Thank you to Ira and the team for providing this extremely interesting program! I’m a huge fan: So I’m a podcast listener, pretty avidly. I listen on my way to and from work, as well as at the gym. I can hardly even listen to music now to try to entertain myself because I’ve fallen in love with podcasts! There is one podcast/show that many of you have probably heard of, This American Life. If you like podcasts, you have to listen to this one!! Every single episode I hear, I start it thinking “This is not going to entertain/interest me” and in minutes I am blown away! It’s so well done. Just thought I’d share for anyone looking to switch up a routine or try something new!
The producers are some of the smartest, but most neurotic people on the planet. Very liberal bias. As a side note, a recent episode about libraries had a 15 minute segment about the “homeless” children that had to live in the library. They only very briefly mentioned that they were actually a well-off family staying with a friend until they found a new house. They would spend s lot of time in the library to get out of the house. A despicable aggrandizement to sell a story.
Seriously the best podcast. My ears can’t find anything as pleasing as This American Life ❤️ It is the one that all others strive to be
Long time fan of this show, I can’t get enough!
This used to be an amazing podcast but it dramatically changed during the summer of 2016, likely due to the rise of Donald Trump. Ever since then this podcast has been as biased as the most opinionated shows on MSNBC.
As much as I loved hearing Barbara Jordan's voice, I HATED hearing the hosts' wistful calls for "compromise" and moderate leadership. First, dismissing today's lawmakers is inherently racist, misogynist, and LGBTQ-phobic, given 2018's historic election results. Secondly, calls from upper-class white people for compromise and civility always read as calls for obedience to me. Things have not "gone to hell." The people are rising up, the marginalized are taking their place on the national stage, and if that makes Ira Glass wistful, that's just TOO BAD.
I love old episodes of this show. As of lately, I’ve been less than impressed. The stories aren’t as deep, interesting or politically charged. Make me sad to see a show I once loved go down the drain. Also, enough of the Mormon stories. We get you used to be Mormon, stop bringing down the church just because you left.
It starts by getting your curiosity then grabs your full attention. Amazing how everything intertwines. Not to mention Ira is a wonderful host/narrator (?)
In my opinion, this is blatant left-wing drivel that Ray Charles could see. Entertaining? Sometimes. Typical mindless and agenda driven liberal slop? 100% guaranteed every time. My opinion and honest observations only, of course.
Rarely good to listen to. Almost always sad or twisted. Life has enough pain without going out of my way to listen to more.
Two guys reading a script between multiple adverts. If you know anything about the subject in focus you’ll spot several clear mistakes where as soon as the hosts ad lib they get it wrong.
I love this show after a hard long week at work. It’s the best way to either end it or being the next.
I used to love this show but lately it has been nothing but talks of impeaching trump, immigration laws, and other biased views on politics. Clearly democrats but they turned this show into a political spat. Very sad.
I listen to podcasts so I don’t have to listen to the news & especially so I don’t have to listen to politics. This was such a great podcast years ago...always great great stories but now everything circles around to annoying...keep the politics out please!
So much talent in one radio show/podcast. Every story is a hit or a lesson learned. The artistry, storytelling, jokes, music, and everything else just ties everything so perfectly. I look forward to TAL every week.
Thanks to This American Life, my commute home from work is one of my favorite parts of my day. When I was younger, I associated NPR with “boring” ... I am so glad to have re-discovered it now that I can more fully appreciate all of the great podcasts and shows that it has to offer!
These are the best shows on radio. I love to listen to the podcasts even though I lose sleep while listening. Very well produced.
For years This American Life has filled my days with joy. Unfortunately, the divisive political climate seems to have completely derailed the program that I feel in love with. It has morphed into a broken record that plays the same depressing tune over and over again. Please bring back the whimsical and diverse tales that highlighted the everyday beauty of our American story.
This is a laugh out loud episode! Christmas is over and I’m still listening and laughing at this one. Absolutely hilarious!
Pasta Batman. 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣
Amazing show. It’s like reading a new novel or attending an amazing, intricate lecture. LOVE it.
What a great episode to ring out 2018. I am sure some will accuse you of being too fuzzy and warm in this set of stories, but you had me at “library.” Thank you for a great, coherent yet diverse, and very moving end-of-year episode.
i look forward to new episodes of this american life every week. unfortunately only once every month do i get new content. i don’t understand why you can’t produce new content anymore and you just play old episodes. please start making new content.
As always, but this narrator tries so hard to imitate Ira, who happens to be the worst podcast host of all time. Every sentence begins at normal volume but trails off so quiet it is impossible to understand. To hear the end of a sentence or statement, the volume has to be uncomfortably loud at the beginning. Terrible audio quality can ruin even the best stories.
This used to be the gold standard for rich, intelligent story-telling about everyday, extraordinary people in this country - people with original stories to tell about events both big and small. Once an intimate and moving show, it has become so politicized, doing the same, tedious pseudo-journalism that's everywhere else these days. Believe me, I'm sympathetic to their point of view in principle, but I don't listen to this show for that. Rather, this used to be a respite from the political noise - a show with the ability to temporarily mute all of that with stories that might best be told across a kitchen table. Simply, the stories used to unfold with less judgment, less pov, and less trailing politicians around with a mic. To listeners and producers - do yourselves a favor and listen to the old episodes. It used to be great.


By batonla
Lots of propaganda w: a hint of truth. Far left! Can’t stomach it anymore
This is THE podcast...the classic...the podcast on which all others should be judged. If you are just starting to get into listening to Podcasts, This American Life is where you should begin.
TAL, the podcast, not the magician from Riga, chess player, is my favorite podcast of all time. It is out of this world! It is human, humane, humanistic, and as wise as Hume or Locke, as brilliant as any crack stand up comedian, as touching as any Russian novelist up to snuff, as penetrating as French cigarette stained finger pointing post war existentialist street cafe philosopher, all rolled into one giant symphony of colors and sound! Also, as nimble as the Chicago Bulls in the 80’s, or as enduring as America and its ideals, despite recent notable Bush League or Cheetos dipped setbacks... I love This American Life, TAL. This grant astonishingly wise experiment animated and monitored by geniuses from public radio, no less! Ira Glass, his endlessly surprising crew. His flat nasal annoying voice not withstanding, his wit. All the endless crackling sparkle! One story beating the next. Week after week, year after year. Connections, resonances, sympathetic involutions and revolutions around literary heavens! Hooray TAL! A 1000 hoorays! You make America, three tales at a time, a shining beacon of hope for the intellect, the patriot, the brother at hand. Every week I say, well! They will never top that! And then, like magic, a new rabbit is pulled right out of the anthropological bowels of Uncle Sam’s top hat! You walk on stilts, TAL. You are great! Bedros Afeyan Pleasanton, CA 1-1-2019
This is one of my favorite podcasts. You tell interesting and “current issue” stories. Keep up the great work.
I really like this podcast. If you get the This American Life app you get all the episodes. But i love all the variety of the episodes. It is so fun to learn new things on this podcast. The narration is sooo good.
I found it impossible to listed to the episode "Words" because of the speech affect of the host, Alix Spiegel. Her over reliance on vocal fry [creaky voice] was distracting to the point of overwhelming the content of the podcast.
Too bad this podcast only has a focus on bashing republicans and men.
When first we met I was smitten. Thank you for the years of company.
I love this show but am unable to listen on devices that block explicit content because all episodes are rated E. Why the blanket rating? Would it be possible for TAML to rate by episode as other podcasts do?
I will always have a special place in my heart for Ira and This American Life. I would be sad to miss it or catch only parts on NPR (the *radio*, so old school) and when I discovered I could listen on demand...I binged HARD. Now I’m a podcast junkie and I have this pod to thank for it. I may find new podcasts to binge, but I this show will forever be my first true love.


By gd5161
Your shows eventually become interesting. The problem is it takes too long to get to the meat of each episode. Cut your podcasts to 25 minutes or less. I listen to shows while driving. Rarely am I in the car more than 20 minutes. You have too much wasted time and material.
Trying to tell a story but always comes back to “bad republicans!”. Example: healthcare is expensive... cuz Trump he says. Votes are rigged... cuz republicans etc... your show is biased... slanted... one sided....and deleted
Best podcast (or one of)
always a pleasure to listen to these stories