Reviews For SpyCast

I pick and choose which ones to listen to as I honestly do not like the extreme left leanings and obvious arrogance of the host. I really wanted to listen to the last podcast dated 1/22/19 and the sound quality was so bad it was unbearable. Could you not edit your show or have a sound enginner assess the quality while recording.
I only have one dig on this ‘cast, but it’s real and I hope they can do the best to fix: please, for the love of humanity . . . STOP mumbling, STOP speaking off mic, and speak up. I know you are all spooks but man oh man, speak up!
This podcast used to be very informative and one that I looked forward to listening to each week. It has become far too political. Vince’s tone recently is excessively derisive and haughty. I’d rather watch cartoons.
I used to like this podcast when they told stories about spies. Now it’s a book club. Author selling their books. Sometimes it’s about politics but not pertaining to spying. No longer interested. It used to be really fun to listen to.
The current host would do well to watch Brian Lamb conduct an interview.A podcast ostensibly about the clandestine services has turned into a platform for the host's political views
A very interesting look into the world of espionage and the intellegence agencies! Fascinating!
Excellent, entertaining, thought provoking podcast completely original I love the guests, most of whom I have never heard of. I would love to see more provocative deeper criticism towards the topic and guest. Yes, I believe one can ask questions without sounding insulting, truly gaining more insight for the sponge consuming public like me! I love this podcast and will continue listening. The host is great! John in Miami Beach
Content is fine: it’s a conversation show about the history of espionage. The audio quality makes it tough to listen to though: the host’s labored breathing while he’s listening to his guest’s responses is unfortunate. Mic quality can be a bit iffy too. Improve audio quality and I think you have a winner here.
Great podcast. Podcast is too quiet. Please increase master volume.
Started out great, but quickly devolved into a Trump-bashing session. The political motivations of the host are becoming easier to identify. As a former intelligence professional, I was proud of how those in discipline didn’t let political passions and subjectivity cloud their work. However, this host clearly mocks those who don’t subscribe to his own ideology and he should be ashamed of it. To the host, you are doing an incredible disservice to the entire intelligence profession by placating a specific political spectrum for the sake of ratings.
I keep trying- often quit mid podcast
I love your interviews especially with the authors of OSS history books.
You are starting to veer away from what the show was intended to be. All your guest do now, and you lead them into it to bash the President. You keep bringing up Russian interference, but never talk about the evidence.
I've been listening to this podcast for about a decade now , but lately it seems to be getting duller and boring academic discussions. It's not as fun or interesting anymore. It's become more like a think tank podcast , not exciting to listen to anymore. I used to get excited to see the podcast in my queue now I dread listening to it.
How did I miss this podcast for all these years!.... excellant show , I have a lot of catching up to do
I am in the process of listening to each and every podcast, working my forward from the beginning and backward from the present. It has been an enlightening experience. I have learned so much about an area in which I previously had very little interest. It has made me appreciate the difficult work that our intelligence operatives do. It has given insight into the variously exciting, mundane, fast paced and bureaucratic work they do. I have really come to appreciate their professionalism and the way they work to avoid getting involved in creating policy. The non-partisan nature of the various agencies really comes through.
I love the idea of this Podcast. I want to like it. I stopped listening, however, because the interviewer talks over his guests too much. There is an art to listening. Even if you think you know the answer to a question you ask someone, let the person you asked give their answer anyway. I got too frustrated listening to this guy steal his guest’s thunder. Thank you for listening!
I love this show, but you have to fix the audio quality and consistency. Some episodes are simply impossible to deal with. Please.
I really enjoy listening to this podcast but I think it could be better. I work in the DoD HUMINT community and I'm fascinated with the content of this program. The interviewer is very knowledgable but lacks some interviewing skills that I believe would improve the program. A good interviewer should highlight the knowledge and expertise of his subjects, not himself. He asks great questions, but needs to make them more concise. Perhaps better preparation is required vs. long, rambling off the cuff questions. Sometimes I just want to jump through my phone and tell him to shut up. If there was a pattern of improvement over time it would be more encouraging, but I don't see it. Needs work.
This podcast is fascinating. Find a topic of interest and just give it a listen. I appreciate the level of detail conveyed in interviews, while still being mindful of the classified nature of some of the topics.
Addicting for fans of intelligence and a good primer on many foreign policy topics.
I've been following Professor Vince for a while now. It's a great source of informations, fun to listen.
Suggest the interviewer keep the questions compact instead of rambling with question, why the question and inside baseball talk. Refrain from interrupting. These interviews are not about the interviewer but the guest.
Of the hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there this is one of the very best.
The hosts left leaning politics just ruins shows that could otherwise be a great listen. Unsubscribing.
Some really great stories about spies, spy craft, and intelligence, often from people in the biz. Vince Houghton books some fascinating guests and gives us a peek behind the curtain. Highly recommend...
This is a great podcast! As a media hound, political hound and history buff, this one is a treasure! So much cool info. As others have said if you like espionage, intrigue, and spy novels, you’ll love this. Listening to some of the early casts is interesting now in juxtapose to current history. Enjoy!
I stumbled upon this podcast quite by accident. After listening to the first episode, dealing with Tony Mendez and the story of the Iranian Argo affair, I was hooked. I have been through every single episode in two months. It is that and enlightening, interesting and informative. There are a lot of first person accounts of actual events. They do interviews with authors, historians, people who've been on the front lines and behind the lines of espionage. They interview policymakers and those the policies effect. One of the more interesting things they do is talk to real spies. And example is Valerie Plame. Something that they've done recently, which I hope they do more of, is a roundtable discussion with all of the current and former International Spy Museum historians. They discuss certain topics and each one gives their viewpoint. One of the things I find fascinating is they do not just give a Western world view of espionage. They've also included former Eastern bloc spies in their program. This is an outstanding podcast for anyone who's interested in the world of espionage, history, and foreign policy/intelligence policy. So far the only negative comments I've seen about the podcast have been a few times where the people had trouble downloading a couple of episodes. My downloading has been flawless.
Use to really enjoy the interviews but the podcast is becoming more about personal political beliefs being snuck into every interview. If you can get past that, most interviews are very well done and most I find most guest very interesting!
For students and professionals interested in joining the IC
This is my favorite podcast. I started listening, like many, because of a lifelong fascination with spies and espionage, mainly in film and on TV. It's been eye opening to learn that the reality is so much more interesting. Spycast's range of topics and guests - authors, politicians, historians, former agents, academics, and leaders in the intelligene community - as well as the depth of the interviews, make every episode fresh, intriguing and original. And, regardless of (or maybe because of!) the public scrutiny that has followed people such as Michael Flynn, David Petraeus, Liz Wahl, and Michael Hayden, it's a privilege to hear their stories in their own words. A few of my favorite episodes: Stacey Dixon from IARPA; author Jason Fagone, "The Woman Who Smashed Codes"; John Tye and Mark Zaid from Whistleblower Aid, author Sean McFate, "Deep Black"; Emily Brandon former CIA agent; Nate Jones on Able Archer 83; Tom Nichols, "The Death of Expertise"; John Nixon on debriefing the president; former CIA now Congressman Will Hurd... so many more. Also, I appreciate the effort put into curating a diverse group of interviewees - from showcasing the contributions of women in this sector (without calling it out; it is normal, after all), to the range of policy perspectives—despite the IC's imperative to stay out of the political fray. At the end of the day, we're all people, we all have opinions, and Spycast does an admirable job of giving voice while staying respectful. This podcast is a real treasure.
The podcast attracts very interesting interviewees and is well researched and produced. Unfortunately the host has a strong left-wing bias, which he openly flaunts and jokes about. It turns what would otherwise be an interesting and useful podcast from an officially nonpartisan organization into a more biased, amateurish production. The host is of course entitled to his opinion, but he should at least not flaunt it in such a smug, obnoxious fashion.
Intriguing, interstellar, well documented - really gives you a deeper understanding into events present and past. It’s one of my favorites! The only thing that keeps it from being perfect is that the host has an annoying habit of going out of his way to tell you his political ideology. I do admire the honesty, few hosts, newscasters, pundits or commentators admit their political bias, but I wish he (and others) had enough professionalism that he could keep his bias out of the presentations — as did newscasters in past decades. It’s not impossible. Then, this would be an absolutely perfect podcast.
Vince: Really enjoy the podcast. In the book "Blind Mans Bluff" There as a large section on the Sub and divers geting Russian Navy comm's. If there was anyway you could get some of those players on the show before they are too old or gone it would be great!
Dude. More Italians lynched in MS than blacks. His political convictions based on McCarthy and Hoover. Dude past podcasts you have laughed at novice listeners. And you let this guy have a microphone? Just what America needs. More crazy or no reason.
Having left the National Capital Region recently this is by far the best media product to stay aware of historical and current events within our IC and national security establishments. On top of informative guests and well experienced practitioners, Vince also keeps the SpyCast entertaining that even casual listeners could enjoy and learn. I have purchased many books based on the author debriefs and is one of the few podcasts I listen to regularly. Thanks for keeping the SpyCast going after several years and iterations. It has gotten even better! One suggestion would be to include a pre-Q&A submission for author debriefs. Either via email or twitter notification, would be great to hear about a potential topic or interviewee and then have members submit questions before the SpyCast. Thank you and keep it up!
Very interesting. I now have an impossible to finish reading list. Really well done.
Great history lessons!
Excellent podcast from the International Spy Museum featuring interviews & stories from spies & the history of espionage in all walks of life. The interviews are lively & informative, with a great variety (from WWI to present) along with great histories on spycraft in general. A must listen for any history fan, particularly those in the espionage genre.
still pretty early in this one, but these are fun fairly light weight podcasts and interviews
Started listening to this podcast because I was interested in the history of intelligence and have learned so much more! If you're on the fence about this podcast, give it a listen. The wide range of topics makes it fun to choose which episodes to listen to.
Really amazing perspectives on intelligence operations in America. The interviews with retired agents are so fascinating that they should be illegal. Very cool. very informative.
Interesting topics, relevant to history buffs and practitioners
Great info+interesting guests!
This podcast has actually helped me deal much better with the anxieties (and fears and dread) regarding the current administration. It's done this by giving me context and giving voice to people within or around the Intelligence Community I would otherwise never hear or know about. I did not seek this out, but rather found this podcast via a random search for any podcast's episodes having to do with the SR-71 Blackbird plane. It was just a "Huh, I wonder if anyone has talked about this?" kind of search. Turns out of all of the ones I found this podcast's episode is the most interesting. After that I listened to another episode. Then another. Then two. I've been working my way backwards.
I've subscribed to this padcast for several years and listened to all of them. They used to be on topic, interesting, and informative. The current host is openly political in his comments and the scheduling of guests. Frequently the guests and their topics are at best only tangentially related to the gathering of intelligence. I don't care to hear from left leaning journalists what trials they've faced in their careers. I'll give it a little more time, but then I expect to unsubscribe.
This podcast is so informative and interesting. Anyone who is looking at a career in Intelligence or is already a part of it should listen!
These are kind of addictive. I have learned so much about our history and how our world works from listening to these. Every time a new one comes out in m feed I drop what I'm listening to and dive in. For content alone I'd give the show 5 stars. The production of the show has a couple of quirks though. The sound quality is mediocre on a good day. They desperately need to invest the time and energy into creating a space to do these propery. My other challenge is that these podcasts are short. Really short. The show could be improved dramatically by allowing the time to dive into the subjects. All that being said, I love this show and I hope they keep up the good work and do many more episodes.
Experts and subject matter not found anywhere else. The inside stories seldom heard.