Reviews For SpyCast

Cant wait to see how much better the interviews go when Dr. Hammond gets to do them in-person. So happy Vince is gone. He dominated interviews with his self-aggrandizing and political views. How someone is that smug whilst having never served a single day in the IC was quite impressive. Onward and upward.
The FBI Way. A very biased FBI agent turned author. He slants his views in a not so transparent method. And ignores all of the FBI political bias. If this author truly believes what he is reporting then America has an issue. He has only validated what has been appearing in the news over the last four years. Vet your authors more and ask the tough questions. You failed miserably.
If you are going to talk current politics, then give BOTH sides of things, interview authors on same/similar subjects from BOTH sides of the political spectrum- PLEASE!! First author Campbell (ridiculous) & now Figliuzzi (a bureaucrat trying to save face for the corrupt upper echelons of the FBI ... it’s too much) Interview suggestion: LEE SMITH author of THE PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT. There’s a documentary film that was made from this book. I’ve heard many interviews with Lee Smith and I’m sure he’d be delighted to come on to provide information from all the interviews he did with Congressmen, etc about how the FBI stonewalled Congress, lied, got caught lying, etc. Maybe do a point, counterpoint kind of series with these current subjects. If you can’t, then stick to the Cold War era. Your alienating a lot of your audience.
Seems my last review was somehow misplaced. If you love deep state love-fests, then this podcast is right for you. Strayed from informative to political punditry. McCabe?! Campbell?! They are Coney and Brennan apologists. Awful.
I love listening to him interview because he cares so deeply about history. There are other podcasts for sensationalism, but I prefer the good dose of intellectual content Dr. Hammond inserts into the conversation.
I've been listening to this podcast for about a decade now , but lately it seems to be getting duller and boring discussions. It's not as fun or interesting anymore. It's become more like a think tank podcast , not exciting to listen to anymore. I used to get excited to see the podcast in my queue now I dread listening to it in the last couple years because it’s very hit and miss. It’s gotten worse in the fall of 2020. Update : gets more boring and too academic. Too focused on elections and too long. The Intelligence Matters by Michael Morrell is a better model to follow - shorter and more concise. I cannot understand the new moderator. I’m sure it’s English but I just can’t understand him.


Deep state propaganda
I very much enjoy the discussions. Dr. Houghton is the best moderator. I also agree on the inconsistency of the volume.
Why not ask Josh Campbell about Strok,Lisa Page,and McCabe? How about his hero Comey approving fraudulent FISA warrants? I think I would have asked this deep stater about it. No, not going to buy or read his book.
Author Campbell is full of crap
Great Fact Nuggets !
Serious thanks for this podcast! It’s always one I look forward to as it’s discussions are enriching in content and pleasantly presented. I can’t say enough good things about this podcast! Thank you for the great content!!!


Spit my coffee out laughing when I heard New York Times paper of record really I would say the paper of political hacks
Listening to so called journalists, such as Nicole Perloth, who has “investigated” cyber security, talking about her book she’s about to release, she shows the world that she has zero knowledge of software. The host, with his monotone voice plus poor sound production, makes sure I will pass on future episodes. It’s more like a think tank propaganda program.
Everything is great except the audio. Please do something to make the volume consistent. The guest and the host usually are at distinctly different volumes, hurting my ears or resulting in not hearing content.


The worst audio (technically)
The host is awfully boring to listen to. The stories are fascinating when I can fight off his monotone voice.
Was thoroughly enjoying the stories of Mrs. Harrison and will read her autobiography. Not quite sure why the guest started questioning whether she was an idiot for what sounded like a brave action. Really, an idiot? Hmm...
This podcast covers so many facets and angles of the spy world, your reading list is going to explode, your brain might too. The interview questions are really well thought out and the subject matter is almost always interesting. Historical content to talks on more recent conflicts, you won’t be bored. Guests are often still involved or recently involved with a three letter agency and asked about the job and getting in with one of these agencies. So if you’re looking for potential career advice, there is some info there too. Vince also has a great voice, should be a college professor and audiobook narrator. A very enthusiastic two thumbs up.
It was much better a few years ago. And the audio is awful now. The volume changes significantly with each speaker making it unpleasant to listen to. A lot of echoing or reverb. I haven’t listened in weeks and thought I’d give it a shot, but was disappointed. Of course no one can beat Chris Costa’s perfect pitched voice.
Thanks to this Podcast I know not to waste my money on Chris Whipple’ book, “The Spymasters”... It’s pretty obvious where his political leanings lie.
Love Chris Costa and thank you for being apolitical in your interviews. The latest interview with Chris Whipple was a joke.. he was so partisian that I could barely go to the end of the show. He thought Brennan was great and all indicators show Brennan has lied about things since leaving the office. It was obvious that Chris Whippie is a liberal hack just like Vince was. Glad I won't waste money on this book.
I’m relatively new to podcasts and this was one of the first that got me hooked. But, as of late Vince has grated on me for voicing his personal political opinions. The nation being so divided currently, I had enjoyed the sheer informative dialogue without political discourse. That disappeared when Vince was unable to contain himself and inserted his own narrative. I was about to unsubscribe when I listened to an interview with the incoming historian. He comes across as as apolitical...refreshing. I’ll give the podcast another go.
Used to be great podcast but they are reaching for topics at this point. Sudden political slant on many things as well. Disappointing. To make it worse they remove old shows like the Caimbridge Five which should remain forever. Actual great spy history. Took it down.
This is a delightful podcast that covers spying and spycraft from many different angles. The International Spy Museum is my favorite museum and the podcast is a great way to enjoy it from afar. From Hollywood to world events, writers to economic espionage, there is always something interesting to listen and learn about!
The podcast producer must not listen to podcasts, because even with earbuds, any background sounds drown out the podcast. The host makes it appear that the USSR won! Wasn’t sure how he survived until all the heads of US IC were fired or forced to resign after the attempted coup.
I enjoy the content of this podcast but the audio quality makes it very hard to listen.
I don’t see left wing bias, maybe because I am actually a progressive, but I’m still not crazy about the host. He is very unprofessional. For a supposedly intelligent man, he seems to have such a limited vocabulary that he finds it necessary to curse at the drop of a hat. He plunges into conversation with guests without adequately introducing the subject, to the point where I need to do research ahead of time to understand the context and subject matter. I enjoy learning about espionage, but this museum, podcast, its guests, and the listeners deserve better.
The only value of “SpyCast” is that I now know better than to visit the International Spy Museum. Thanks for that, at least.
For the first few years, I found this podcast fascinating. It explains what the intelligence community has accomplished and how they see the world. As a student of history, this podcast filled in some gaps in my knowledge. Because I valued the above, I gritted my teeth through Vince’s repeated weak excuses for the FISA court 100% warrant approval rate and multiple guests dismissing left wing violence as “political theatre” while right wing groups are unfairly demonized. Over the last year, the useful information has slowed to a trickle and the left wing anti-Trump propaganda has gone into overdrive. I get enough socialist bias from the media, I am unsubscribing from this.
Someone couldn’t silence their alerts when recording the most recent episode? Obviously Chris Costa heard them going off the whole time, why not stop recording and silence them? Disappointing and distracting.
The content is great and relevant for Intelligence and security professionals. The audio levels need to be adjusted often I have to blast the volume when listening in my car. It’s a podcast that’s best listened to on headphones. More Kirsten Fontenrose please. More Chris Costa. Mr. Costa is a very natural interviewer who has a conversational style.
The show is always such a wonderful listen! Looking forward to visiting the Spy Museum next time I’m in DC. Thanks for all the great work Vince and co!


Bias towards liberals, sad that a museum does this instead of telling a story Vince let’s his political beliefs show. Some are good stories and interviews but then he has to go off an a tangent.
I find the content & individuals that are interviewed extremely interesting; however the host is incredibly arrogant & rude. He seems to think he is the authoritative figure on EVERY topic & it becomes a bit exasperating.


Losers interviewed
Very interesting subjects and people. But the host brings his left wing politics into so many discussions. He uses crude and unprofessional language. This podcast could be great with an objective host. The latest pro Iranian nonsense is purely political. This podcast is quickly becoming a joke. This podcast is continuing downhill. The host consistently bashes Republicans. It is unfortunate the museum continue to support this behavior.
I give up. Vince Houghton has become insufferable, and the podcast is now about him, not his interesting guests. I am unsubscribing after listening weekly for several years. I will watch out for, and listen to, the occasional episodes hosted by Chris Costa or Peter Earnest.
Spycast is an incredibly interesting podcast that covers everything from history to current events, spooks to generals. My one gripe is that the volume of the interviewer and interviewee is markedly low. It’s low in comparison to other podcasts, AND it’s low compared to Spycast’s own opening segment and its advertisements. I end up listening to Spycast on full volume, and then getting my eardrums blasted by the closing ads. Please fix this ongoing issue. Thank you!
There are great stories in this podcast, but a lot of the times it can feel a little inside baseball to a person like me with no experience in espionage. It would be useful if more guests defined their terms. For instance if I don’t know what “covert action” means, the episode with the guy who talks about covert action is somewhat opaque because they never go into specifics as to what particular type of operation a “covert action” is. I mean, I thought all espionage was covert haha. Sometimes the volume is a little low and it’s hard to hear the person(s) being interviewed. I love learning more about foreign policy and espionage and am glad I found this podcast. Looking forward to visiting the museum itself in April!
Best interviews about deep-dive spy topics. Just don’t try to listen in your car at freeway speed. Recording level is too low and you will strain your ears trying to catch parts of sentences, then rewind and finally bail out.
I so wanted to listen to this podcast but couldn’t believe how horribly edited it was and how intolerably fast the host spoke. Take a breath, slow down, have a normal conversation, pls.
Vince Hougton, for the LOVE of GOD, please let your guests speak!!! We get it, you’re very knowledgeable and have something to add to the conversation, but refrain from dominating the interview, cutting off your guest mid-reply, and pontificating ad nauseam. The episode with Emily Crose is a prime example.
This podcast was great from 13-early 2019 but seems to have strayed away from the spy/military focus to more politically slanted which has greatly diminished the content quality
This was a great and interesting podcast. Until the “great disturbance” for some and now is a little too political. Maybe just ran out of pure spy stories and have had to meld it into a kaleidoscope lens of the day, but hey they can do what they want it’s free. Thanks for the past entertainment!!
I thoroughly enjoy the content of these podcasts. I do not enjoy having to listen to the podcast on high volume because of the quietness of the recording, especially considering the advertisements come on at a deafening volume and the change occurs in an instant.
Lots of very interesting information, and incredibly intelligent people. But for the love of God, please buy a better microphone. I have to turn the volume all the way up just to hear the content.