Reviews For SpyCast

The only value of “SpyCast” is that I now know better than to visit the International Spy Museum. Thanks for that, at least.
For the first few years, I found this podcast fascinating. It explains what the intelligence community has accomplished and how they see the world. As a student of history, this podcast filled in some gaps in my knowledge. Because I valued the above, I gritted my teeth through Vince’s repeated weak excuses for the FISA court 100% warrant approval rate and multiple guests dismissing left wing violence as “political theatre” while right wing groups are unfairly demonized. Over the last year, the useful information has slowed to a trickle and the left wing anti-Trump propaganda has gone into overdrive. I get enough socialist bias from the media, I am unsubscribing from this.
Someone couldn’t silence their alerts when recording the most recent episode? Obviously Chris Costa heard them going off the whole time, why not stop recording and silence them? Disappointing and distracting.
The content is great and relevant for Intelligence and security professionals. The audio levels need to be adjusted often I have to blast the volume when listening in my car. It’s a podcast that’s best listened to on headphones. More Kirsten Fontenrose please. More Chris Costa. Mr. Costa is a very natural interviewer who has a conversational style.
The show is always such a wonderful listen! Looking forward to visiting the Spy Museum next time I’m in DC. Thanks for all the great work Vince and co!


Bias towards liberals, sad that a museum does this instead of telling a story Vince let’s his political beliefs show. Some are good stories and interviews but then he has to go off an a tangent.
I find the content & individuals that are interviewed extremely interesting; however the host is incredibly arrogant & rude. He seems to think he is the authoritative figure on EVERY topic & it becomes a bit exasperating.


Losers interviewed
Very interesting subjects and people. But the host brings his left wing politics into so many discussions. He uses crude and unprofessional language. This podcast could be great with an objective host. The latest pro Iranian nonsense is purely political. This podcast is quickly becoming a joke. This podcast is continuing downhill. The host consistently bashes Republicans. It is unfortunate the museum continue to support this behavior.
I give up. Vince Houghton has become insufferable, and the podcast is now about him, not his interesting guests. I am unsubscribing after listening weekly for several years. I will watch out for, and listen to, the occasional episodes hosted by Chris Costa or Peter Earnest.
Spycast is an incredibly interesting podcast that covers everything from history to current events, spooks to generals. My one gripe is that the volume of the interviewer and interviewee is markedly low. It’s low in comparison to other podcasts, AND it’s low compared to Spycast’s own opening segment and its advertisements. I end up listening to Spycast on full volume, and then getting my eardrums blasted by the closing ads. Please fix this ongoing issue. Thank you!
There are great stories in this podcast, but a lot of the times it can feel a little inside baseball to a person like me with no experience in espionage. It would be useful if more guests defined their terms. For instance if I don’t know what “covert action” means, the episode with the guy who talks about covert action is somewhat opaque because they never go into specifics as to what particular type of operation a “covert action” is. I mean, I thought all espionage was covert haha. Sometimes the volume is a little low and it’s hard to hear the person(s) being interviewed. I love learning more about foreign policy and espionage and am glad I found this podcast. Looking forward to visiting the museum itself in April!
Best interviews about deep-dive spy topics. Just don’t try to listen in your car at freeway speed. Recording level is too low and you will strain your ears trying to catch parts of sentences, then rewind and finally bail out.
I so wanted to listen to this podcast but couldn’t believe how horribly edited it was and how intolerably fast the host spoke. Take a breath, slow down, have a normal conversation, pls.
Vince Hougton, for the LOVE of GOD, please let your guests speak!!! We get it, you’re very knowledgeable and have something to add to the conversation, but refrain from dominating the interview, cutting off your guest mid-reply, and pontificating ad nauseam. The episode with Emily Crose is a prime example.
This podcast was great from 13-early 2019 but seems to have strayed away from the spy/military focus to more politically slanted which has greatly diminished the content quality
The podcast producer must not listen to podcasts, because even with earbuds, any background sounds drown out the podcast.
This was a great and interesting podcast. Until the “great disturbance” for some and now is a little too political. Maybe just ran out of pure spy stories and have had to meld it into a kaleidoscope lens of the day, but hey they can do what they want it’s free. Thanks for the past entertainment!!
I thoroughly enjoy the content of these podcasts. I do not enjoy having to listen to the podcast on high volume because of the quietness of the recording, especially considering the advertisements come on at a deafening volume and the change occurs in an instant.
Lots of very interesting information, and incredibly intelligent people. But for the love of God, please buy a better microphone. I have to turn the volume all the way up just to hear the content.
I only recently discovered this podcast and through the several dozen episodes I've heard, I've learned things from each one; been entertained by most and appreciated the books presented. I especially look forward to reading Richard Keer's "The Dark Side of Paradise," because he seems like an honest guy who could be a great writer. As to the complaints about politics, other than Gen. Michael Hayden's passionate yet impeccably reasoned defense of the efficacy of torture, I found the politics rather DC normal. The complaints in these reviews seem to come from Conservatives who seek only confirmation for their delusions and grow frustrated with fact-based conversation. Their rejection of Dr. Houghton, as some sort of flaming liberal because he does describe himself as 'a liberal" is a joke. That strikes me as political filler coming from people who don't know what a hard left liberal sounds like. Also for those who read critics of Vince Houghton's interviewing style, who claim that he is intrusive and dominates the conversation, I'd recommend his interview with Eric O'Neill, the FBI agent who trapped Robert Hanssen, which I saw as creative give & take. I'd recommend that as good place to see what you think... Anyway, if someone wanted to listen to real people sharing what is sharable about their experience in the shadowy world of espionage, this is a very good source of credible mostly first-hand, if filtered, information.
Becoming way too political. If I want that I’ll listen to any one of 10,000 other podcasts that provide political punditry. Also tired of hearing Houghton talk about himself. I enjoyed the podcast when I started listening three + years ago but it jumped the shark some time ago and I’ve had enough. Switching to “Espionage”.
I used to like this podcast when they told stories about spies. Now it’s a book club. Author selling their books. Sometimes it’s about politics but not pertaining to spying. No longer interested. It used to be really fun to listen to.
I found SpyCast about 3-4 years ago and easily binged dozens of episodes, but now it’s hard to even get through an hour of heavy breathing into the microphone by Vince and listening to him as an interviewer take over the interview, answer leading questions that align with his personal views, and only select guests who align with those views as well. The podcast would still be bearable if Vince allowed the guests to drive the conversation and allow the listener to decide how they feel about these topics themselves.
Great content but audio could use improvement
Great conversation all around. Have you invited these guests, or any for that matter, to discuss their assessments of events and how they expected things to turn out in the time that’s passed? I think it would be very interesting to look back at their estimates of any world event from 2-3 years ago and see what they got right and wrong; and why.
One of my favorites, have been listening to it for the past few years. Keep it going!
Thought there were going to be good stories but the host is a poor interviewer and never got to the content of the stories. He just asked the guests questions about their writing styles
Fascinating topics, great open ended questioning. My one complaint is I can hear the heavy breathing of the host. Got to somehow cut that out.
Great topics. Great sense of humor. Great guest selection. Quality audio. Balanced political commentary (almost all the time.)
Terrific episode. Mr. Rolph's experiences as a CIA case officer in the Soviet Union and East Germany are fasinating--and he is an informative and easy to follow storyteller. Dr. Houghton was in perfect form as a historian and interviewer. Plus, last week's interview with Jonna Mendez was the perfect complement/set-up for this episode.
I would like to hear Dr. Houghton interview former secret service agent Dan Bongino on his book Spygate. Bongino has been correct on most of his assertions thus far. Pretty good for someone Dr. Houghton once called “deranged.”
Used to be great! Very interesting and informative previously, but now I’m having a hard time listening because of the politics that’s inserted.
I used to listen quite a lot but stopped a few months ago when the show became a platform for Vince’s theories and perspectives. He often talks as much as the guest. I tried it again recently with the interview of Emily Close. It had gotten worse. Vince completely dominated the first half hour of the podcast with the guest chiming in occasionally to agree with him. This seems particularly pronounced when he has a female guest.. Vince: it’s not about you, it’s about your guest
This is becoming tiresome. This is supposed to be about espionage, not the host’s lefty ideas. I think I’m done listening to his drivel. This is a guy that has spent way too much time in the echo chamber or his circle of Washington DC friends.
A). The stuff this podcast can do well ought to be neutral ground...there are lots of better equipped outfits to handle political opinion (left or right). Your frequent excursions are amateur hour, not your expertise (nor your guests, depending), and strike about half your theoretical audience as deeply petty and sometimes ill-informed. B). In the first place, I don’t see why you have to alienate or chase away half of your otherwise pretty happy audience by repeatedly making your personal / guest political positions (as long as they agree with you) front and center. If we’re here and listening to something so niche, shouldn’t we all be able to mostly be interested in your guests expertise and experience without continually jabbing half of us in the eye? If continued, I’d be disappointed, but compelled to unsubscribe.
Great information and education along with great guests.The one thing that drives me crazy is the poor volume setting heard. You go from one of the people speaking at a good volume and then the other you can barely hear. Tying to adjust the differing volumes while running is really difficult as sometimes the peopel exchanging the words may be talking for short periods. Seems like it woudl be an easy thing to fix.
I thought I was the only one who thought this show had lost it’s way, and became WAY too political. I used to LOVE this show when Peter still did it. I never new what Peter’s political stances were, and quite frankly didn’t care! When I’d hear a podcast that Pete did, I literally couldn’t wait to tell friends and family some of the anecdotes or stories that he or his guests had for the listener. NOW? I know the host is a left-winger. For the love of GOD, can a liberal keep their political agendas out of things that used to be genuinely GOOD, instead of ramrodding and / or shoehorning their opinions or beliefs in EVERYTHING?!
Sat down with former FBI deputy director McCabe...lol all credibility gone
Lost total respect as this man is a lie and cheat and doesn't deserve this platform.(Andrew McCabe) I don't believe the interviewer cares about my thoughts, but here it is. Not even balanced. I'm moving on to a new spy podcast. This one has lost its middle of the road concept. Sorry to see it! The department I work for top to bottom would not so the illegal things the CIA/FBI did. Officer Dunes NorCal CHP Currently on the road daily


Loved this podcast until The interview with Andrew McCabe. He has no credibility and should be in prison. The fact that this podcast featured him resulted in a complete lack of confidence in this podcast on my part. Instant unsubscribe.
Outstanding mix of history and current days challenges and solutions.
Just finished the Spies of No Country episode with author Matti Friedman. Excellent and ordered the book. Podcast regularly features prominent authors and intelligence analysts. Host is articulate and a strong historical perspective.
I enjoy the content in most episodes, some interviewers are a bit more focused than others, but a consistent issue is poorly balanced volume. From episode to episode the content is too quiet, and when the ads come on my eardrums are shattered. This isn’t very hard to manage, most podcasts I listen to have figured this out
If you want to hear history from the perspective of the Deep State this is the podcast for you
I think the commenters complaining about the “lefty” politics are wrong...politics, especially current politics is very relevant to the effectiveness, perception and future of our Intelligence services. And, it should be explored by people, including the guests, who can provide context. They are right about the sometimes terrible sound quality.
I have enjoyed this podcast for the last few months but have to agree with other listeners about where content is being directed, only on a few occasions however. Many of the interviews have been incredibly informative and quite honestly, very exciting. I look forward to the episode drop every week.
Update 2019--- why is the museum not paying attention to the negative reviews.. All the recent reviews are so bad and all point to Vince's left leaning arorgance. I can't bear to even pick and choose anymore. Could be a great podcast but he is the worst. He is so conceited and arrogant it is nauseating. We get it Vince that you have a Phd but maybe alot of us out there do too and you ruin the show. Peter and Mark were SO MUCH BETTER! I pick and choose which ones to listen to as I honestly do not like the extreme left leanings and obvious arrogance of the host. I really wanted to listen to the last podcast dated 1/22/19 and the sound quality was so bad it was unbearable. Could you not edit your show or have a sound enginner assess the quality while recording.