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The Tome Show keeps listeners up-to-date on the latest in D&D news and trends but suffers greatly from a lack of basic interviewing structure and setup. I was excited to delve into this show when I heard about it two years ago and have been listening on and off throughout that time. My favorite series was ‘All About x’ where Jeff has some great guests on to talk about classes and more. Over time I’ve started to notice a lot of Jeff’s interviewing habits that really hold this show back from it’s full potential. This review has a particular focus on those episodes as a frame of reference. My biggest concern is Jeff’s inability to ask basic open or closed questions. Frequently he’ll shut out guests from talking about something in order to bring up his own opinion or validate his own knowledge in the form of a yes or no question. An example from the last ‘All About Megadungeons’ episode at about 6 minutes in Jeff: Neil, what is your favorite Megadungeon? Neil: (To paraphrase, says he’ll provide a short answer, Undermountain, and a longer answer, his current home campaign of The Emerald Spire in Pathfinder written by various authors for each level) Jeff: Which is similar to the way, they sort of, uh, designed and wrote Dungeon of the Mad Mage, which is similar to the latest incarnation of Undermountain, as I recall, right? Here Jeff starts out by asking a question that is way too open, i.e. one with too many answers. It’s like asking someone what their favorite movie or book is. Both Neil and the second guest Sam show some difficulty answering this question as a result. To follow up, Jeff adds a highly specific question which does let us know more about Dan Dylan’s involvement in Megadungeons but prevents Jeff from talking more about his answer. This example may seem innocent but Jeff does it at least a couple of times in every interview I’ve listened to. A better line of questioning could’ve been: What was the last Megadungeon you played? Followed by What are things you’ve enjoyed from it? This leads with an easy question (closed) and provides an opportunity to expand on an interviewee’s answer to their content. How could you lead with ‘What is your favorite Megadungeon’ as your first question anyways? Jeff is acting like it’s a simple introductory question but it’s one that demands explanation and follow up questions. Maybe lead with more biographical info like how long they’ve been playing? I like how he gives a brief background of everyone at the start though. Juggling questions like that is very difficult and could be forgiven if Jeff didn’t keep driving the conversation towards dead ends. In this same interview only about three minutes later Jeff asks something about Monty Cook that doesn’t really go anywhere. He did the same thing in other interviews that sound something like: Jeff:“Wasn’t this class feature invented in 2e in order to do this specific thing for this reason?” Interviewee:”Yes/No.” Jeff:”See, I thought that it was because...” It just slows down the interview overall which is odd given how much Jeff cares about being on schedule. I just want to get more information from the guests given that they have a lot of perspective and expertise. The greatet offence that Jeff has made is the podcast’s audio quality. I’ve tried listening to this podcast in a car and the volume difference between Jeff and his guests is painful. His voice is way louder by comparison and it makes the experience unbearable. I have my problems with Skype in general but there have got to be better online calling apps as alternatives. Jeff steps on the line between being a casual interviewer and information hound preventing him from receiving either of the styles’ advantages. I really do respect him and the team’s effort in growing this podcast and spreading the love of D&D as a whole. I hope that future episodes show a greater understanding of how to listen and respond to great guests on what continues to be an overall fun show.
Great review and news about D&D developments. I like the content of Monstrous but really dislike the odd "accent" and voice-acting. Would you consider a more natural delivery? Overall, these shows have good energy from the host and his guests. They love the game I love and help me understand what's going on in the community. They keep a diverse group of guests focused on the topic...a rare treat in podcasts! And I can't agree enough about the high-quality sound and editing.
There is so much I would like to eloquently say about this podcast ( truly the first thing I go to for relaxing), but I'm sure I wouldn't cover anywhere near the importance I've found in listening to these folks chat about D&D, and connecting topics. The production value ( voices aren't highly varied in intensity and volume and always clear), the host has a calming demeanor and is an enthusiastic and positive cooperative listener to his guests. I find this podcast so enjoyable, I often listen to it as I'm getting ready for bed and drift off to sleep thinking of fantastical worlds and new adventures, thanks to such an educational, informative, and fun podcast. My sincere thanks for such wonderful content and a voice I find happily inviting me into the TTRPG world.
I have been a listener of the Tome show for about 2 years or so, when I first came across it I had to go back and listen to them all. I was concerned about the departure of regular host James Intercasto but have been pleasantly rewarded for my loyalty with tons more great episodes since. Easily and by far my very favorite show is behind the DM screen. I have been loving life with so many episodes being released recently!
I really look forward to all of the offerings provided by The Tome Show. While the focus is mainly D&D, there are something here for everyone who loves RPGs. Give it a try and you'll be hooked.
Some of the shows have a really long run-up (sometimes as long as 15 minutes) to get to the topic, but once they get going it's usually pretty good. I wish they would get to the topics within the first few minutes of the show.
The best D&D Podcast out. A wide variety of topics, shows, guests, view points.. and all SOLID D&D talk. I look forward to the new shows showing up in my feed every week to accompany my long commute times to work. The podcast has not only made me a better DM, but also charged my enthusiasm for the hobby. If the show ever ends I will send out my displacer beasts to hunt down the hosts and force them to continue.
Dear Robert McDonell, I want to first of all thank you for meeting with me and the Council of Sages at the fabled Candlekeep Library for our annual conference on life altering matters of the Realms. The drinks, delicious Hin tobacco, and countless hours of life altering discussions, followed by hours of “Cards Against Demihumans” has affected me deeply, and in the most positive of ways. Subsequent to our discussions, specifically on the topic of campaign styles, it became abundantly clear that a show discussing campaign styles should be scheduled immediately! I fear that if we do not have a show on this topic soon, the very fabric of the Weave could come undone and everyone may die! Therefore, we will schedule such a show that will focus heavily on sandbox campaigns. Additionally, the Council of Sages was particularly impressed by your persuasive arguments which I list below as the compelling reasons behind my decision: 1) Sandbox campaign styles are often a neglected topic even though they are recognized as one of the most important topics known to the multiverse, RPG’s, and Wil Wheaton (just ask him)! 2) Neglecting this topic any further would do a disservice to the fabled, powerful, and influential shadow group known only as, "The Dungeon Master's", as well as anger the god's forever. Since we know that we must appease the "The Dungeon Master's", we will be feeding their minds full of intellectual goodness, such as the discussion on sandbox campaign. So dedicated am I to this cause of ensuring that a robust, action packed, and intellectually stimulating discussion on sandbox campaigns occurs, I am going to cast a geas upon myself. The geas will expire on January 16th, 2017. Furthermore, I am enhancing the geas with a Wish to guarantee that I, nor anyone else, will have a way to overcome the effects of the geas spell. I hereby proclaim that this show, with an amazing lineup of guests to discuss this profoundly vital topic, will be scheduled for no later than January the 15th of 2017. With sincere gratitude, James Introcaso Self-Geaser Singing Bard Host of the Round Table Host of Gamer to Gamer Verbatim Reader P.S. I will try to run a quick game of “Cards Against Demihumans” towards the end of the show if time permits for shenanigan's sakes!
I recently searched for D&D podcasts after not getting my fix from the weekly "Lore You Should Know" podcast that WotC has on their site. After listening to only a couple of episodes, I realized that the Tome Show is a great podcast with the kind of genuine and authentic nerd element that is important to keep one listening. Great coverage, great people, and great discussion.
The Tome Show is simply amazing. The Round Table, Appendix N, Reviews, Interviews, and Con Panels. All engaged through the input of industry leaders, industry insiders, and plenty of the best new names in RPGing. I just started listening recently, but was inspired to go back to download over a year's worth of podcasts. I haven't been disappointed. An excellent podcast.
Lots of great and entertaining info about a great game. Keep it up!
Greetings heretics ! (Jolly Laugh) Paladin Dodd here, as a devoted servant of Kelemvor I try to balance my day between killing non-believers and burying their unworthy corpses. As this process can be lengthy I turn to the Tome Show to keep me updated and informed. Whether I'm digging graves, constructing cairns, or simply burning them to ash as the wizard is always insisting. I have a way to get the latest news and reviews on all the Dragon and Dungeon related content. Praise Kelemvor! Remember folks don't just leave those randomly encountered bandits and bugbear lying around to rot. Think of your fellow adventurers and the dreadful smell and just take time in your short rest to bury the fools. This has been Calenth (Kay-Lenth) Dodd, Paladin of Kelemvor.
It was wonderful hearing Bonnie and James talk about Bonnie's (and friends) introduction into the game that her husband loves so much. An excellent interview!
Every episode is full of thoughtful analysis of the current state of DnD with unbiased opinions. Take your DnD to the next level, listen to the Tome Show!!
The Tome Show is a rich source of information about RPGs, particuarly D&D. If you love RPGs and want to learn more about playing/running games or what is happing around the industry, this podcast is well worth the time. Each show contains engaging and knowledgeable people from around the gaming community who have a passion for RPGs and the genuine desire to encourage more people to play and run games. Most importantly, they do a great job with providing information that makes RPG more accessible and far less intimidating. Thank you for taking the time to put together such a great show.
If you only listen to one D&D podcast, this should be it. Great analysis, interesting guests, and a well produced show.
To the tune of Gloria Gaynor's - I Will Survive Like a Medusas gaze I was petrified Thinking I can't find nerd news Even if I tried I spent hours of my life Looking for a home I'm not alone That's when I learn about The Tome It's a Show but so much more You just subscribe, your friends here With knowledge of the lore You don't need to pick the lock You don't need a stupid key You just download an episode And the whole things for free Download, Download, Download some more Just listen now Cause there's always something more You get advice, and interviews and all the RPG news Isn't it wonderful I no longer have the blues So finally I, I will roll Dice As long as I know all the rules And heed all the great advice I've got all my life to play And a place where masters slay I will role Dice, I will role Dice, hey hey The Tome Show, its not just one Thanks to Jeff and all his pals All the shows on here are fun I spend all my long commutes Learning about my favorite game I'd just drive With D&D back in my life So thank the Tome Show and the baller hosts By leaving them a great review In a simple little post And if you wanna support the show The Amazon link's the way Or you can donate money Or just let Noble Knight pay Download, Download, Download some more Just listen now Cause there's always something more You get advice, and interviews and all the RPG news Isn't it wonderful I no longer have the blues So finally I, I will roll Dice As long as I know all the rules And heed all the great advice I've got all my life to play And a place where masters slay I will role Dice, I will role Dice, hey hey PTB
The Tome Show network has an amazing set of D&D related shows. There are so many hours of useful information, that I have to listen to them at 1.5 speed and now their real voices sound weird to me. Between the eponymous Tome Show and the Round Table, I can keep up with what the whole industry is doing (not just WOTC). The hosts use both enthusiasm and a critical eye when discussing events and products. I feel like I can trust their opinions. The flagship news podcasts are nicely complemented by an assortment of other interesting shows that are entertaining but too numourus to list. I am specifically hoping that the book club starts up again. I would heartily recommend the Tome to anyone who is into D&D.
Experienced podcasting produced by a dedicated crew. If your looking to keep up to date with D&D products, accessories, and a lot of inspirational content, then you are listening to the right team. Thank you, to the entire Tome Show staff and keep up the great work. You all rock!
Hey, that James Introcaso and his Round Table sure are great. But you know what's even better? The Appendix N Podcast where they talk about the amazing pulp novels of the early 20th century that inspired Gary Gygax to create Dungeons & Dragons. Geoff Winn and Jeff Wikstrom sure have some amazing discussions while exploring classic fantasy literature. I wish I could give that show six stars!! If you're a fan of D&D, you owe it to yourself to listen to the Appendix N Podcast and read along with them. You won't be sorry.
Grounded and poignant, one of the best podcasts for fantasy news!
I used to used to do nothing but sit and watch cable, but the shows just kept getting lamer and lamer. Now I get RPG news from the Tome Show Roundtable, and fantastic interviews on Gamer to Gamer.
This show is awesome, in no small part due to James Introcasso's ability to be an awesome host. His style is reminscent of Tom Merrit with an ability to keep the talk flowing and not getting bogged down. Down wait, get it now! ALso: I'm James, and I just LOOOOVE Frozen, and have a crush on Elsa, I cant wait to cosplay her!
If you want to know what's going on in the world of Dungeons & Dragons look no further than this podcast. James doesn't cower in his nana's basement, he's a road warrior attending conventions coast to coast. He's hunting down the big names in the industry and getting the scoop on their latest projects. He's got an upbeat attitute and a solid radio voice and you can tell his guests are enjoying themselves. As a DM, I am constantly stealing ideas from James's blog, so it's no surprise he recently took home an Ennie at GenCon. If you play or design RPGs you should be listening to this podcast.
Why go anywhere else when everything you need is on The Tome Show? The Tome Show is my go-to source of news, updates and info about upcoming gaming related events and DnD products. They regularly host the industries top game designers which provide loads of great ideas and inspiration. I especially appreciate The Round Table episodes with host, James Introcaso. It is a great way to stay current with the hobby and get a wide variety of perspectives and opinions. If you only have time to listen to one gaming related podcast, you can't do better than The Tome Show!
The tome show provides a consistently high quality and quantity of D&D news, interviews, and opinions. I look forward to seeing the round table show up in my feed each monday without fail, and I also look forward to live recordings during gencon. Shout out to James Introscaso, who is quickly becoming a well known gaming personality due to his upbeat and professional moderation of the show. Keep up the good work, fellow gamers!
All the shows on the Tome Show feed are the perfect mix of informative, entertaining, and fun, everything a podcast about playing games should be. James does a fantastic job getting guests from both inside and outside the tabletop gaming industry to discuss the latest D&D news. Also, this podcast helped finally draw some of my friends and me into playing D&D for the very first time. Keep up the great work!!!
This is now my favorite podcast for news and information mainly on D&D but also all things roleplaying with a bit of fantasy thrown in. I love how they can get interviews with industry greats, Mike Mearls, Wofgang Baur, Monte Cook etc. The roundtable discussions are always thought provoking and offer new perspectives for me. I live in Japan and can't usually get a "D&D fix" but this is about the closest thing. Looking forward to their GenCon report where they always tape some of the seminars and provide the audio for those who can't attend.
As a lapsed gamer who hasn't played in 30 years, I have to credit The Tome Show crew for inspiring me to start playing again and getting up the nerve to DM my first game. I'm hooked and I can't think of a podcast that has such an impact on my life, opening me up to a new world of creativity and an amazing bunch of people who I've met while gaming. Thanks for sharing your love of gaming. Keep it up, Sam
This is one of only a few podcasts that I listen to every week. These guys and gals are smart, knowledgeable, experienced and clearly enjoy each other's company without allowing the discussion to devolve into private jokes. I teach corporate communications workshops and sometimes mention James' as an example of a great facilitator. Whether he know it or not, he follows the basic tenents of positivity, collaboration and agreement required for effective communication. On the rare occassion when he disagrees with his guests, he responds in a thoughtful and authentic manner that keeps the conversation constructive and enlightening. I appreciate the work, talent and expertise required to produce podcasts on a regular basis so thank you for delivering a consistantly excellent product. Natural 20!
I love playing d&d. But like James Introcaso, I need help, and lots of it. The guests on all of the Tome Show podcasts give me interesting perspectives, good information, great tips and terrific ideas for my games. Even James comes up with thoughtful nuggets. Though one imagines that the staff of tome show writers probably come up with most of the good ideas for him. But more than anything, I like being able to listen to the Tome Show podcasts on my incredibly long ride to work. A drive which takes me through the dales of North Virginia, across the wild river rapids of the Pot o'Mack, into the vast ancient streets of District Columbia, where I slave away most of the remaining day in the salt mines of my overlords, yearning only for the time when i might escape to listen to more tome show on my two hour journey back homeward to tend to mama owl bear and my little goblins. But lo, methinks I've shared too much. While I've got the time to kill, others do not. On with the six star podcast, James Introcaso, stop reading this incredibly long and tedious five star review and get on with it I say.
Round Table host James Introcaso assembles the most insightful guests, many you won't hear anywhere except on this podcast. The often diverse list of guests includes adventure game industry insiders, enthusiastic hobbyists and experienced DMs. Together they share their love of Dungeons and Dragons, discussing the latest news about the hobby and giving honest and entertaining opinions it. Having guests with different experiences with D&D means different viewpoints and perspectives, which I love to hear. Above all, the discussion remains frank and respectful, always upbeat, and the guests mind their Ps and Qs, so I can play the podcast anywhere and share it with anyone.
Don't waste your time reading my words! Spend it listening to the damned podcast….
The Tome Show is great! They have an awesome lineup of different shows all related to Tabletop RPG's. Let James and the other hosts treat you to amazing discussions and interviews of RPG superstars.
Educational and informative! A great podcast.
Love the show, but please change the intro. My biggest complaint about the show is the Chant, it is the worst opening of any podcast that I have heard.
The road leading from Nulb to the Temple is rutted and spotted with rank weeds - thistles, burrs, thorns, nettles, etc. Some foot and animal traffic has been using the track, but it is not a busy thoroughfare. (Most traffic between these points avoids using the road, so as not to leave a discernable path.) As you approach the Temple area, the vegetation is disconcerting—dead trees with a skeletal appearance, scrub growth twisted and unnaturally colored, all unhealthy and sickly looking or exceptionally robust and disgusting. The ruins of the Temple's outer works appear as dark and overgrown mounds of gray rubble and blackish weeds. Skulls and bones of humans and humanoids gleam white here and there amidst the weeds. A grove of some oddly stunted and unhealthy looking usk trees still grows along the northern end of the former Temple compound, and a stump of a tower juts up from the northeast corner of the shattered wall. The leprous gray Temple, however, stands intact, its arched buttresses somehow obscene with their growth of climbing vegetation. Everything surrounding the place is disgusting. The myriad leering faces and twisting, contorted forms writhing and posturing on every face of the Temple seem to jape at the obscenities they depict. The growth in the compound is rank and noisome. Thorns clutch, burrs stick, and crushed stems either emit foul stench or raise angry weals on exposed flesh. Worst of all, however, is the pervading fear which seems to hang over the whole area - a smothering, clinging, almost tangible cloud of vileness and horror. Sounds seem distorted, either muffled and shrill or unnaturally loud and grating. Your eyes play tricks. You see darting movements out of the corner of your eye, just at the edge of vision; but when you shift your gaze towards such, of course, there is nothing there at all. You cannot help but wonder who or what made the maze of narrow paths through the weedy courtyard. What sort of thing would wander here and there around the ghastly edifice of Evil without shrieking and gibbering and going completely mad? Yet the usual mundane sounds of your travel are accompanied only by the chorus of the winds, moaning through hundreds of Temple apertures built to sing like doomed souls given over to the tender mercies of demonkind, echoed by macabre croaks from the scattered flapping, hopping, leering ravens. There is no doubt; you have come to a place of ineffable Evil. Still, it is most certainly a place for high adventure and untold treasures. It is time to ready spells, draw weapons, check equipment, and set forth into the maze of peril that awaits you.
The tome show continues to be one of the best places to get D&D news. Keep up the good work!
The Tome Show is my go-to podcast for RPG information. The combination of enlightening news and insightful interviews makes this a joy to listen to. I particularly like the variety of guests, ranging from long-time industry greats to up-and-coming writers. The tone is light and positive, and a great deal of care cleary goes into the editing of each episode. I'm happy to have discovered The Tome Show.
This is a superior DnD podcast, and has been for several years. There's a great variety in topics and formats, but each provides a valuable niche. Highly recommended!
I loved the review of The Winter Fantasy Convention. I think I will have to add that convention onto the annual family budgeted convention circuit.
The Tome Show has been on my radar for a long time, and James Introcaso has brought a dedication and vitality to this podcast (and its network) that keeps me coming back episode after episode. I credit my current DnD game to him and his ever-quirky, always insightful round-table. You guys and gals keep me DM-ing and keep me listening. Thanks for all you do.
This is in my top 5 podcast. Very good host and very good content for D&D
Next to 3.5 Private Sanctuary/Know Direction (which are really more Pathfinder-focused now), this is the best D&D podcast I've found. They do a very nice job, have a nice mix of personalities, and seem very professional. Also, I especially love the Time Wizard lol.
I’ve been listening to this show for a long time and its had its ups and downs like all shows, its always remained on my list as the “go to show for D&D” no matter the edition. I enjoy it and it will remain as my top pick.
Love the content! Hate the parody commercials! They get old quick! You are more likely to find a blind beholder than a better place to get unbiased dnd gaming news.
I like the informal nature of the conversation as well as the varied guests that provide different viewpoints. Plus, the introduced us to 13th Age, which is now our favorite f20 RPG. In short, this podcast is McDonald's...I'm loving it.
Great show with lots of variety, insider news, reviews, and advice.