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Each time you attempt to listen to any section of this podcast there is first played an ad for some raunchy video game using the voice of a tough guy street hustler which completely shatters the listener's mood. I couldn't stand it and you wouldn't either! What are these folks thinking, drinking or smoking?
Don't get me wrong, I have alot of respect for a man who narrates this huge book, sticks it on itunes, and doesn't even charge customers $0.99 for it. Thats dedication. However, what really annoys me about all of these audio books on Plato's republic is that none of them state the author or which edition it is. Its really hard to follow along when my book doesn't correspond to the narrator!!! In the end, this narrators voice was charming (not annoying at all). However, I would only buy this if you wanted a very large synopsis of the books.
I am truly grateful to have access to this material. The fact that iTunes provides access to Plato's Republic, and especially such a rich and nuanced reading, is wonderful to me. I can only hope that other classical works become available in time!
I first read about half of this book several years ago and loved it. I always wanted to finish it. I've been getting into audiobooks lately, but I haven't seen an unabridged audiobook version. This podcast is an amazing find. The reader has an EXTREMELY annoying voice, but you start to get used to it after about 10 minutes. Considering the fact that this collection is both free and complete, it deserves a strong rating in spite of the irritating reading. Get about 10 minutes into it - after the intro is over and the philosophical dialog begins - and you may just start to like it. Plato used a really upbeat and colloquial way of writing his Socratic dialogs. After all, a dialog is a casual two-way conversation, and Plato writes the dialogs of Socrates in such a manner.
Both the content of the podcast and the narrator's voice are wonderful!


By Xerxes
This perfect as a refresher to those familiar with plato and as a full introduction for those who want to gain some understanding of some of the most influential ideas in western philosophy.
This is one of those works that would take me a year to finish in print. It is well read and if you are not familiar with it then you owe it to yourself to experience. You won't believe how far we haven't come as a society. Nothing has changed really. Brilliant knowledge!
I've been listening to this this podcast for quite some time now and am thoroughly enjoying this highly accesible and entertaining production. The narrator has a fabulous accent that authenticates the recording. I highly recommend this podcast as an easy way to gain exposure to this classic work.
Immensely enjoyed listening to this podcast reading of Plato's The Republic - I seem to have made off with more of an understanding of the material after a couple days listening than in an entire semester long introductory philosophy course at college. This guy should be payed for a service like this, though I suppose glowing reviews of the podcast can meet him halfway.
This may or may not be the penultimate recitation of this work, but it is free and complete! That alone gives it 5 stars.
lamentablemente encontre este postcast ya cuando tome el curso de clasico medieval. Viva Platon!