Reviews For Marketplace

Whoever the sound engineer is a child of my other mother.
Pacy, concise and intriguing. Daily economic news.
Liberal propaganda
I’ve loved Marketplace for years. But the time devoted to musical interludes, underwriting credits, and promotion of other podcasts seems to increasingly crowd out actual business and economics content. I offer this this review because I still very much value this podcast, despite the concerns listed above.
All great, but Kimberly Adams is my fave host!
Down to earth man talks economics and makes it enjoyable. Go figure!
In yesterday’s show you let your guest leave the impression that black people pay higher taxes when both of them work. It’s true, however all working couples are subject to the marriage penalty. Could you have pointed that out and suggested that the marriage penalty be eliminated? If black people are penalized more often they will get more benefit. Recognize and fix, don’t recognize and whine!
Kai makes business entertaining and informative. More Kai, more pumpkin spice please.
Kai paid respects to Phil Leonardo and I’m now forever a fan. A couple-a three years ago huh, Kai? You the man!
Too preachy for an “economic” podcast
The marketplace team brings together the best, easiest to listen to information about business and the economy out there. My wife and I love the show, often listening together on road trips. The show has a folksy demeanor, often telling stories about ordinary people that illustrate the larger economic picture. The show’s host - Kai Ryssdal - has a knack for explaining complex economics without the jargon you often hear on other shows, and listeners will never feel talked down to. Mr Ryssdal worked at KQED San Francisco before he created the show and moved to LA. His show is one of equal opportunity, the reporters and guests come from myriad backgrounds. Kai has two daughters and runs the show with an eye towards the future of his daughters. Kia loves IPA and is completely befuddled by the pumpkin spice phenomenon. In late 2017 market place ran a piece about Germany setting aside $2 billion to deal with the aftermath of the mortgage crisis. After hearing story after story about how bad the situation was, the German action was the last straw and I pulled all my money out of the market. A few months later, the market tanked. I am forever grateful for the information presented on marketplace.


I find myself skipping through more parts of this show than before. The conversations with Kai are often ponderous, the Yellin song insufferable and overall vibe is affected and cutesy.
Whether you’re just developing an interest in how things work, or you’re filling in the gaps left by Finance 101 through 401, Kai Ryssdal and the Marketplace team have an entertaining and highly effective way of telling you what’s going on in the American and world economies and providing lessons in terms within the grasp of any listener. You won’t become a broker by tuning in to their broadcast or podcast, but it surely provides the confidence and savvy to know how to cut through the webs, when to talk to a professional, and what kind of questions to ask.
Love the show but how on earth is Catherine Rampell considered an expert. Her takes are always off, especially the nonsense she has been espousing about the GameStop drama. She makes the same assumptions about retail traders that institutional investors have been making for decades, that they are dumb money. They found a way to short circuit the short sellers and capitalize on it. Yes, some people will lose money, but that’s the nature of the business. I’m asking you please exclude her from future episodes and have real experts on to discuss. The other weekly guest on last Friday’s show was clueless as well, but for other reasons I won’t even get into now. Probably going to start listening less if they continue to allow those folks on the show again.
I prefer my stock information not be cluttered identity politics, terrible pod
The perfect podcast for new learners in the sector as well as more experienced people as well in order to grasp the current conversations in the industry!
I have been a long time listener too bad it has become so biased.
Unsubscribed Meandering podcast focused on virtual signaling and wokeness. Little serious rounded focus on issues.
Love Who’s Yellen Now!!
Since before podcasts this was my daily go to for economic news, now I can hardly hear the economics over the political din. Is this a result of the personnel changes? Did Deborah Clark keep things in check? I don’t need another biased news program, there are enough already. Kai, keep your opinions over at Make Me [ahem] Smart and stick to the economy for Marketplace. I used to not be able to tell your political leanings (like my excellent highschool government teacher). Please get the cat back in the bag.
While the show has always had a cancerous underbelly of politics to it, during the past few years it has metastasized into stage-four. This is a business / finance show, not a politics’ show. The person to blame is Kai as he has embraced the change to a politics-centric show. Notwithstanding, it might be palatable if it was politically balanced but it never is. Even the regular contributors to the show are leftist Kai-sycophants. And while I’m on the subject of Kai and Marketplace, I want to add a postscript about the show “Make Me Smart” that Kai does with Molly Wood. It’s a mini-version of Marketplace with the two hosts acting like lovey-dovey adolescents. I could only listen to it for a few episodes until it “Made Me Dumb.” I’m gone Kai and while I nostalgically miss the “ancient” (much less political format) Marketplace, I am happy to report that the Wondery podcasts are fabulous - I’m never looking back!
I used to love this show. Now when I listen I find myself fast forwarding a lot. They have been doing less and less financial news and analysis and more a d more human interest. I’m sure it’s easier to do but it’s a lot less useful.
Kai is undeniably an agreeable host. However, the podcast’s light touch on the economy is cancelled by its heavy hand on being woke. Why is everything, and I mean everything, sooo political?
Beyond disappointed. This used to be my go-to for economic news as we can’t rely on mainstream media. Unsubscribed as I will not be another number you can use to promote and advertise your political bias.
I’m graduated the top of my class in high school and beyond but didn’t know anything about the world when I got out to work. This podcast has taught me so much not only about the market but other people and perspectives and how hard it is to just ‘make’ jobs or make a system that works for everyone. Just like an ecosystem in nature, our economy is intricate and delicate
Has become more politically biased. I may listen after the transition of power to see if the tone changes, but right now not what I’m looking for anymore.
I am a massive marketplace fan. First, please understand that. The franchise—both morning and regular (??) editions. But the 12.29.20 regular marketplace was brutal. A lot of superfluous talk about nothing. People trained to make sure they say “right” to sound intelligible before finishing their soliloquies. Uggh, I need a stiff drink to cleanse the palate. Come back soon Kai.


Like the snarkiest but whiney. Love to hear more stories of folks actually trying to make it work, like the depression and war. We are the wimpy generation listening to this podcast.
Trump is right about the relief bill. Why are we sending so much money overseas, when the American people only get $600 each? I thought Market Place was a legitimate source of information, but I was wrong. Now I realize you’re also a part of the corrupt news media. MAGA
An absolute daily necessity- so grateful for this podcast. The economic news presented with humor and heart.
Just because you don’t accept facts, doesn’t make the show biased
I used to love this show. It was a great way for me to get up to date on the economy while hearing some interesting anecdotes. The host and the format was perfect. In the last year, it has been completely consumed by identity politics. Every story is the same now, with one goal in mind - push the identity politics agenda. It still contains interesting commentary on the economy but is getting more difficult to follow given the narrow ideological lens it has adopted...
I’ve been a daily listener for nearly a decade and am truly disappointed in the slide in content quality. As others have mentioned, it now panders to one viewpoint and has taken on being a social commentary rather than a market-driven podcast. The only time I hear of real business news with true analysis is during “The Numbers” and that’s only perhaps 45 seconds. I’m truly disappointed.
Awesome! Kai gives a great perspective on what’s happening in the world and a primer on the economics news of the day. Update: however recently, the reporting/journalistic quality has declined. Often it feels as though there is a pre determined narrative that they want to tell, rather than reporting what is actually based on the numbers. A number of stories have solely become based on anecdotes rather than support by facts and data like they used to be done. Now there feels to be a lot more opinion than facts/data unfortunately which is what I really appreciated about the show before.


$400,000 salary a year, who?
Please be more objective and report the news and stop taking sides. I’m a MarketPlace investor, because I believe in NPR. For the past year, the news I heard were mostly “glass half empty”, gloom and more gloom. Please interview different people who have opposite viewpoints. For every issue, there are usually two or more perspectives, so we should hear from all sides. It’s so tiresome to hear people just piling on the same issues. Thanks.
God decided He was finally fed up with the human race and decided to end it for good. Headlines the next day: The New York Times: "God says world to end tomorrow; story and analysis on page B11." The Wall Street Journal: "God says world to end tomorrow; market to close early" Marketplace: "God says world to end tomorrow; women and minorities hardest hit."
This used to be a great podcast. You could always count on Kai to call people out if inaccurate. Now this has changed. His latest discussion where he says all white men are doing fine so congress won’t act is just not true. There are many white men I see every day without work, losing homes, filing bankruptcy etc. using rate does not give anything to you in total numbers. In total numbers more white me are worse off now than any other group. A lot of help is needed in our economy for all groups and all groups should get needed support. Needs to quit sensationalizing and care about everyone in need.
Kai, host of the Marketplace podcast, highlights all aspects of business news and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
My news source. Love the team and have become so much smarter!
Excellent podcast to further people’s economic knowledge
Hi hope your day was great I was just wondering what you doing tomorrow morning and yes yes you’re having to come home 🏠 night y and
Shocked the host enjoys bad economic news, actually cheered unemployment claims. Not sensitive to people only his politics. This program left business and economy focus and is more political - it’s just lost its way. Maybe Kia would be more sensitive if it was his job. Job losses are not good news for anyone. Shame on you.
It makes business news digestible for everyone. I’m a long time listener, and I’m smart every day I listen. And Kai is the best
No longer economics. Now soapy human interest and data free. More People Magazine, no longer The Economist. I am out.
This podcast is very well produced. The host has a wonderful speaking voice, and the transitions between segments are very well done. It’s a great podcast for those who want to hear the left’s perspective on the economy. They constantly push the DNC’s agenda, and they only view the economy through a Keynesian lens. So I’d encourage supplementing this one with podcasts that lean right or show the Austrian school of economics.
Great program! Been listening for years and they always cover the most pertinent economic news and topics! Also great interviews!
I used to listen to this program a lot but rarely make it past 10 minutes now. They will talk about the same subject every day for months. Lately it has been some version of how our current economic structure impacts minority communities every single day for three solid months. I’m interested in the subject but that is just too repetitive when a world of complex economic issues need to be explored.