Reviews For This Ain't Iowa, Las Vegas Podcast

What an outstanding group of fun guys to listen to. I can't wait for each episode. Hilarity every time. I have been listening for about 3 years. Never miss it. Keep it up guys. firewagon
can turn a gay person straight. Or, vice versa. Just close your ears when ever Patch tries to say something.
Great show!! Anything goes!
Crapp crapp crapp. don t waste your time with this steaming pile of garbage. The host never shuts up with his winy little voice and they have this gay guy that promotes drunk driving like it some kinda joke. People die from a holes like this.
My hubby Col M has been listening to this show for 3 years. I was a lurker but didn't actually start listening (ie going through the trouble of downloading & playing it on my iPod) til mid-year...and boy am I hooked. I've actually gone back and started listening to the archives. This is the 1st podcast I've ever listened to (not being a big fan of talk radio, which is what I equated podcasts with) and still the only 1 I listen to every time it's released. Heck, if I miss a show it ruins my day. These guys are so hilarious, and as a woman, I've gotten an insight to the male psyche such as few women ever have. I understand now why it's a big deal to be able to light a fart. Love you all, Brian & the degenerates! Listening to this show truly makes you feel better about yourself, in so many ways.
Brian Mollica is one of the funniest people I have ever heard. No kidding.
This is Pure Gold. Funny as hell, great host and sidekicks. Are they sidekicks? Tune in and find out. I can't even spell right but I wrote a review for these dudes. I am not even sure i should listen to this show.....Cause I'm brown. Good Stuff. Worth it Keep up the great show.
Whenever I'm bored, depressed or can't find my booze, I find this show to be a good cure to what ails me. Incredibly funny, insightful and entertaining. Brian Mollica, the host, is superb, and he brings out the best (or is it the worst) in his co-hosts, who each bring a different dynamic to the table. Loads of fun, but not for the timid or weak at heart.
"Kind of like a full body dry heave set to music"
I wanted to be the first to say what up B-MO - It's you boy Big Swa - Congrats - Keep doing your thing thing. Jeah. Thanks for the kind words.