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I want to download the podcast but it won't work. I don't know why it won't. Could someone tell me why or help me because I really want The Pillows podcast. D: Thank you in advance


By Hdhss
Okay, I saw that they had the pillows on here and was very excited to finally have them on my iPod. But then it's just some British guy? Why. WHY. WHY! You took away my pillows.
y can't I download. stupid British guy. I hate u.
why いいえ てぃs ーいぇ てぃs いいえ わんt てぇm ぶt いいえ かんt あんd あn おたく shぷld げt いt あんd そっry あbぷt てぃs いm tりょんg と ふっry べかうせ いいえ はゔぇ 初め pぁせ と ご そしたら wゔぇry てぃんg いs のたまう cpみんg おうt tじぇy わy いいえ わんt いt。
wow 30 seconds and thats it fix this already
it wont play. Fix it fix it fix it!


Could you get ankoku tengoku by ali project?
all it says is that is on the air because of me
I had this podcast on my iPod before but it got erased and the british guy is sayin' if we want to listen to the rest we should pay for it since it became so popular?! If you want popular and more money, wait till there are 1,500 listeners if there aren't anyway and you are losing customers if you block the podcast, so..............
Can't they stop begging for money and put the podcast back on air? Or is that too much to ask?
I had this podcast before, but then my brother messed with my ipod and somehow erased the memory on it. When i went to redownload this podcast it didn't work right. The videos had no sound, and the audio to the regular shows were messed up. I really loved this podcast, it was my favorite one i subscribed to, but Its not good and i don't recommend it.
I can't download the podcast.... All I get is a twenty three second explaination of donations...Please help me.


gah! it wont work!! Fix please!?!?! >.< it just says that the podcast is on because of us and then nothign!
I love this podcast, but lately none of them are working!!! Since I upgraded to iTunes 8, none of the music video ones work. I tried downloading it again, but it still didn't work! And then the other ones have some British dude asking for donations!! If anyone else got this problem too, click yes!!
Do not be fooled, the podcasts listed here are nothing more than a guy in a thick British accent telling you to go to the producer's website and make a donation. Just double-click on an episode to see what I mean. Either make podcasts for free or don't make them at all. Nobody likes these deceptive tactics.
Love love and love thanks origato I love you Thanks bunches
Domo arigato! Watashi was Osaka's J-Pop ga ichiban suki desu! My friend showed me your podcast at school on her iPod, and I thought it was amazing! And it really is amazing!!!!! Fantastic job! Omatou! Once again, arigato Tsakura-sempai/samma!
seriously, i love this podcast. :] im thinking of getting a video ipod so i can listen to and watch the videos. i love all the music and its wayyy awsome. i can never find anyone and with your podcast its like my j-pop problems have been answered i am sooo waiting for the next podcast. :]
This podcast is OK, the only episode I really liked was the polysics. My opinion? The host needs to rehearse the podcast first so he can pronounce the names =P I guess it's worth the download, but not for me =/ Overall: Less wikipedia blah, more MUSIC! (By the way, wikipedia is unreliable...anyone can go and change stuff...)
i luvz the fifth one! it's so cool! i like the rest to of course but the fifth is the best!
a love this podcast. it's so much fun!!! but i really want to know the information of the videos. especialy the video ith the three guys, thy're kinda dancing on top of water. it's pretty awsome!!! i <3 it!!!


By h.maria
I love azumanga Daioh, so i love osaka, and i also think that the music is really good and i am glad that i can get new jpop music!
This is an absolutely awesome podcast! It has soooo many good songs on it! I love to listen to this! (I listened to one episode once over and over until my battery ran out...)
this is so god darn stupid
I am just getting into j-pop and anime music because i love anime, and this podcast is awesome! thanks for the great songs. I really like Chieco kawabe, I hope you can put more of her music on! :D


By :3
I must say I am kinda of a little dissapointed on #1 and 4 bc it doesn't go to the music right away...<.< But other than that, is FanTasTic. Good luck and thx for the music
I like this podcast alot. Especially the videos, thats pretty cool. Nice Job.
This is a really good way to get into the J-Pop world and they provide such great songs! They are really good at choosing ones that many will like. I am very greatful for them taking the time to but these up for us! Arigato!
This podcast is AWSOME! it has all of my favorite Japanese music and even anime songs! how could a podcast get better than this one?


By emily//
I love this podcast! It's the best out there! I really, really love all the music that they put on here. I recommend it for all anime, manga, and Japan lovers out there! 5/5
I love this podcast. It has all of my favorite j-pop singers!
I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!!!!! its the best i've ever heard