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I can't believe you finally started making new ones! Keep it up!


I liked this podcast but they havn't had any new epsodes in several years... What's up with that?
Yesterday I caught up on NPR podcasts while doing cake decorating work in my kitchen, so last night I downloaded some new comedy podcasts since I like John Hodgman's stuff. Most of what I found were people talking about comedy, which wasn't what I wanted. But this Kasper Hauser thing is actual sketch stuff and it's hilarious. I'm catching up on the audio backlist right now and had to come review because the This American Life parody was so good that I had to stop working on the delicate cake stuff, because I was laughing so hard. These guys nailed it. So. Much. Awesome. Bravo!
These are hilarious! Our favorites are Phone Call and Spicy Pony Head. Would've given it 5 stars if it was updated more recently and more often.
Haven't found anything better on the webernet. Very, very funny.
Not all of these hit the mark, but KH could really make a living off of the "This American Life" spoofs. Keep it coming!
The paradoy of this American Life is dead on. And the sky maul stuff is great!
That quote, as well as the "This American Life" parodies are priceless. It's a multimedia podcast with audio, video, and even funny pdf's. Why would you not like free funny stuff?
Check out the "This American Life" episodes. Total gut busters.


I always look forward to a new Kasper Hauser podcast. Download "Spicy Pony Head."
Being new to podcast i was surprise how witty and funny some people can be. Kasper is original and at times its so funny your shoot your drink through your nose if your not carefull. great skits with alot of imagination.Kasper keep it rocking goos job!
These guys make me laugh outloud on my way to work. The short little bits are well thought out, well written, clever, AND funny. And the concepts are so bizarre. Like nothing you would ever think of. New York Times wedding announcements of ordinary people. The game show where you have to impart important knowledge to people living in the 14th century. World of Dogs in Spanish! This troupe is best known for their SkyMaul catalog parody --- and that isn't even the best stuff!
very funny just listen to catins log and pony head!


By ike9898
If you remember the National Lampoon radio show, this is very similar. And very, very funny.
"Spicy Pony Head" has to be one of the funniest things I've ever heard. I forced my husband to listen to the segment, but he didn't seem to find it nearly as hilarious as I did. A few days later, while we were looking at the menu at a restaraunt, he casually looked up and said, "Spicy poh-nee head?" in a fake French accent, and I spit iced tea out my nostrils.
Slightly funny but a little too crude to be enjoyable.
Funny stuff. "Some of the Popes are evil!" Keep em' comming.
After listening to some of the other comedy podcasts, This is a Knife and Comic Strip Live are the only ones that come close to the quality of Kasper Hauser. Phone call is awesome!!!
I was ready to give up on the juvenile comedy on the internet when I found Kasper Hauser. Brilliant and a little twisted, sort of like Monty Python or The Kids in the Hall. The SkyMaul stuff is great, too.


All the girls love Kasper Hauser!