Reviews For WDW-Memories: Relive That Walt Disney World Magic

WOW. I discovered this podcast during quarantine and INSTANTLY fell in love. I go to WDW every 3 years, so I get heavy Disney World cravings. This podcast makes me feel like i’m actually at the park riding the rides and enjoying the attractions. i HIGHLY recommend wearing headphones while listening, and here’s why. The first time I listened to this podcast I was on a walk around my park. I had my headphones in and I just wanted to zone out. I started the podcast and heard voices all around me, surrounding me like a swarm of bees. I was terrified and started looking around me because I thought someone was following me. It seriously felt like I was part of everything going on in the pod! I also love that it is family friendly!! I always look forward to hearing the next episode!
Nothing is better than putting my headphones on and pretending I’m at Disney World while I’m at work!
Your podcast is a treat for the ears, especially for those of us that don’t get to visit Disney that often! Thanks for all you do!
This podcast is so much fun to listen to while I am stuck at home due to this current pandemic. It reminds me of the great time that I had with my family while I was growing up. I can’t wait to listen to the next episode! ❤️
This podcast is a vacation for your ears! Lou graciously invites you tag along with his family as they hit the parks, experiencing the attractions and delights of being in the magic. And the production value is incredible… the not only is the audio quality superb, but the Lou's enthusiasm is infectious! Though I’ve only recently stumbled upon this ‘cast, it’s quickly become a favorite of mine. It’s *almost” like being there!
I love listening to these episodes to get teleported back to our favorite place. The production quality is great and the intent is earnest.
I love listening to the sounds of the park and hearing familiar and nostalgic sounds from the parks! I hope this podcast continues forever ❤️❤️
Love the idea and host. Improve by these 1. 25% of the show is intro and ads. Reduce a lot. 2. Go more often.

By Rsha
Thank you Lou this helps me escape work and relive all the great Wdw memories I have anytime I want. Hearing the background music of innoventions plaza makes me feel like I am at my happy place and makes me Miss Epcot. Keep up the good work 👍🏻
I can close my eyes and imagine myself at Disney with this podcast. I love it.
I don’t even know what to say, But I LOVE ALL OF THEM! BTW, Can you record some ride in the new area of Animal Kingdom’s Pandora? Thx
This pod cast is great and it helps me remember my great time at Disney
This is like the single greatest podcast for nostalgia!!!!!!
This podcast is the highlight of my work week! These memories let me “leave my desk” and explore the magical world of Disney on the gloomiest of days. Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us! I was wondering, do you have any recordings of Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray’s? My family and I have spent many rainy hours and late nights in the Magic Kingdom listening to Sonny and it would mean a lot to live those again.
Keep up the great work. As a Mousejunkie, nothing brings me back to the park quite like your podcast. Looking forward to many more memories.
Lou's binaural podcast is unique. The audio quality is amazing and so clear that you would swear you were actually in Walt Disney World and not in your real world. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts! Headphones are recommended. You won't get the full effect without them! Keep up the good work Lou!
This podcast covers all of an attraction, from walking up to the exit, so you get to hear the queue music and all. The binaural is also fantastic.
This podcast makes my week!! I feel like I am right back at WDW. Great job Lou! THANKS!!!
I've been listening to Lou's WDW-Memories Poscasts everyday for the past couple of years. A little obsessed? Maybe. But Lou takes me away from the daily responsibilities in this world and submerges me into WDWorld. It's my daily escape.... AND I LOVE IT ! Keep up the great work, Lou !!!
I struggle with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Plus as a huge Disney fan, I suffer from disappointment when I can't be at the parks. This podcast allows me to be submersed into the parks. Something that the parks music just can't do for me sometimes. It's been one of my best finds and I am grateful for the time that Lou has put into it. Thank you Lou!
Lou keeps you surrounded by the magic of WDW. This is the best Disney audio and video podcast out there. Each and every episode is amazing.😄😄😄😄😄 Keep up the great podcast Lou.
From intro to content. Makes me wanna head back to Disney World again.
This show helps me survive WDW withdrawl. Thanks Lou!
This is a podcast that I had been looking for! What can be better than listening to your favorite WDW shows or attractions during a long boring work day?
This podcast provides a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of Disney World, without leaving home! The host is an engaging storyteller and clearly loves working on this podcast. What a great way to escape to the World!
I just found this podcast, and it's my favorite! I've been looking for a podcast that offers audio of the parks and attractions, and this is it! Great binaural audio with a personal touch, Lou always offers some helpful insighst to go along with what you're hearing. Not a lot of talk, it's almost like being in the parks!
The best show for taking you along, Even go to attractions that no longer exist. great stuff>
Only recently found this podcast and I am quickly going through the entire backlog. Even though I live 10 minutes from Disney and am an annual pass holder, this podcast is still incredibly enjoyable and the memories it brings back from now gone attractions or ones that have changed is great. While some of the audio is better than others from episode to episode, it nevertheless captures the magic of Disney. Would live to see more video podcasts too! Are you a Disney fan? Then this podcast needs to be added to your subscriptions.
Such a great source of Disney memories!!! Our family loves to listen to this podcast during trips in the car.
Arrive at work, place headphones on, spend the rest of the day at WDW. Magic every day. It is like I was never at work.
I love this podcast so much! I listen at my desk and love slipping off to DisneyWorld in the midst of my work. Lou is a joy to listen to and I love the stories he shares. I'm so glad to have a way to escape to Disney between trips!
It's nothing like waiting every couple weeks for a brand new memory.
Great podcast. Listing to my favorite attration from disney is awsome. Can't wait for each installment.
this is one of my favorite podcasts. the audio is great, but it helps if you listen to it with headphones. it's wonderful when he does a favorite attraction of yours and you can sit back in your home, hundreds and thousands of miles away, and ride through the ride. Lou does such a TERRIFIC job on this podcast. it helps me just kill the motor and relax whenever. so honestly, this is one of my favorites.
If you're like me and have so many fond memories of WDW, this is a must! I use this podcast as an escape between visits. Whether I'm at work needing something to concentrate on (manual labor gets old), can't seem to fall asleep, or just need my Disney fix; Lou never lets me down! Only possible thing I could think of to better the podcast I use everyday, is to make remixes with less commentary. Not that his commentary is bad... in fact it's quite good! Though, the actual recording is quieter than the commentary, making it hard to use while I'm trying to pass out. I'd like to here the rides and ambience more at those times. Other than that I can't complain! He's always got something for everyone and is open to requests from both loyal fans and new listeners. Keep it up!
Just discovered this podcast and can't stop listening to it! Great audio on rides and walking through the parks, iIt really transports me right to Disney World. A perfect fix for any Disney geek like myself! Thanks Lou, keep up the good work!
Great, simple, the perfect "fix" for WDW Junkies. I listen over and over.
Long time fan, great job. I also love the extra audio of queue lines, overhearing cute stuff kids say, and it just makes the audio sensation feel even more real than video. I do have an odd special request; I love riding the boat from magic kingdom to Fort Wilderness at night. Can you record from the front or back of the boat at night? I know it's an odd request but if you close your eyes, hear the water, the quite mumblings of tired parents/kids who have been in the park all day, and bugs/birds on the nearby land.... It's just soothing.
I love this podcast simply because it's a wonderful way to relive memories, no matter where you are! I like to listen to it when I'm at work and missing WDW. The sound quality is great and it can be a big comfort when you find yourself hundreds of miles away without a planned trip anytime soon.
I've been listening to the WDW-Memories podcast for a little over a year. In my humble opinion it is the best audio podcast for Walt Disney World. Each episode allows me to enter my little virtual world and escape for awhile. Lou does an excellent job and I eagerly anticipate each coming episode. I consistently listen to 12 different Disney-related podcasts each week. Most of them I discard as soon as the new episode comes into iTunes. Not so for WDW-Memories. I have each episode saved to my hard drive and I even have a special playlist devoted soley to WDW-Memories. I just put it on shuffle and I spend the day at work visiting random Disney goodness. Trust me, you will never regret listening to this podcast.
I like video of "The World" but I really like very good audio of the sounds of the park and the rides. Its like reading a book, I can use my imagination to picture the action. Love this podcast and lood forward to more.
I absolutely LOVE this podcast!! It's my favorite! When I listen to it, I feel like I'm actually in the park riding the rides! It's so much fun! Whenever I'm having a bad day, I listen to this podcast and it makes me feel all happy inside. I listen to it ALL the time! Thanks Lou! :)
I am a major disney fanatic and i love going to disney world!!!! When i listen to this podcast it makes me smile and remeber the awesome times i had with my friends and family. Keep these awesome episodes coming!
I love listening to these podcasts. i've been a fan since last year and find myself playing them whenever i get the chance. These memories really make me feel like i'm at the parks again (just with Lou always with me in the que). Keep up the good work!
This is not the only WDW podcast I listen to, but it is the only one I don't delete after I do! Thank you for presenting WDW in the best possible way, by letting it "speak" for itself. I especially love the memory of Kilimanjaro Safari, my favorite ride, and I love the accent of the cast member. Great Movie Ride is another outstanding episode. Keep up the good work.
These podcasts are a perfect way to relive the rides while NOT at Disney ( or "home" as we like to call it. :-) )
I started looking around for podcasts to get prepped for an upcoming WDW trip. I stumbled across this one and fell in love. It is such fun to listen to all the attractions, music, and general atmosphere of the park. I am so glad I found this podcast, keep up the great work!
This is the best podcast ever!I really love remembering the feelings of Disney world.Disney rocks!thanks Lou!