Building a Better Dave

Reviews For Building a Better Dave

"Screw you Santa and the reindeer you came in on ... " If only for episode 51 - "Greedy Santa" this gets 5 stars - You've created a new Christmas tradition as the family snuggles around the fireplace, with hot cocoa and holiday cheer while listening to Dave Jackson unleash on Santa - EPIC!
Not worth your time.
Many radio stations are going out of business, and people are podcasting. Dave has an online podcast school, and it is FREE! Thank you Dave, and when I am up and running, I will thank God, that you helped me. God bless you and keep ypu in perfect peace. Judi
I love this show, Dave opens up and lets it all hang. Can't wait to hear about the college girls he will no doubt be "working with"... This is just one of Daves shows, he is a true guru of podcasting.