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This church is on target. No plastic Jesus here! No flashy, best dressed pastor preaching marshmallow fluff. If your tire of "playing church", and tired of "broadway show" church, go hear the good news of the Gospel.
this church is real dude! if ou are looking for relevant truth messages from the Bible for the 21st Century, great rockin' worship, awesome multimedia and a safe place to find God with no fear of judgement...this is it! They're located at 1180 Spruce Dr in Mountainside on Sundays at 11AM
Living in today’s society where many Christian singles are trying to be obedient and committed to God’s word without the fear and pressure that is faced in the world is indeed hard. It is good to hear topics regarding everyday challenges that we may encounter. This podcast has inspired me and hopefully will continue to inspire other single men and women. Keep Up The Good Work>>>>>Looking forward for more>>>>> God Bless