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Love Paperclipping podcasts! Just discovered them about a year ago and I am going back through the archives to listen to all of them. Lots of great ideas for scrapping that are still relevant 3 to 4 years later. And the hosts and guests are always very entertaining!
Why bother having a podcast on iTunes that doesn't show you ANYTHING. "Hey, watch this podcast about what I am not going to show you"
I found this podcast only recently and am so glad I did! Noell's design rules give excellent information while allowing for individual creativity - I'm hooked! Highly recommended for all scrapbookers.
Finally got to subscribe to the premium site. Its awesome. I have been watching all the videos and have gotten so many ideas. Thanks
When the show first started it was good. Now all she does is show you a little trailer for her very expensive podcast that you have to subscribe to.
Professionally done as far as the technical recording aspect. Host, Noell, is extremely condescending in her attitude. If you can get past her patronizing attitude her ideas are not novel ideas. She says she does not teach scrapbooking but she is "into helping you to find ways to express your own style and tell your own stories," which she tries to do but is decidely insipid. Why spend $55 for 6 months (renewal $15) when there are free and infinitely better podcasts out there.
This is such a wonderful podcast- my favorite. I watch it on my iphone and it gives me a little bit of inspiration every day. I have learned many new techniques, and enjoy Noell's ideas and attitude toward this hobby of ours. Highly reccomend.
The info is ok, but I hate the constant ad asking for "premium" subscribers. Just seems cheesy to me. I do realize there is a cost to doing podcasts, but a sponsorship might be a better and more profitable way to go. scraptime is an incredible poscast, and it is FREE! No premium anything. Each user has access to the same detailed and expert content.
This podcast is very professionally done. I love the fact that it deals with general (and VERY important) design principals and different tips and techniques as it gives room to the subscriber's creativity, individual taste and personality. highly recommended!
These podcasts have really helped me spice up my scrapbooks with fresh, new ideas that really add to my pages!!
These are first rate scrapbooking podcasts. Make sure you check out her website to learn more techniques.
Noell's podcast for scrapbookers is top-notch!


By stauffy
Noell is very current, fun and a creative whiz! Her video is clear, sound is great....wOOt wOOt She is an all-around supa star. Check her, just subscribe now. Do it!
I look forward to watching your podcasts on my Iphone. You are short and to the point and make me aware of great products...which I promptly buy.....You also have great ideas on a variety of scrapbooking subjects. Thank you so much and keep up the Great Work!
If you are looking for the perfect scrapbooking podcast... you found it. Wonderful tips and ideas, I only wish the shows were longer, and she took more time to go into more detail. If you want more go to her website, there are more shows archived there.
I have just subscribed to your podcast and have had so much fun watching all of your tutorials. You have some great ideas that have inspired me to get creative!
Love the podcast. Very informative and love the use of her own layouts. My only complaint is the picture of Noell. I almost didn't subscribe because I thought that she had a cigarette in her mouth, not a straw. Might want to use another picture.
I love Noell's ideas, her videos are fun to watch and the quality is great. This podcast is perfect for new and seasoned scrappers alike.
Luv your show...
I have just found this podcast and I love it! Very professionally done and great topics. I have been thinking about getting some Heidi Swapp masks and after watching your episode about masks and paint, I will pick them up soon. Thanks for doing such a great job! Keep up the good work!!
This podcast is one of the best I have seen. Noell covers very good topics.
So fun to watch...Noell is so cute :) and shares very managable and inspiring projects!!
I love Noell's Podcasts. They're to the point and brief and I always learn something little to incorporate into my scrapbooking. This type of thing is exactly what I want from a Podcast. Thank You Noell.
I spent one afternoon Googeling "Scrapbook Layout Guides" and came across your site. I spent a couple hours watching your archives. Your layouts are really great. They are not the same 4x6 vertical and horizontal placement as is usual. Your layouts are visually pleasing and calming (to me) than the collage and brightly colored stuff that I tend to see. Thank you for your podcasts. I really like them.
Great little podcasts that are just a few minutes long so you can catch them on the go. Obviously you can't get into a ton of detail in a podcast this short, so I feel they are geared more toward less experienced scrappers. They are professionally produced and look very slick. Well done Noell!
I love Noell's podcast and website. I've enjoyed watching it evolve over time (new titles, new haircut!). Her style is clean, classic, contemporary, and just beautiful.
Noell, I almost forgot to tell you that I think it would be good if you could put a note on the iTunes page letting people know if they go on your website all episodes are there. If it already says this somewhere that I missed just deleat this message. Take Care, Joseph W.
Noell's podcast is extremely well done! The video quality and production is stellar. Noell's tips and techniques are thoughtful, well researched, and well demonstrated. Her layouts are trendy and contemporary, but still classic. She also has a great hosting voice and presence, which is a true skill and talent. She continues to add to Paperclipping to make it match the needs of her audience. Thank you Noell!
These podcasts are very professional and Noell is an awesome contemporary scrapbooker. She focuses on techniques and tips rather than product reviews and her podcasts are fairly short. Her layouts are inspiring.


This is a very professional podcast with great tips and tricks for any scrapbooker. Jackie
Paperclipping is a really high quality podcast -- so professional. Noell presents well on camera and her tips are very clear. The camera work shows details as necessary. Noell has good and contemporary ideas and layouts. I look forward to each podcast.
I enjoy all the different techniques and design tips that are presented here on Paperclipping... It's really helpful and such high quality videos! The layouts are super rad and Noell is like clear and really easy to listen to and understand. Usually I would watch them while I scrapbook, because they are so inspirational and help my creative juices flow! Thanks Noell for doing this wonderful podcast!
These are great professional-looking video podcasts. It's always quick and to the point. She makes it fun and interesting without feeling impersonal. A contemporary way to look at scrapbooking, aka paperclipping.


By ATabby2
I truly enjoy all the tips you give on the design elements in scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is so much more than just putting pictures on a page with a few embelishments. I have learned a lot and enjoy using the new techniques you share. I also use your ideas for making cards. Thanks for doing such a good job. ATabby2
Noell Your podcasts are fabulous. You share great information and ideas. Thanks so much. I look forward to more!!!
Noell does a fantastic and professional job presenting some really creative ideas for scrapbooking! I always look forward to seeing each new episode.
This podcast is high-quality, informative, and just plain fun. Noell does a great job of being real about her scrapbooking by sharing what works, tips, and lots of ideas. New and not-so-new scrapbookers will love her podcasts. She does new ones often, so be sure to check out her blog often! Karen
I look forward to these great podcasts each week. They are really informative, but really short and concise. Also, I like the way Noell lays out pages. Her pages are what I want mine to be someday!! Great job! Georgeann
Thanks for your informative podcasts about scrapbooking and design. I learn a lot from your work. I especially like how you illustrate the elements of good design on your pages.
Between Noell's inventive layouts and clever new ways to use accessories to the video shots and editing, Paperclipping is a must see for all scrapbookers, creative types and film enthusiasts everywhere. She certainly inspires me and I don't scrapbook, but she makes me seriously consider taking it up.
Wonderful resource (and FUN to watch)... great information and inspiration on scrapbooking. You can tell Noell is passionate about what she does, and the video quality is suberb. Keep them coming!
Finally an informative and well-done podcast for scrapbookers! Noell does a perfect job of providing useful information and tips in a manner that is professional and to the point. Unlike many other podcasts out there, this one is simple and straight to the point. In just a few minutes she provides a wealth of information on design, techniques, and so much more. It's perfect for those busy scrapbookers who would rather be scrapbooking then glued to their iPod screens. Thanks Noell for the inspiration! Keep up the good work!
This is a great podcast for anyone wanting to learn more about scrapbooking. Personally I find it hard to get myself to commit the time and sit down with my scrapbooking, however Noell always gets me excited to pull everything out and give her tips a try! The production of this podcast is amazing as well. Thanks Noell!!


By JScraps
I can't get enough design tips, and yours are great. I just discovered your podcast and like it very much. Keep them coming!
These podcasts are very professional! I really enjoy all the great scrapbooking tips you share. Thank you!
I just found your podcast -- great job, like your website too. I hope there's more to come. Thanks for the cool ideas. Thanks, Debbie

By T-Wan
This podcast is a great idea and very helpful if you're new to scrapbooking. I really enjoyed the Brainstorm A Design podcast.