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By FDay
I feel that my time is very valuable and am always interested in getting the most for every minute. With that I was very interested in a one-minute how to...The problem is that this "one minute" is often five minutes. I have yet to listen to an actual one minute podcast, which is disappointing.


By Neka87
This podcast is amazingly short while still being quite informative. Thankfully the host covers a diverse array of topics and gets specialists in the field to tell you "How-To". This explanation is accompanied by a bio of the specialist in case the listener wants a bit more on the topic. Not every podcast is my style but I guarantee there is more than 1 podcast for you.
This podcast really helped. I finally know what this whole RSS is about. Even my Mom doesn't even know about it. Thanks.
IT is great to listen to this awesome podcast. I love that I can digest so much information in such little time. As this project grows and grows it is great to hear from a unique amount of talent. George allows the talent to just be themselves and it shows!
This show rocks. Not every topic will be useful to you, but you'll be surprised by how many will be. The podcaster's formula is simple. Find an expert, have that expert summarize a topic in their realm of expertise, and have them publicize their book, website, podcast, etc. Contrary to another reviewer, this can be helpfull if you want more instruction than just one minute or info on a related topic.
I admit, I am biased as someonewho was interviewe for this podcast - but I did check it out before I went on and liked what I heard. A fun, random mix of topics. I can say that George works hard to frame the topics and keep everything tidy. Personally, I had fun giving the podcast and will keep listening.
The only thing I have to say about this podcast is "unique", I highly recomend it to anyone who has a minute to spare and who would like to learn something interesting. 2 thumbs up!
I love most of the content on this podcast. The guests are given just 60 seconds to sum up their topic. However, the host then goes on to ask them questions, or share his thoughts on the topic. Finally, he ends with "ok, is there anything else you'd like to talk about?" At this point, the guests plug their podcasts, their websites, etc. It's unnecessary additional information that could easily be added to the show notes, without lengthening the podcast.
I enjoy the variety as well as the value of each of the postings on this podcast. I look forward to hearing the tips!
I love these podcasts - very fun, short & to the point and perfect for all of us out there with ADD :)
George has a variety of interesting guests. It's short and I love the fact that he gives his guests an opportunity to promote their own website. That way if he has a speaker talking about something I am particularly interested in, I can go to their site and learn more.
The One Minute How to is a cool show and a useful tool to learning new things. If you can't say it in 60 might not be worth talking about.
At turns silly and fun -- from tips on how to talk like a pirate, to hints on getting your podcast listened to -- George comes up with the how-tos to questions you didn't even know you had.
Cool podcast! It's short and to the point and always inventive. You never know what topic George is going to cover next! Especially liked the one about "How to Flirt In Spanish Without Saying a Word." ;)
This podcast is awesome! Not only will you learn how to do practically everything, more than you'd ever imagine possible in a podcast, but this show is also a great who's-who of the podcasting community. One Minute How-to provides a great, fast way to know what's out there in the podosphere and which podcasts might be right up your alley. You can't lose with this one.
If you want to learn about anything or just love to learn this is your podcast. Plus great source to begin to find out more about almost anything.
Good if you pick and choose, and skip to the actual minute of How-To. There's a LOT of extra talking.
One Minute How-To is an excellent show that gets right to heart of "how to". George is a great host and his various experts give just the right amount of information. Think of it as a "quick start guide" instead of a detailed service manual, which is all most people need anyway. Well presented, and well produced. A real winner.
I'm a fan of short podcasts (and do one myself that's usually less than 10 minutes long) and thus have a great appreciation for the ability to be brief and educational at the same time. George had a really great idea here and has gained himself a new subscriber. Thanks!
I have enjoyed this podcast for several months. While some of the topics have been interesting, some have left me scratching my head. But, I think that is some of the fun of it. One never knows what topic will be covered from how to use a ladder to how to play guitar. The show's total length is more than 1 minute, but the actual how-to stays pretty close to the time limit. R U Listening?


I found a lot of these to be interesting, but one thing that got on my nerves is that the How to Lose Weight podcast (Item #51 I believe) was basically an advertising podcase for the lady's website and cookbook. I found that annoying, but all in all, these podcasts are nice!
This is another informative podcast to listen to. Each show a guest comes on the show and is given one minute to teach people how to do something. These can range from things like how to call 911 to how to personalize a squash. R U Listening?
It's called the One Minute How-To, and the guests are given 60 seconds, but they frequently, if not always, go overtime. Better to call it the Two-Minute How-To, cause that is closer to reality.