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eXpansion your awesome I love your music. Keep up the good work and keep spinning. I am so lucky I found you guys. I turned my girlfriend on it and she fell in love with your music. Thanks for the awesome music once again. Keep up the wicked tunes. :) Happy satisfied fan. :)
i fell in love with dubstep after hearing it on this podcast! best one on itunes so far. i also listen to electronic explorations with rob booth. another great podcast.
I just caught on to this Dubstep and can't get enough. The beats are sick and the mixing is on point. I personally don't mind the talking, it's not mindless talk like you get on some shows. Very informative, I heard a couple tunes on here that I wanted to buy and got the track name and artist.
I personally enjoy hearing the voice of the podcaster every five minutes, it's annoying and gets me out of my groove. cool that and this podcast would be better.
good stuff fellas, the mixes never disappoint. if you like dnb you owe it to yourself to tune in... ez
If you like drum and bass, you'll love this podcast!