Epicurious: Food and Drink

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I tried to subscribe to this podcast, but iTunes gives me the message that it does not seem to be a valid podcast URL.
6 separate videos for pie crusts? Somenody has too much time on their hands. Why would you just look at one of the six? Why doesn't epicurious grow up and make meaningful videos instead of the condescending format they chose?
One doesnt sharpen a knife with a steel. Dont give the impression that you can. Dissappointed with dumbing down techniques and over simplification gimmicks... I'll stick to America's Test Kitchen folks...
I find that these podcast's use very illegitimate techniques, for example. In the dicing video, half of the celery is wasted. In addition, in the omlette video, the omlette is still not cooked.
I love, love, love the episodes with Gabby. Keep 'em coming.
Amazing presentation of important skills and tips. Nice, short clips, so it's easy to pick and choose.
These videos are extremely helpful. They are keepers.


These are very basic, short tutorials for those who do not know how to cook at all and/or want to cook Rachael Ray type recipes. For those who already know how to chop a cabbage and sharpen a knive, I'd look elsewhere for intermediate and professional tips. Though, it is informative for what it is.
Very informative. I have always wanted to learn how to cook and I've finally found an easy way. Nicely shot too.
These sessions are short, simple, focused, and can help harried cooks avoid a turkey of a turkey. Hope Epicurious will do more podcasts on food prep and recipes. One bowl of gray broccolli or rubbery shrimp is too many; life is too short to eat bad food.
these videos are a god send! what a wonderful step by step guide to basic kitchen techniques
really teaches how to cook. great reference tool for food lovers. fills in the details that recipes don't always offer. everything is clear and do-able! now i can use these while cooking. love these.