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The church is do diverse! New Life wants all of Gods people, not just a certain type of person. There is so much love and humility in that place and during worship you can always feel the presence of Gods love and The Holy Spirit. Pastor Steve always delivers a powerful message. All glory goes to God!
Best church in Ventura County, Pastor Steve keeps it real every Sunday, go see for yourself.


By lisamo5
So pastor Steve is my uncle Steve! Been apart of new life since it started in 1997! But I just recently got married a year ago and moved to San Diego! Missed hearing my uncle speak but now I have this on my phone I feel at home!
I am a 6 grader and I have been going to new life since I was four years old and I love the church I got my mom to start going to church because my grandpa took me and now she got baptized.
I started comming not to long ago and ALL the pastors.. Ray krystal kevin andrew chuck and Steve are all wonderful and deliver the message how its to be told. I love the podcasts and being able to Re-Hear the message during the week or going back and listening to a service from Months Back...
I'm so blessed to have been invited to this church. I was far away from god my life was just a mess and I had no direction or purpose in my life. I love attending new life and even though at times pastor Steve is a bit harsh it pushes me to be a better person each and everyday. New life is now my home church
I love this church. The pastors really deliver the word so effectively that inspires you to do God's will in your life. I have been attending another church for about a year now to help it grow and I long for visiting New Life, which I do on occasions. Now with the podcasts I feel like I'm there every Sunday being inspired every single week. Thank you God and thank you New Life for creating this podcasts. Jose Hopkins
At New Life We Are So Blessed. I Love Our Church And Everyone In It. Such A Loving Church Family. :)
Says it all...a new life! Love this Church and all that it is about! Our congregation is so loving and filled with the Spirit that you will see that radiate when you visit there. The message is wonderful and u can listen again with the podcast..which is so convenient!!
I recently moved to Florida and couldn't find a church as great as New Life so I decided to download their podcasts! Best decision ever! It's like carrying pastor steve in my pocket!


I am so thankful to finally have found this Podcast! I went to New Life for 3-4 years & just recently moved to Florida to work at DisneyWorld. I've been having trouble finding a church & am so excited to have found pastor Steves podcasts! I feel like a have a little piece of home with me! Hope all is well with the new building! Thank u! Godbless! Sincerely,Chanel Verdugo.
This is a greatly blessed church, truly anointed with the holy spirit. My wife and I have gone of to do ministry in other places and it's wonderful to stay in touch by being able to hear Gods word through Pastor Steve. May the Lord continue to bless NewLife!
This church is HOT!! It is on fire and growing! I have been going to this church for about 9 years off asnd on when i am in the area and it is growing! It is the love and devotion that really come across!