Reviews For Tribeca Film Festival 2007-2010

I haven't gone to any of the live events but I'm grateful that Apple and IndieWIRE has generously uploaded these podcasts for free to download to any iTunes vistor. As a film student I found these podcasts increasingly helpful in that the interviews are not generic questions found in E-Press kits of the filmmakers promoting their films. Questions that are asked are questions that film students find to be important to answer. Such as how does one work with a difficult actor or how does one approach acting to a certain director's preference. Most of these interviews are moderated by actual filmmakers that respect their fellow thespians. Barry Sonnenfeld the director of the Men In Black series moderates The Coen Brothers discussion and Mary Harron the director of American Psycho interviews actor Clive Owen. They bring into discussion very few entertainment journalists attempt. So if you're a film student whether you're beginning or you're already learning, I reccomend you to download and listen to all of these podcasts which will help you get into the mindset of a filmmaker.