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By cjfaol
I love this, it is entertaining, short, to the point and enjoyable.
Dr. P is a visionary with his compelling presentation of geeky space stuff. You think this stuff doesn't stick with you? For one thing, it doesn't when done in a droll manner aka everyone elses presentation. For another thing, these videos are worth replaying again and again. Dr. P is tha man! Highly recommended, esp. episode 4 (but all are quite excellent).
For people who have an interest in astrophysics, astrobiology, and astronomy as a whole, this is a fantastic podcast. Doctor P (the host/guy who knows about the physics) is a little nutty. But for those of you who have taken physics in high school or college, you know that all physics teachers are at least a little nutty and hard to understand. It comes with the territory.
Playful to the point of insanity.