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Conservatard snowflakes!
You do a decent job of confusing the truth but not that good. Usually either trite news, rating worthy or propaganda
Cavuto is perhaps the smartest voice on TV. It seems he has been on our TV screens forever, but - maybe thanks to his boyish looks, and despite his several serious illnesses - he still appears young and fresh. Always interesting and original, he is a never-ending source of wisdom, often presented in a light-hearted way. These podcast represent some of the best of Cavuto - in a super-concise format.


By Tulvox
Love your honesty when you speak directly to the POTUS
I personally think that Mr. Cavuto is one of the smartest, classiest people that have ever seen on TV. Something about him makes me trust and respect him. His supporting cast on FBN are also amazing. I'm also a huge fan of Stuart Varney and Charles Paine. I'll tune into FBN before I turn on any other channel. Thank God Neil is back!!!
Love it!
Ok so a few liberals came in here and panned the podcast. Well, if you are looking for vile material for people that have no clue. Go elsewhere. If you hate Fox, go elsewhere. If you are not as open minded as you claim to be, go elsewhere. If you do not believe you are responsible for your actions, go elsewhere. I really don't care how much a liberal hates Fox or anything associated wiith it. Just pack up and sit in your own kool-aid stand and stay our of our beer booth. Cavuto is clever and fun. He hits the nail on the head and pulls no punches, telling like it is. Love the guy and his morals.
One of the few who is trying to be fair and balanced as a reporter, without obvious agenda and leaning direction. Thank you Neal..
Notice how immature and uninformed some people are with their one star comments. If you don't like him, or fox news, why are you even on his podcast page? Nothing better to do? Great job Neil! You rock! :)
Keep it coming. Funny is good-Americans love it. Longer is better.
Neil, I love every minute I have with you but I can't get enough! Please make your podcasts longer!!! You are such a tease!
Great show that is extremely informative. Very Fair and Balanced. Take that MSLSD!


By 8kq87p
Sheep are looking for a shepard but find a remedial jackass who does not have one unique thought. If you want to become a dumber person, please listen to this failcast
Neil please don't try to wash my Brain with your wrong info. We're not damn as you think. If you think you know it all then quite Fox and find a better network than FOX.
to the point and thoughtful, enjoy his show, he allows his guests to speak and asks them the important questions. love it
Great Show! Look forward to Neil's common sense every day!
Where is Neil at? I miss his biting and VERY accurate commentary on the goings-on that our "Leaders" are all about ... We need to hear his voice and wit in order to keep OURS!
Neil Cavuto's podcast is extremly sharp, witty, humorous, insightful, entertaining and I must say right on the nose most every time. I only wish they would put a FULL podcast of him. AT LEAST keep the nuggets coming far more often, (like daily), however I'd LUV to hear an hour! To one of the sharpest financial and analytical mind and emotional reasoning people I've heard. The very best to Neil.
Neil tells it like it is. Like it or not.
It’s exactly what is says – common sense – unadvertised events, trains running on time, normal people and behaviors in unusual circumstances. In a world craving for spectacular, that is rare and welcome…. Bravo Cavuto!
if you'd like to be distracted and part of the problem. if you really want to be associated with whats wrong with america. buy into fox noise
One of the best news commentaries out there, Neil tells it like it is and doesn't pull punches.
Like many offerings from Fox, Cavuto spins most issues with a conservative and often republican partisan viewpoint. Opinion it is. Journalism, meaning an unbiased source of accurate information, it is not. Fox promotes itself as the most balanced news source. This is not just a joke but a lie for which hosts like Cavuto have willingly abandoned their journalistic integrity to purpetuate.
Neil Cavuto does not get the credit he deserves for the brilliance he displays in writing. I find him insightful and thought provoking, but whether you like his views or not, one may learn a great deal from Neil in how to present persuasive arguments, examining complex ideas in easy to understand terms, and offering memorable phrases with studies in contrasts. I can truly recommend these podcasts. My only complaint is that they are all too infrequently updated.


Neil Cavuto is right on. His analysis and commentary just really is common sense, and he makes the issues of our day completely simple and easy for anyone to understand.
When it comes to financial markets and current news, he is not afraid to say what no one else is telling you. Plain speaking, compassionate, and insightful.
Neil Cavuto is a very itelligent man, and it certainly comes across in these short podcasts. In under two minutes, Mr. Cavuto will make you laigh, think, and think a little bit more. Very insigtfull, yet quick and light-hearted. He choses his words carfully, and he illistrates his points well.
Mr. Cavuto, who ties with network fellow Brit Hume for the best journalist program on television, always colors his intellectual content with sharp wit. These daily editorial comments are fun and informative, and a great way to spend just a couple of minutes.
Neil Cavuto is the Paul Harvey of Wall Street!
Mr. Cavuto is the best. Check it out, you'll be glad you did.
Great stuff, sometimes light-hearted and funny, other times poignant, but his comments inevitably make you think.