Reviews For Taktaba

Her skills as a dancer and teacher are unmatched! I'm a newby. Thanks for the exter help. I agree with another revier. Would like to see a performance at the end of the teaching incorperating what was taught.
A true artist indeed. She takes her audience to another level. I am a beginner and her level of instruction is superior. Her teaching style is slow and detailed. My Kudos to her. Braaaava!!!
I'm just beginning my lessons, and I still found this extremely interesting and applicable. Nadira Jamal presents her lessons in composition in a very logical and professional way. Not only is she a beautiful dancer, but a wonderfully inspiring teacher.
I am new to belly dancing, and this podcast has been more than helpful with shedding light on both improv and planned choreography. I felt unsure of what to do with the moves and isolations i had learned. I have a ways to go still, but thanks to this podcast I have a more clear idea of what to do! I am also more successful at creating my own combinations because I feel I understand more about the music. Great job Nadira. I plan on buying your dvd. Hurry with the next podcast!
Jamal is a charismatic woman, and one can see that charisma shine forth as she goes into some of her routines. The only downside is that since these are instructional podcasts, only certain moves or combinations of moves are done before Jamal stops and begins lecturing again. It's almost like a dimmer switch is in use as she goes from performer back to teacher mode (which is appropriate). Still, a complete performance incorporating what she has just taught would not only be aesthetically pleasing, but I imagine that those women who are watching to learn would also benefit in watching it all pulled together.
Thank you for taking the time to share techniques that help you understand the music.
Love the content, more voiceover narrative with movement would be great rather than "interview" then technique. I love these!
This is by far the best belly dance podcast out there!!! No fluff, all content.
Thank you a million times over! I love your 3 podcasts! I have been searching for something like this awesome excersize & stress reducing video! I hope they offer more & more & more. Wonderful dancing & talented routine! Thanks again :)
I have been dancing a long time and I didn't think about combinations in this way before- I have found it a very effective way to teach dance routines to beginning dancers. You learn a little something from everyone. Bravo and thank you!
i was skeptical at first but thought why not just check it out, and I am so impressed. I agree with the first review this podcast has given me some really great ideas for my next routine, I cant wait for her next episode. Finally a bellydancing podcast worth downloading!!
This first episode really gave me some ideas about my next performance. I can't wait to see the next one. Thank you for taking the time to do this.