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Tim Jones is one of the most talented DJ’s that the UK has to offer. He not only has a good appreciation of music content, but, he understands sound, and the technology that goes along with it. His background in technology speaks volumes. Well worth listening to. Many all over the world, and here in the U.S. do appreciate him and his talents.
I just can’t stop moving when I listen!
I just now found Tims mixes, and I am in the middle of getting everyone of them. I am gonna make my iPod smoke. These mixes are definately going in the car this spring and summer. Top down, volume up, I am gonna blast these mixes every time I get in the car. Great work Sir, You just gained another fan over on the United States side of the pond, Job well done, well worth the search.


Its ok, if your looking for "disco" house music. It all kind of sounds the same these days. Kind of like disco house meets keyboard synth house.
Tim is the best, and these podcasts are awesome. I'm creating a pretty large fan base for you Tim in San Francisco :)
Easily the best podcast on iTunes...also great website with lots of music to listen to and buy!
From the ones I've heard they have been great! Good dance, great beats and you don't even have to skip/fast forward since they are all good tunes. Kepp it up!
Tim's work is great! All of his mixes are great ways to chill, get upbeat, and party as hard as you want to. If you ever get a chance, be sure to check him out live at Tonker in London or other places he is spinning!
Thanks Tim!!! the tribal ones are great! Besos from Lo Angeles, CA
Tim Jones has done some fantastic mixes and I have especially loved his recent Winter Chill mix. Very uplifting, mellow and soulful for the long winter days. It's like having a warm blast of air listening to this music. I especially liked tracks #4, 7 and 8. Keep up the great work, Tim, and I am grateful to you for your wonderful contributions.
I love the mixes that DJ puts together. I also love his pictures that go along with his music. Its like i have a personal DJ that knows exactly what i want to hear. Great for exercising, parties or just for listening. I am very confident that you will like it as well. His music is as great as his looks.