Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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I was surprised!! The lessons were not bad for free lessons!!
4 stars only based the video itself which could improve with a more dynamic set instead of the unattractive blue wall and the video quality isn't the greatest it could be. On the other hand the content is priceless and should be something we have to pay for! This video is not for someone who just bought a guitar though, basic knowledge of chords and being able to hit bars is key to this video, but if you're in the transition stage (beginner/intermediate) and have hit a plateau in your playing this is the video that will get you inspired again and learning new skills!
Easy to follow lessons, great for a begginer, like me... great quality, good close ups that help to see what he is talking about in the lesson. Good pace... keep up the good work. Thanks Peter
The closest thing to a private teacher. Short, to the point and easy to follow. It has been more usefull than some courses I PAID FOR. Nice contribuition to everyone. I hope it evolves into a intermediate, and them why not? an advance course. I bet it will be a big sucess to all. Thanks Peter.


These podcasts are excellent - well organized, each lesson has an easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction set and each set finishes with a complete song to add to one's portfolio. Over all, an excellent teaching tool.