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No, not Lisa and Ryan (though they're a rare & happy marriaege, too), but TS themselves are a rare and happy marriage of club-style electronic dance music and melodic pop sensibilities. Most efforts to keep one foot in the mainstream and the other in the underground sound as awkward as that position does; the Squirrels pull it off gorgeously. I've used them on my Podrunner & Groovelectric podcasts and will again. Give 'em a listen -- their grooves will stay with you long after you take your headphones off.
That...was...the...most...awsome...podcast...ever...I mean it!
Bravo!! I enjoyed hearing and seeing the new material performed! Can't wait for the album!
It's really fun and you actually learn something about music production. But most of all I love hearing the rough ideas in the end of Episode 1. It's so interesting to hear how songs start out before all the production has glossed it up. So, yes, I'd recommend this Podcast. Keep supporting the Techno Squirrels and Indie music in general!!!
This podcast totally rules! I like the Suirrels' music, but it's super cool to get to know them a little better outside of their music making. I also loved the new video podcast with Puff. I really liked the remix they did of "mute", so it's cool to get a little more background on how it was made etc. I can totally recommend this podcast!
Fans of electronic music should love Techno Squirrels and getting to see them on camera or on their radio show regularly is even better. They don't have so many shows up yet but I totally recommend subscribing so you just get a present in your iTunes podcast list every now and again! :D
I really enjoyed listening to this. Cool podcast worth subscribing to.