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Mendacity Hall
I noticed how almost all FOX news reports on the same things. At the time of this review the truly newsworthy reports on first ladies. I suppose this is better than the continual propaganda generated by this outlet. No wonder there are bands on FOX in Great Britain. It is sad that so many Americans believe that FOX, the creator of 'fake news', (propaganda) is credible. I suppose these people won't wise up until it affects them personally if at all. There are upstanding conservatives snd true to form, FOX never reports on them. These are people who can work by Pardison who were honest empathetic admirable Americans. I guess stoking hate is better for the ratings.
Grade A, top-knotch podcast
Reports on Hilary’s email like it’s the end of the world but doesn’t report on the trump administration uses of personal emails.


Stay away
Was glancing at the reviews just now. They go all the way back to at least 2006. That's a helluva run. Five Stars.


The most biased news source and podcast ever. They straight up lie and brainwash viewers. Try democracy now.
No spin zone
Like I said, total garbage.
Very disappointed. 2 human interest stories a day without any real news. I like Fox News but this is an absolute joke.
"Jules" the singer, humble home time beginnings is a "3 Min Fox News Flash?!?" People... Honestly. Get professional ok? It's not fanboy radio!
Enjoy your show. I watch it while riding the bus to work. So why are there missing shows.....
Definitely, I love Fox & Friends because it's a really good news show if your either watching it on cable or getting quick info from online. This is the best news source simply because it's honest.
Thank God for Fox News. I’ve had my full of liberal msnbc bias
The only decent news channel out there
Terrible! Ridiculous! I thought this would have substantive reporting and professional and sophisticated news coverage. Instead the last three I've seen have involved interviewing victoria secret models about bras and interviewing the cast of jersey shore.....really Fox! So substandard. Instead of real news, I feel like I'm watching a podcast of a grocery store tabloid and celebrity gossip magazine! I'm stunned these 'reporters' would waste time on such insignificant material and topics and leave out the real news with professional topics. Unsubscribing is the best click I made all week!!
Fair and balanced indeed! Thank you Fox!


By sc0001
It's cable infotainment, with a heavy right wing bias and a scary disregard for simple journalistic standards and practices. I don't have a problem with a conservative slant; I read and enjoy the Economist and admire Ronald Reagan, for example. But the reporting should drive the point of view, not the other way around. Fox News has really done harm to the political discussion in America. They have a perfect right to do it--even a-holes like Murdoch are covered by the First Amendment. But it should be disavowed and marginalized by any thinking, patriotic American.


By Runnn21
I'd love to slap the taste of of Steve Douchies mouth. He is the definition of a presstitute. This is the filth these people pass of a News?
Media is scared you never talk about Ron Paul when he he is winning most of the polls
If you LOVE the status quo, hate people who don't have much income or prosperity, and can't get enough racist tones in your news, then this if for you! Remember, Jesus hated the poor also, you right wing Christians are right on track!
I love fox news. so refreshing to hear all political view points . liberals only want their views so narrow minded
Anything with the Murdoch touch is completely corrupt and void of human compassion. It's all about making the rich richer! Dishonest and way off balanced.
I am in total agreement with Serafinos. THANK YOU for speaking up. The other reviews DO fear the truth. We have had to put up with their ideology for decades. First the newspapers (NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, LA Times, etc.), then Hollywood, then all the idiot celebrities that speak out on behalf of their latest (and unrealistic) causes, and on and on... Finally, those that just work hard for a living, know our priorities, and try to sort out the truth to get our country back to being what America is all about, Fox News helps resonate our message that we are for what America was created to be, a country that is clear about it's convictions of a democratic process. Thank you FOX!!
It's obvious Fox tells the truth when reviews are loaded w/rabid moonbats & Obama lapdogs attacking w/lies, hate & proof they're fed talking points from George Soros. Keep up the great job, Fox News. TOP RATINGS of Truth!


Our sons and daughters have been coming home for nearly a decade now to defend this party's narcissistic ideologies.


Ewwwwwwwww biased republicansssss!!! Ewwwww
These opinionators make up the news as they go along, so there is no need to fact check. Listening can turn a person into a hate monger with mush for brains.
What a waste of time! Fox is just an arm of the Republican party.
Fox news has done to news what MTV did to music. It is a third rate news and analysis channel for homophobic, bigots and close minded conservatives. NPR and Aljazeera are the only two networks left with credible news and in-depth analysis.
When is fox going give us real news? All their shows use the same talking points. Why
Whoever has all the time to write the suspiciously similar negative reviews on EVERY Fox News app really needs to find a job doing something constructive!!
Please just report the news and Cavuto needs to let his guests finish without constantly cutting them off...irritating!!!
I can't believe people actually spend time watching this stuff let me rephrase people actually waste time watching this crap?
The best news network!
These are the only folks I really trust to tell it right.
Can Mr. Beck put away his hitler and Nazi signs already.
Good stuff
The most biased news network in the world! That's why it's faux news!
Super easy target for ANYONE checking their "facts"
... that every single Fox News podcast is just clips from their shows. If you want full news from real journalists you need to watch the MSNBC podcast. As much trash talking Fox has said about every other station they do not know what news is. (To me they seem like the boy who cried wolf, we're news, we're news, everybody else is a liar.) As a person who has studied journalism, FNC is so off base, they are an opinion, emotional, shock value station. They keep their viewers in the dark and only give them the most far right opinion of any and everything going on in the world. I also recommend Washington Week, it is a wonderful podcast where every political spectrum is represented and the host is a level headed journalist, who asks the questions and doesn't put her personal opinion on it.
Fox News is under constant and vicious attacked by the left. This is a transparent attempt to divert attention away from the outrageous bias of the mass media who have perpertrated a scam on the American public for the last fifty years. Fox news and talk radio stand as the only warriors to challenge our nation's free fall into socialism. Fox News Flash offers a refreshing balancing force, an island of sanity in the sea of liberal/progressive propaganda.
HATERS, shut your pie hole! Stick with that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you worship at the altar of Obama beside Kuric, Maddow, Matthews, Olbermann, Maher, Stewart, etc… Take your “hope and change" along with your immigration reform, cap and trade, financial reform, and the health care bill then move to one of the seven extra states Obama spoke of during his campaign and see how social justice works for you. I'll stay here with the rest of America and watch The #1 News Source FOX NEWS!
I honestly have it on my 50 inch plasma t.v. from 7a till 9pm. I now have a burn in of their logo in the lower left corner of my screen after 2 years :( Yet, I love my FOX.