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I am a new listener as of a few months, but I’ve already listened to most of what is available in the podcast app. I’d like to go in the direction of law when I can afford to and I work for a family law attorney at the moment. This pod is a very good companion at work and teaches me new things each episode! I can easily see this podcast being enjoyable to many types of people, as well. The host(s) are pretty good with explaining quickly and efficiently what words/ phrases/ etc. mean for the average listener who might not be very familiar with any sort of area of law. Thanks for an excellent listen, TWIL.
One of my top 3 fave podcasts, and I'm not a lawyer. SO informative, interesting, entertaining. Even though I don't understand all the legal language, it still never gets boring.
If you looking for up to date technology of law news this is a great podcast for that. Very interesting guests and interesting analysis. I will admit there is a slight liberal bias for this podcast, but with that in mind it is still one of my favorite for getting that side of the argument! Keep it up guys, you rock!
Really wanted to like this show, but it's unbearably long-winded -- and not due to the material, but the hosts. Two hours is too many. Tighten it up and I'll be back.
This is one of the two best shows on Twit TV (the other being Triangulation). Conversations with law professionals who are out in the working legal world (not just journalists) about current critical topics that can affect all our legal rights involving copryright, patents, privacy, software agreements, social networks, etc., in our increasingly tech driven lives. This podcast is extremely important, and I wish more people in the tech indistry (let alone in general) made it a regular listen like I do.
This is the only Twit net cast I don't listen to. It is very uninteresting and drags on and on. A lot of the time it doesn't have anything to do with tech.
I've been listening regularly for awhile. Some episodes are informative, though they tend to drag and are best listened to at double speed. However, the latest episode, 187, is all about sexism, groupthink, politics, and family issues in the workplace; nothing about tech at all. Unsubscribing now; there are plenty of other ways I can get more info in less time.
My new favorite podcast. Keep on trucking
For us non legal types... It is a great show on how the law should be applied even though it sometimes is not.


I love this show am waiting for the Video version soon Like it now that it is on once a week.
Other than Doug Lichtman's IP Colloquium (which uses a different format and more narrow focus), this is one of the best IP/Tech law podcasts I've come across. I used to listen to Denise Howell's Sound Policy (on IT Conversations) & Bag and Baggage podcasts and discovered only today that she had started a video/podcast series. I actually watched the most recent episode on the Bag & Baggage homepage, #58, from beginning to end even though the first 5 minutes involved the participants struggling with technological issues. It says a lot about Denise's reputation and the quality of her contributors that I was willing to stick it out. Once the conversation got rolling, there was a fantastically high level discussion of a number of current topics in cyberlaw on issues ranging from the Gizmodo fiasco to the ACTA & telecom law. I don't know whether this was just a particularly excellent group of contributors (I'm under the impression that the cast rotates), but all of them were able to talk extemporaneously and really clearly about some pretty complicated issues. That being said, the episode I listened to was super long and I don't know if I'll have to time to listen/watch a similarly long and unedited show every week.
They cover current topics and discuss trends in technology, law, and IP. The commentators are both smart and hip, and for me provided just the right level of detail. More extensive coverage than mere soundbites, without getting pedantic. As a Law Student, I really enjoy the show, finding the topics relevant and informative. Keep up the great work!
This is is great podcast for anyone interested in how the law and technology intersect and effect each other. Denise and her guests bring a wealth of experience and insight to the discussion of very interesting topics. Highly recomended!!!
Other tech podcasts talk breifly talk about law, yet this podcast goes into deeper detail about Law in the tech world... Its about time.
I don't know if it's just the most recent episode, but I really enjoyed this podcast. It right on with TWiT in quality, and was a little more focussed and on topic which was nice for a change. Keep it up. I really look forward to future episodes.
Not as painful as sitting through a continuing legal education lecture, the idea seems to be to pop some recent IP events or decisions on the guests and let them briefly discuss how they think a court's analysis would go given applicable legal tests and doctrine. In other words, they make educated guesses regarding whether you are breaking the law. Should be interesting! Instead it's terrible. Not all lawyers are horrid at making presentations, but this troupe clearly feels minimal prep is acceptable. On the positive side, they have an element of spontaneity where they think through the legal analysis. But why is that all we get from this podcast? The end product is something not as interesting to listen to as it is (I'm sure) intellectually rewarding to create.
We're in new country with the explosion of the web and new media. This show helps navigate the especially tricky legal waters. Easy to listen to, laid-back but highly credible. I recommend it.
very irregular syndication. huge gaps in release dates. production values still low re: sound quality. but the programs are interesting.
Highly recommended in spite of the places where it could improve quality. Kudos (the good points first): 1. The core group of guests seems to be forming a good dynamic amongst each other, almost like a family. 2. The topics are current and not (to my knowledge) discussed often enough in legal blogs and podcasts. Things that could improve: 1. Inform at least some of the guest speakers about the episode's agenda and have the speakers come prepared to talk. Too many instances of "I'm not familiar with that case (or issue)" occur during the podcast. 2. Episodes aren't weekly, as the podcast's name states. Either go weekly (I'd like that, but you might not get any real work done) or change the podcast name to "This Month in Law". But I guess TMIL doesn't enunciate well in English. 3. Sound quality varies, but for the most part, it's understandable. C'mon reviewers, the content is important, not the fact that they can't get William Orbit to be their sound engineer.


If you're going to call your podcast "This WEEK in LAW," isn't it kinda incumbent on you to release more than one episode a month?
Informative and interesting, another great twit podcast, wish it was more frequently updated though.
It's always an interesting debate and very informative. I only wish it was published more regularly and that the guest had better cell phone connections.
As a law student, it's fairly easy to draw me in with a law podcast, especially one that tends to discuss current legal news. For the most part, the production quality doesn't bother me, although it would be nice if the sound quality of the various bloggers' voices were more uniform. The information is the thing, though, and the content here is thought-provoking and satisfying. That makes it more frustrating, though, to wait a month or more for the next "this WEEK in LAW."
Denise wasn't able to lead the conversation much in the second episode, due to ongoing litigation related to the topic. Unlike websites like groklaw where Pamela Jones can talk about anything she wants (she's not a lawyer), Denise has a professional obligation to her clients first. I applaud Denise's integrity, but it hurts the podcast overall. Maybe the new year will bring some more dynamic conversations in which Denise will be able to participate fully.
This was put in place of the normal TWIT podcast, and at first I was interested, I have to say that interest was quickly squashed. Let's start with the obvious, the sound quality is horrible. They need to coordinate schedules and be together in a room, rather than trying to do it as a conference call. Next, the panelists are BORING! I get that sometimes they are legally/ethically bound to keep quiet, but man, say SOMETHING, and make it INTERESTING! All the dead air was only briefly interrupted by banal, half-baked, guarded commentary. That's not going to cut it.
Although it got off to a rocky start in terms of audio quality, the content has been, and continues to be, great. Denise Howell and guests do an excellent job of commenting on media issues from a legal perspective without using legalese or going over the head of a typical listener. Of course, it is very much a niche show, like many podcasts, so it may be boring to those not particularly interested in the details of issues like copyright, the DMCA, or Net Neutrality. But, for those intrigued by such topics, listening to legal experts discuss the finer points will be very enjoyable. Also, the audio quality is now on par with other shows in the TWiT network, and is pleasing to listen to in terms of production value.
Only two episodes into this new podcast, the production value is low (the sound is pretty bad), and they're still finding their groove. With that said, it's great content. The topics are meaningful and the hosts and guests are intelligent. Keep checking this show. They'll iron out the wrinkles.
Law can be tedious and frustrating. But, like many Podcasters and Musicians, i now believe it is prudent and responsible for us to be savvy to this aspect of our craft. These lawyers are doing their part. My part is to listen carefully to what they are discussing, and grok as much of it as i can. I welcome this Podcast. Thank you.
I listen to most of the netcasts on the TWiT network, but this one I cant listen to. Im not trying to be rude or over the top, but this is terrible. The podcast is just flat, with nothing remotely interesting about it. Also, and this is not that important to me, the audio quality is very poor. Maybe this podcast will mature, I will check back in a bit and see, but right now, its not an option.
Normally I would not listen to something like this but since for some reason this replaced my most recent episode of TWIT I was stuck. Wow, the people in the podcast were very boring and have no ability to hold a audience. What made things worse is the poor audio, you could hear people breathing, shuffling papers and dropping things which made the podcast very hard to listen too. This is a very sad addition to the This Week in Tech network and should never be downloaded...
Worse than watching raisins being made. No spark, no crackle, no interest...
I realize this podcast is free and I don't have to listen if I don't want to. Nevertheless, I expected more the TWIT network. Not only is the subject material incredibly boring, but the production quality is terrible. You can hear people rustling papers and doing their work in the background during the recording. Don't get me wrong. I'm a big Leo fan and this subject could be interesting. Unfortunately, this podcast is a dud.
Who cares? Podcast promotion is so lame.


Sorry can't write a proper review, couldn't make it past 10 min.
It is really another great idea from Leo's Podcast Factory! I think they just need a little time to get comfortable and find their "voice". Mostly I think they need to relax and loosen up like MacBreak Weekly (that assumes that lawyers can relax!). The content is first rate.
Love this podcast, keep it coming!!!
it'll be good to see if this podcast takes off