Consuelo Mack has been hosting this valuable, informative program for decades - taking over from the legendary Louis Rukeyser who originated Wall St Week on PBS. Wealthtrack offers sophisticated advice in easy-to-understand terms for the individual investor - novice and experienced alike. Very highly recommended! Thanks to sponsors, Consuelo and production team.
Love the podcast. Wish it was longer
I like the podcast and the guests are great, but please let them speak. Too many interruptions while guests are speaking.
Great interview with Rich Bernstein. I like the way Rich distilled big themes into actionable ideas - to be in “anti income” given rising inflation. Consuelo does a fantastic job keeping the discussion moving forward and asking great qs / counter points!
Consuelo host of WealthTrack highlights all aspects of personal finance and investing in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Fantastic Podcast. Informative, interesting and entertaining. Five Stars.
If you grew up with Louis and WSW you'll appreciate the quality of the show. Consuelo Mack is short on fluff, but goes long on substance, macro views and actionable insights for her listeners.
The show does a great job of selecting guests with tremendous experience in their fields. The questions are sufficiently broad and intelligently phrased. The conversations focus on the concerns of long term investors compared to other related shows that don't.
Consuelo does a great job of directing the show. Guests are organized and informative, having solid records in their areas of expertise. Everyone is biased, as it isn't a history class, it's a show about projections and forecasting. I find the show's pace and sound quality to be easy on the ears.
In a vast, polluted sea of financial journalism, WealthTrack is a beacon. The guests are top-notch: accomplished investors who are also thoughtful observers of markets and history. I love the selection of contrarians like Berkowitz and Romick. This show is one of my very few sources of market commentary.
Consuelo Mack is the real deal. Her show is not theater, but real news. By viewing the show's discussions, I'm on top of what the experts are thinking. This show has been the most important piece of my personal investment strategy.
I never miss this podcast. Very interesting guests and very good information.
David Dreman, Ron Muhlenkamp, Bruce Berkowitz and David Winters have all been interviewed, some multiple times, on wealthtrack. A lot of other stuff on the program is chaff, but there is indeed some wheat to be had here.
Consuelo Mack is smart and interesting. The program usually has a good quick pace. Sometimes guests pump mutual funds which they run with high loads (e.g., 5.75%) without large disclaimers appearing at the same time. Beware of the imbedded ads.