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I hope he keeps on making mixes were can i donate to him via pay-pal?
David is consistently the best DJ of cutting edge dance music. Never too weird or booty like. Just a good mix of hot vocals and club music.
I've searched high and low all over iTunes for some good House music and only came close to a Hed Kandi non stop mix, but this podcast is unbelievable! We have a serious dearth of quality house music here in the US until now! Dave, I'd trade my entire iTunes collection just for your podcast!


By elitx
nice bro, keep spiining
By far the highest quality podcast I have come across. The mixes are amazing and the track selection is masterful. Please keep them coming! And tell us where you are spinning!!!
I am glad I came across this podcast. It's expertly put together, the songs flow together seamlessly. The vocals are soulful with plenty of variety. These mixes will have you up and moving around the room in no time.