The Brit and Yankee Craft Beer Podcast

Reviews For The Brit and Yankee Craft Beer Podcast

The Pubcast is really fun. The guys really know their beer. Years and years of practice, I assume!
I love listening to this podcast, it is very entertaining and I always feel like I have been on a visit with good friends after listening. Phil and Lingo have a great chemistry and they interact as only good friends can. I like listening to shows from the basement bar as well as the visits to breweries and festivals. Could I complain about one thing that I would like to see improved? I would like to hear LOTS more adventures from the Brit and Yankee!! Thanks guys for being awesome!!!!
Why is it when I listen to Phil and Lingo I always wind up craving a tall, cold beer? Check these guys out for a lot of fun with food, drink, and much more!
This isn't just another podcast about beer and beer drinking. Phil and Mike (aka Lingo) do a great job on production, content, and humor. I love the audio tours and the talk with Dave G. Keep up the great work! R U Listening?
I'm not into beer, but I do enjoy hearing about it. I also enjoy wit and smart-alecky comments -- and both are here in abundance. There's also a lot of cool on-location work as Phil and Lingo venture forth each week as the Fry and Laurie of podcasting.
This is fun, I love pubcasts, and I really enjoy how these 2 can play off of each other. Waiting for a fortnight was never more fun. And I even get to learn the British lingo!!)
Best pubcast in and around the city of Chicago! Love it, guys!
The Brit and Yankee is a good time listen, the like of which iis not seen often in the podosphere. A variety show, with musc, tours, interviews it is as close to being down at the local as you can get without being down at the local. Download the show, pull out an ale, set up your darts, whip out your ipod, and create a pub in your own home!