Reviews For Antioch Community Church

Mark Fox is a clear, insightful communicator. I appreciate his teaching and have been greatly encouraged by it. As an expository teacher, he has been able to take the biblical passages at hand and draw out its meaning and application in a very relevant manner. And no, I am not Mark Fox tooting my own horn! ;o)
This Church states that, "the preaching is expository (verse by verse) and relevant, answering our deepest needs with the truth of God’s Word." It is true. The church as of June of 2007 has spent a year and a half exploring the depths of one book of the Bible. There will be some breaks for different topics. Sermons are primarly by the Pastor (and a elder) J. Mark Fox, but all the elders and other men in the body share the preaching load. You will be blessed by the sermons and challenged in your walk. You can find out more about the church at their website. .