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Good game news from funny dudes. Worth a weekly listen.
Been listening for a long time. It’s a really enjoyable podcast. 2 comments: 1) there isn’t much audio production. 2) especially in the last year or so the balance of talk given to each of the primary game companys has been heavily skewed towards Nintendo which sorta alienated those dedicated to the other companies. Find more balance friends.
Great gaming podcast, they’re ex-game journalists from the 90’s so they provide a great insider perspective from that period. Phil Theobald is HILARIOUS and makes the podcast worth a listen based on his comedic merit alone.
This has become my go to podcast anymore! I really love listening to CJ, Greg, & Phil each week!!
Great guys
Get colon cancer; die.
A Nintendo fanboy podcast where at least two of these midlife podcasters have amassed more toys than a classroom full of preschoolers. One even has a side podcast specifically dedicated to toys. And if his insights into action figures, Pokémon cards and other “collectibles” aren’t enough, he will at least throw in a few political jokes in every episode. I’ve found this political commentary is best delivered while he’s playing with an Amiibo or building a Lego set. When they do wonder into a “discussion” about a game on the PlayStation or Xbox, they’ll often conclude that the game in question would be “perfect for the Switch.” For example, you might hear commentary like “God of War is a great game, but wouldn’t it be perfect for the Switch.”
I have been listening to these guys for years and they are one of the classic and most fun gaming podcasts of all time.
This podcast is just not good. I wish them the best but some conversations that sound great among friends should just stay there.
I look forward to listening to these guys each week. The personalities of the hosts really shine through, everyone has their own unique interests yet it’s rarely argumentative and always a joy to listen to. Chris, Phil, Greg, and guys are the best. Thank you for your dedication to produce such an enjoyable show each week. If you aren’t listing to P1P, then you’re (Phil voice) wrong.
I've only been listening to the Player One Podcast for about a year now after discovering it through another podcast. Since then, I've become a patron and listen to every episode every single week. The crew is great both on the show and off through other various channels (shoutout to Generation-16) and the discussion of weekly news topics, games that the crew has been playing, and ripping on Ethan keep me coming back week after week.
The first episode I listened to was the pilot review the review of chrono cross. I totally agreed with what you said about it and since then I haven’t missed an episode!! I commute for about an hour each way to and from work so it a good show to break up the regular music. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait till the next episode!!
Best video game podcast available. Little too much Switch talk but love the balance of the discussion of all platforms and games. Shoutout to Greg Stewart for the rare racing game talk, more please!
...yikes I cannot believe it's been eleven years! This is easily my favorite gaming podcast, it's endured quite a lot. A few character changes over the years but the core has been steady. If you are in your 40s, grew up with Nintendo/Sega and still get a kick out of the hobby then this will be very easy to relate to. The show can ebb and flow like anything else, but the chemistry of the group is palpable and when they are funny it can be difficult to stop listening! Recommended.
Great and fun
Really loving the game talk, quick and to the point, let's me know what I should check out and skip quick.
the guys are fun and entertaining
I wanted to take a chance on another Gaming podcast, and after a few minutes of the latest episode I was struck with a realization. A great deal of the available gaming podcasts share the exact same format: Goof around for ten to twenty minutes, talk about the most recently played game, disseminate the weekly events, and share some opinions that may upset a portion of their listeners. To that end, these guys do a good job. It just leaves me wondering why I need a fourth group of gamers doing the same thing. IT's all about connection right? I could see enjoying this greatly if I was familiar with their other works, sadly I am not and thus didn't end up liking the podcast as much.
I used to really love this podcast, but ever since Mike left it has really gone downhill in quality. Outside of Ethan, the other hosts seem largely disconnected much of the time and rarely have much to bring to the table. As for Ethan himself, he is energetic but often without anything really though provoking to say and he can't carry the show on its own while the other hosts just sit around and say "hm yeah" all the time. I usually only listen now when I run out of other podcasts and even then I often don't have enough interest to see it through.
This was one of my core podcasts once. Balanced banter from all the hosts, an even mix of humor, retro and modern gaming news and opinions. However now that Ethan has joined the team, he flat out hogs air time, actually audibly boring the other hosts because he simply doesn't take a break speaking to let anyone talk. During his "what ive been playing" segments, he goes on and on while the other hosts say "yeah" and "uh huh" until he has nothing left to say and then when hes finished, simply move on because they know if they ask him a follow up question he'll start all over again. I dont mind Ethan as a personality, but guys, seriously, the way he hogs the show and doesnt pass the ball is choking a great show.
I used to enjoy this show but in the last year they have just become the Nintendo chat. The last 5-10 episodes have been nothing but Switch junk. Yes I realize it's a new console but there has been other news in the gaming industry. Plus I'm tired of the commentators sliding in their own personal political remarks into the show. In this era where EVERYTHING is politicized I turn to shows about video games to get away from all of that. If the talk was about politics affecting the gaming world I could understand but these are just them slipping their own personal politics into a show that's not about politics.
i made it to podcast land and i saw a lot of pod cast things. i like vidya-gaaaaames, so i hear these ones like the vidya-gaaaaames. thank you for your time.
Simply put I loved this show, until about spring 2016 when a few of the hosts Greg in particular decided they'd use a video game podcast to make political points. In an era where people are at each others throats figuratively and more increasingly literally Greg thinks it's good to start 9/10 shows off with a cheap political remark reminding all of us how dire the political seen of our day is. I listen to gaming podcasts to avoid politics and social commentary. Thanks For giving me anxiety when I turn on a gaming podcast to de compresss and instead have to hear your cheap parroted political memes. Ruined the show for me.
I discovered this podcast just before episode 500 and I've been hooked ever since. Humorous, knowledgeable and unbiased commentary on the games industry and video games. Having gone back to the first episode and listening through all the earlier episodes it's interesting to see how this podcast has evolved. This has now become my videogame podcast of choice.
At their best when the crew is just screwing around and doing voice impressions.
P1P truly feels like a labor of love. These guys love video games, say awesome/funny things about them, and make you feel like you're just one of their friends.
This is an excellent podcast that is essentially 3-4 mortal enemies coming together to make fun of one another and talk games. It is also one of the few to almost discuss games entirely for better or worse. Granted I like side stuff and I am always interested in the host non-gaming lives(note to hosts it helps the audience relate), but I think this podcast deserves a spot in everyone's, who enjoys the hobby, because of the more focused and on point discussions. Also, Make Ethan a permanent host if possible. He adds a lot to the conversation, rolls with the jokes, has an amicable personality, and overall brings points of views not already covered by Chris, Greg and Phil. Also, they can always hold an open spot for Mike. Good job guys keep it up.
Listen to the first ten minutes of 486, it speaks for itself. The rate in which ideas and news are conveyed is a crawls at best. None of the hosts have a very engaging personality and their monotonous talking is the final nail in the coffin. It is the decaf instant coffee of video game podcasts. None of the hosts are interesting in any way. You would be better off asking the fat 12 year old in the Best Buy video game section about games than listening to the bickering that is this cast. Know it alls who know not much. Just save yourself the frustration and wasted time and head over to IGN and gamespot.
I enjoy listening to this show. Here is a quick summary of the hosts. CJ: Nintendo and Apple fanboy Phil: Perfect combination of amusing and annoying Sewart: Level headed Canadian Mike: Absent most of the time but insightful. (Please come back) Guest hosts: Kevin and Rich bring additional perspectives to the show. Kevin definitely brings the energy levels up. Keep it up.
This is one of those podcasts where you actually have to listen to like 5 or 6 shows to really get a feel for how the hosts interact with each other. When you first listen to the shows, there are some inside jokes that you're not getting, and it makes the podcast seem kinda lame at first. But then you get to know the guys a bit, and it's like 3 or 4 good friends talking about games. Great show.
I think Phil is so hot, hubby hubba!
Good podcast when all are present and accounted for. Really miss Mike.
High school kids in there 30's
The closest thing to media criticism for an industry that desperately needs it.
I've listened to every single episode of the Player One Podcast since it began in 2006. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 500-600 listening hours later, I can confirm that it is often as hilarious as it is insightful when it comes to gaming, both new and old. Indeed, Player One is a fine podcast put on by fine gentlemen. But that doesn't mean I can't plot to thwart it.
Since mike has joined the show as a permanent co-host, the show has suffered considerably. He adds a negative, haughty tone that just doesn't fit with the rest of the crew. He curses frequently, dropping f-bombs every show he's on. I used to be able to play this podcast at work without worrying but can't anymore. Unfortunately I'm unsubscribing. It's getting harder and harder to find a decent video game podcast these days. It's his type of personality and language that's the reason why I found all the "other video game podcasts" unlistenable. And now his addition to the show has added the player one podcast to that list as well. I've tried to listen and "get used to it", but his cursing and negativity has gotten to be too much.
Basically, it boils down to the Player One Podcast and the Bombcast when we're talking gaming audio shows. If you are annoyed by podcast crews going by their gamer tags, then listen hear, there's none of that.
Player One Pod Cast is a great podcast. I love the comedy along with the information provided. Thanks for the great in depth reviews covering all systems. Love it when they invite special guests. Keep up the great work!
The perfect podcast for people who grew up playing videogames and now have the challenge of balancing kids, work, marriage and their favorite hobby. Their diverse tastes and mature take on the games of old and new is a refreshing viewpoint that you won't get anywhere else.
Used to really like this podcast, but that E3 episode was the last straw. Lately they've been much more about pure negativity and snarky one liners. I don't have time for that.
I don't know what i was expecting from a a bunch of white guys, but they were doing really well until the last podcast where they took on the attitude of every other privileaged white neckbeard and laughed at the idea that people were offended by the racist cover of a videogame.
I can't believe I didn't catch on to these guys earlier. The talk is informative and relaxing. Great work
great show guys i used to read egm back in the day .you guys r too funny keep up the good work.
This is the greatest podcast in the history of podcasts! I started around episode 100, and the hosts have such good chemistry and banter that I actually ended up going back and listening to all the original episodes. Despite some of the changes in the hosts, the quality is still there. After so many years of listening to them, I tune in not so that I can get my video game news but just to see what's new in their lives, almost as if the hosts are my friends. I enjoy the fact that they don't take themselves seriously and do go off-topic. There is also a nice balance of opinion on the show. CJ is the Leonardo, the optimistic leader. Phil is Michealangojello, the comedian/party dude who does not take things seriously. Mike is obviously Raphael, always so grumpy. Sewart is obviously Donatello... just cuz I dunno who else Sewart would be. And friend of the show Rich Grisham is Master Splinter, the guy who gets the group under control every now and then and teaches them kung-fu and the true meaning of family. Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind.
What a great show! Very informative and entertaining. Love it!!
This show is the show you should be listening to if you are a gamer. Simple as that.
I can’t stand listening to this show anymore. Sure I never liked Mike but I hate listening to the others as well. Even Phil. And when you hate Phil, you know this show is doing something wrong. I have no respect for these guys anymore. Thanks for 250 great episodes.
Hey guys! I feel like I hear everyone ask to "Rate us on itunes" when listening to my weekly podcasts but I wanted to personally drop in and say that I love what you guys are doing and look forward to the new episode dropping each week. Your take on gaming and the industry is breath of fresh air and I understand that you all could be doing other things with your time. SO this is my very small effort to offer motivation and let you know that I enjoy everything that you all do each week, please keep it going!!!!!!!!!!!
I've listened to about 200 episodes of this podcast, It's really good and provides a realistic take on the new video games,that rings much more honest than some of the other podcasts from game websites. The cast is hilarious and gives you a nice weekly update on all the going ons in the video game world.