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every podcast has to have one host who thinks they’re funnier than they actually are. In this case, it’s Phil.
Been a long time listener saw someone cut up on Phil in a review so here I am to defend his honor
Tried again to listen to and was horrified with the “lets show our 8 year old Aliens?” Of course this inane parenting was Phil...The child really wanted to because he liked the cover art and he is in charge. Previous review below. I am done. Phil has literally ruined the show! See episode 666 as an example. He is so horrible to listen too.. Love the show even when they are talking about games I am not very interested in. They are like old faithful and have almost never missed a week in over 10 years!
I can’t remember if I’ve done a review or not but I’ve been listening to P1P for over four years. I love listening to these guys recount their lives working in the industry during a time when I was young and impressionable. They stay true to their character about current day events and aren’t impressed by random twitter junk that would spark three videos by any other YouTube channel. If you like reminiscing about the history of games but still catch the big news of the week subscribe and enjoy.
I don’t know if I can put this show’s greatness into words. Just...AWESOME. Keep up the good work!
Player One Podcast was one of the first gaming podcasts I listened too. It must have been 2006/2007. I still listen to this day. I knew Phil first from his reviews on GameFly. The whole crew has a video game journalist pedigree. They met at EGM. Needless to say Phil is hilarious… CJ a great host that keeps things on point with a laugh always incoming.. and stewy calls all the BS with great wit. They have great chemistry. I love listening to latest video news and game impressions from their perspectives.
A fun podcast where former game journalists talk about their favorite new and old games. Always happy to hear about the latest good games from Greg and Phil (CJ’s love of sea of thieves makes his taste questionable) the banter is always a lot of fun but you might need to go back and to pick up some of the longer running jokes. the after show is also a great listen.
Best video game podcast out there
Graphics: 🥳 Hosts Chris Johnston, Greg Sewart, and Phil Theobald are all EGM alums and have been in the industry since the 90’s. They’ve aged well and still hold up in 2020. Not your average Doom clone. Sounds: 🤩 This podcast is largely audio-based and delivers weekly news, impressions and loads of laughs every week. Think You don’t know Jack meets Streets of Rage. Control: 🤯 ??? Fun for the whole family! Fun-Factor: 🤗 The crew has great rapport with each other, listeners are rewarded with inside jokes and offer bonus episodes for Patreon subscribers with classic gaming quizzes and other fun games. All-in-all a fun podcast, and must play.
Thanks to this podcast I have something to look forward to ever Tuesday. It is such a pleasure to listen to content filled with so much love for video games. I started contributing to the “after-show” after listening to a couple of episodes!!!
I grew up reading EGM so I was thrilled when I found a way to keep these guys talking about games in my life, but now as a dad I find CJ, Greg and Phil to be the absolute best way for me to get my gaming “news” as my time and interest has waned. After listening for so long I keep tuning in for the guys themselves and their dynamic, the games are just a nice bonus :)
I've been listening to P1P for more than 10 years now. Never missed a single episode. If you're looking for a weekly chill, laid back, and actually good gaming podcast, this show is for you. Highly recommended.
These guys are great, It’s a joy to listen to every single week. They talk about video games, fatherhood and life in general. Definitely one you should be subscribed to.
And that reason is to outlast all others! But seriously, one of the best podcasts about gaming out there. Their take on games and gaming news always tends to be less cynical than other outlets. They will make you feel at home every episode and they’re end of the year episodes are always my favorites. I’ve listened for so long I don’t even know how I found them but I am sure glad I did.
I like listening to you guy on iTunes at work Keep up good work
The coolest OGs in the smalltime podcast biz. 👍🏻
CJ, Phil, and Greg have this great chemistry and also great knowledge of videogames from the early days (16th century?). I can comfortably recommend this for those who want entertaining discussions that are just mostly about games but are sometimes about toys, kids, life and more!
Been an avid listener for years now and there is a reason as these guys are amazing. From their professional views and opinions on gaming to the entertaining banter between them, it’s all laughs and fun. I can’t recommend these guys enough. Give them a listen.
Look forward to this every week. The best crew and the most consistent on delivering fun and enjoyable episodes. Couldn't recommend it more.
The three hosts know what they’re talking about! They’ve been in the industry for a long time and I’m constantly learning new things and gaining new perspective from listening to this podcast. They always have something unique to offer compared to other podcasts considering they’re not currently video game journalists professionally, but formerly were. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re very funny :)
Love this show so so much. Been listening to it for about 2 years now. Always look forward to the next episode. Maybe a little too much see if thieves talk though.... ;). 5 STARS!!!
Haven't been a long time listener but I've heard 4 episodes and they're super enjoyable so far. Will continue to listen.
I look forward to this podcast each week. They cover a variety of games from retro to modern and everything in between. Hilarious banter happening constantly! Keep up the good work guys!
Absolutely a must listen show for me. I love all 3 hosts and they always have opinions that line up well with me and I’ve found so many great games from their recommendations.
Hey I’m so glad that you guys do this podcast every single week. I always look forward to the newest episode. I love you’re taste in video games and you guys are so funny. I work at a grocery store and when I am outside getting the shopping baskets from the parking lot I always make sure to have my earbuds so that I can listen to the player one podcast while I am working. Well anyways you get 5 stars from me. Keep up the great and memorable content!
I first heard of these guys from Kevin Larrabee’s Back in My Play podcast. Every week I’ll listen to the latest episode and I’ve been working through the backlog most days of the week. It’s a joy to listen to these fine gents and their guests discuss games and life. Each member of the cast over the years brings a unique quality that I have certainly enjoyed and keeps me coming back for more!
Been listening for years! Love the dynamic between the hosts, and look forward the the download each Monday! Was a EGM reader back in the late 90’s - early 20’s and enjoy their perspective on modern games.
P1P is the he podcast I have personally subscribed to the longest, while sometimes were a bit spend capped it’s been a great run! Keep up the amazing work!
The most consistent and funny podcast in my rotation! I genuinely feel a void in my life if I miss an episode. CJ, Greg, and Phill I thank you and always recommend this show to someone if they are looking for an amazing video game podcast.
Been listening for a long time. It’s a really enjoyable podcast. 2 comments: 1) there isn’t much audio production. 2) especially in the last year or so the balance of talk given to each of the primary game companys has been heavily skewed towards Nintendo which sorta alienated those dedicated to the other companies. Find more balance friends. UPDATED OCT 2020: Been getting awfully political lately. Keep your comments about politics silent. I promise this isn’t why we listen.
I knew these guys from their days at EGM, so when I started listening to podcasts several years ago, I was immediately drawn to give them a listen. Several hundred episodes later and I genuinely look forward to each new episode for my Monday morning commute. Thank you guys for keeping this high school teacher in a good mood through pandemic teaching!
Listen up friends, if your looking for a top notch podcast about video games (sometimes) look no further than the Player One Podcast. The hosts are old timers like myself and have been around the block a few times. They have a wealth of experience and have a great relationship with each other. They worked together at one of the quintessential video game magazines and have remained friends ever since. This friendship really shows through the relaxed and entertaining conversations they have on a weekly basis. I really can’t say enough good things about this podcast. I look forward to it every week. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!
P1 is a show I discovered almost a decade ago and have listened to weekly ever since. Join three long time friends as they discuss gaming news, 80s movies and nostalgia, their days working in the games media and anything else that happens to come up. Great information and jokes from guys that know the industry and have an amazing depth of knowledge to pull from. Highly recommended!
I started listening to P1P a few years ago and have been listening consistently since. CJ, Greg, and Phil are wonderful to listen to, and keep me informed on the latest in video games while being wonderfully funny too! Keep up the great work!!!
This is truly the best podcast about video out on the webs. Not enough Sea of Thieves talk though.
Love the show. All the guys are around the same age as me with kids the same age as mine so it’s nice to hear they are going through the same things as me. I really enjoy the discussions.
One of my favorite video game podcasts. They always keep things light, funny and honest. Look forward to it every week.
Been listening to this for years. All the guys are in my age group and I remember them from EGM. Highly recommended.
This podcast is good.
I grew up reading these guys in EGM. Very knowledgeable and funny... especially Phil.
I’ve been listening for nearly 10 years and it feels like catching up with old friends when I tune in every week. For me it’s this, GiantBomb/Beastcast, 8-4, and MinnMax. I highly recommend becoming a regular listener!
I’ve been listening to these guys for YEARS, I was reading them years before that in EGM. These guys are the best at what they do. Insightful, non jaded views about video games and the crazy industry it has. You’d be doing yourself a favor by subscribing and tuning in every week!
great podcast and fun to listen to while still getting news on all things gaming.
THE Greatest Podcast on video games. Hands Down! Is guaranteed that even if you are not some avid in video but you are looking to expend a hilarious time play this guys. Former veteran staff of one of the best magazines of video games Electronic Gaming Monthly (before internet stole the print publication terrain) If you are a parent they have plenty of grateful anecdotes that you may sympathize with many laughs. These guys don’t know me but I consider them as good friends that ride with me to work/home every Tuesday. Beware even during the farewell they toss some good humor and leaving you that smile until Thursday when they delight you with some bonus classic of extra content from the past. GRACIAS!
This is always a good listen. I strongly encourage this podcast for those that want to listen to a weekly podcast from a bunch of friends about video games. The discussions are insightful with the background of guys who have been in the industry.
The guys have been at this for over a decade and they’re still going strong. They provide a bit of everything. Entertaining takes, industry knowledge, and good old gaming opinion.
I really enjoy listening to the player one podcast. My friend turned me onto the show and I really like the fact that former EGM writers host the show (a mag in subscribed to in the ps2 days). Def one of hmmm my favorite gaming podcasts and highly recommended.
I have been listening to this podcast for roughly ten years now and is quite simply the best video game podcast around. The hosts are veterans of the industry with a wealth of knowledge. Everything from current games to retro this is your place!
If you’re like me and sit behind a computer all day, this is the perfect podcast to help keep your sanity. These guys have been around the games industry for a long time and have great takes on all the news you might be looking for along with tons of laughs. If you don’t believe me, just give episode 666 a listen. It has to be one of my favorites!