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A little more eclectic, a little more in-depth than Next Big Hit New Music Mix, but still keeping in the same vein. Great!
I've been listening to NBH for about a year now and the B-Side is a great addition to the main podcast. If you're looking to find the best in independent music, this is the place for you.
Both our shows play a wide range of music, but where on the A-Side we're trying to find songs with a widespread, mainstream appeal, on this B-Side, I have fun getting more eclectic and playing great songs from acts that, while possibly may not have the potential of going platinum, they perhaps have a better chance of building a loyal fanbase to keep their gigs full for years to come.
Usually, in the record industry, the "B-side" represents an inferior song from an artist that is added on to their single as an afterthought. That is definitely NOT the case with Next Big Hit's B-Side. The song selection is just as high-quality as the "main" show. I highly recommend getting the B-Side in addition to New Music Mix!!!
Great combination of new music and some great interviews too! An awesome partner show to Next Big Hit!
I like the interviews and the songs are a little less mainstream but I still like them more than the stuff I find on my own.
You get more interviews on the B-Side, which are usually pretty in-depth. But what I really enjoy are the "riskier" tracks. DJ Copperhead worries less about hit potential and concentrates more on artists that are pushing the envelope. That's exactly what I seek.
Amazing show! The array of artists is great, and I love being able to go to one source for a dozen different bands a week. It's a great match for my eclectic mix of music I call my ipod! Thanks, keep up the great work and support for independent groups and artists everywhere!
I still can't tell if I like the main show or the B-Side more.
The Next Big Hit B Side is really great way to hear new music from all over the place. You can get involved through their website forums as well.